经济学人:一周要闻 埃及扣押"长赐号"索赔9亿美元
日期:2021-04-22 10:08




Blaise Compaoré, who ruled Burkina Faso for 27 years, is to be tried for the murder of his predecessor, Thomas Sankara, who was killed in a coup in 1987. The trial will proceed without Mr Compaoré, who has been in exile in Ivory Coast since he was swept from power by protests in 2014.

统治布基纳法索27年的布莱斯·孔波雷(Blaise Compaoré)将因谋杀其前任托马斯·桑卡拉(Thomas Sankara)而受到审判Fh7(md0]Z@。桑卡拉在1987年的一次政变中被杀害hr3QZEyawpkB*(s。审判将在孔波雷缺席的情况下进行FRkGdBM3Y~bQG+cXl。他自2014年因抗议活动被赶下台后一直在科特迪瓦流亡u1T#a60vH;k)

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the president of Somalia, signed a law extending his term in office by two years after failing to hold elections before the expiry of his mandate in February. Donors, who pay for much of the government’s budget, oppose the move.


Patrice Talon, the president of Benin, won a second term in office after an election marred by violence and in which popular opposition figures were barred from running.

贝宁总统的帕特里斯·塔隆(Patrice Talon)在一场被暴力破坏的选举中获得连任,在这场选举中,受欢迎的反对派人物被禁止参选#H!X#B9Rdim1


Iran accused Israel of sabotaging one of its most important nuclear installations. Explosives destroyed thousands of centrifuges, which are used to enrich uranium, a nuclear fuel. Iran said it would replace the machines and start enriching uranium to 60% purity, closer to levels suitable for a bomb. The moves complicate talks in Vienna to revive the multinational deal that limited Iran’s nuclear programme.


Egypt impounded the container ship that blocked the Suez Canal last month and reportedly demanded that its Japanese owner pay $900m (652m euros) in compensation. The Ever Given became stuck in the waterway after running aground amid high winds and a sandstorm.


An election in Samoa delivered a surprise result. The ruling Human Rights Protection Party, which has run the country with little opposition since 1982, tied at 25 seats with the new Fa’atuatua i le Atua Samoa ua Tasi party.


Voters backed a referendum granting Sadyr Japarov, Kyrgyzstan’s president, greater powers. Turnout was low. Among other changes, the cabinet will now answer to the president’s chief of staff.


Coronavirus briefs


Official daily infections hit a record 185,000 in India. Meanwhile, millions of people gathered for a Hindu festival, thousands of whom have tested positive for the virus.


America, South Africa and Europe suspended the roll-out of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson jab after six vaccinated women developed blood clots.


The Centres for Disease Control urged Michigan’s governor to impose a lockdown to curb the spread of the disease in the state instead of relying on vaccines.


Shops, hairdressers and gyms re-opened in England following a lockdown. Beer-lovers braved a cold spell to enjoy a pint at pubs with outdoor seating. The government has hit its target of offering a vaccine to high-risk groups and everyone over 50. Daily deaths from the disease have plummeted from more than 1,000 to a few dozen.




1. pay for 支付


It was generous of him to offer to pay for us both.



2. a few dozen 几十个


A few dozen employees picketed the company's headquarters.



3. hit a record 创纪录;打破纪录


The euro hit a record low in trading today.



4. be barred from 被禁止...


They have been barred from primary bidding for clients.