经济学人:一周要闻 英国无法按时脱欧
日期:2019-11-06 18:20





Saad Hariri, the prime minister of Lebanon, resigned amid demonstrations over the struggling economy and poor governance. Some fear his resignation will benefit Hizbullah, the Shia militia-cum-political-party, whose thugs have tried to break up the protests.
黎巴嫩总理萨阿德·哈里里(Saad Hariri)因经济困境和治理不善引发的示威活动而辞职3O|pOKCnv08。一些人担心他的辞职会给真主党带来好处,这个什叶派民兵兼政党的暴徒曾试图驱散抗议活动wB~sKU!j+=O
Protests resumed in Iraq, where dozens of people were killed by the security forces and other armed groups. In the holy city of Karbala masked gunmen reportedly shot dead 18 people. The protesters are angry about corruption, a lack of jobs and poor services.
Mozambique’s main opposition party asked the courts to annul the result of the recent presidential election, which the incumbent, Filipe Nyusi, won with 73% of the vote. The election has rekindled enmity between the ruling and opposition parties, which signed a peace deal in August.




Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, admitted that he could not “get Brexit done” by October 31st, and called a general election. The EU granted an extension until January 31st. Jeremy Corbyn, the far-left leader of the opposition Labour Party, reversed course and acquiesced to the election. The date was set for December 12th. Voters will not directly be asked whether they approve of Mr Johnson’s hard Brexit deal, which bears little resemblance to what they were promised in the Brexit referendum in 2016.
英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊承认,他无法在10月31日前“完成脱欧”,并呼吁举行大选51Y&CPBW.NG6h^DFJm。欧盟同意将期限延长至1月31日KJI[BIAzY#xD*xiU[。反对党工党(Labour Party)的极左领袖杰里米·科尔宾(Jeremy Corbyn)一改常态,默许了这次大选bN*Za_|=wCFTc7jU|Uj。日期定在12月12日a,gIB5|UY&H[zv。选民不会直接被问及是否支持约翰逊的“硬退欧”协议,该协议与他们在2016年英国退欧公投中得到的承诺几乎没有相似之处JoMFU62uh9N_6ocC
America’s House of Representatives voted to recognise the mass slaughter of Armenians by Turks during the first world war as genocide. The vote took place on Turkey’s national day. US-Turkish relations, already strained by Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria, grew more so.
Die Linke, a German far-left party that descends from the East German Communists, won a state election in Thuringia. The far-right Alternative for Germany came second. Collectively, centrist parties won less than half the vote.
来自东德共产党的德国极左党派Die Linke赢得了图林根州的选举wh|(R(@G]wsG。极右翼政党德国新选择党位居第二9wHN8Sp;@~qDD*%D+1。中间派政党总共赢得了不到半数的选票a|X@^GoW+RiRZPetX&S
In another upset, Italy’s Northern League led an anti-immigration populist coalition to victory in an election in Umbria, a hitherto solidly left-wing region, defeating an alliance led by the country’s ruling Democratic Party and Five Star Movement.
在另一场混乱选举中,意大利北方联盟领导一个反移民民粹主义联盟在翁布里亚的选举中大获全胜,一举击败由执政的民主党(Democratic Party)和五星运动(Five Star Movement)领导的联盟Pz20_)+w#-m+[1WVG。翁布里亚是迄今为止立场坚定的左翼地区yARR8wmlZ1
The burning Golden State
Millions of people in northern California were again left without power, as wildfires, whipped up by strong, hot winds, raged around the Bay Area and surrounding counties. The local utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, has imposed the blackouts because of worries that its power lines may spark the flames. The Los Angeles area also battled wildfires.
A ban on most abortions in Alabama was blocked by a federal judge, two weeks before it was due to come into force. That makes it likelier that the Supreme Court will tackle the issue, which is what the ban’s proponents want.
John Kelly, Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, said he had advised him not to employ a “yes man” as his replacement, as that would lead to the president’s impeachment. Mr Trump’s press secretary said Mr Kelly had been “totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president”.
特朗普的前幕僚长约翰·凯利(John Kelly)表示,他曾建议特朗普不要雇佣一个“万事附和”来接替他,因为那样会导致总统被弹劾2TQ8vrjV~iQ3C[。特朗普的新闻秘书表示,凯利“凯利完全没有能力应付我们伟大的总统”^e559zo4Q1qlM;K1.jQ






1.break up 爆发


Civil war could come if the country breaks up.



2.press secretary 新闻秘书


His press secretary, Robert Gibbs , says it will be the primary focus of this address.



3.come into force 生效


A new capital-investment law, due to come into force in January, does little to change this approach.



4.general election 大选


Trying to win the General Election, the Conservatives want to get their policy back on the rails.


  • corruptionn. 腐败,堕落,贪污
  • employ雇用,使用
  • resignationn. 辞职,辞呈,顺从
  • approachn. 接近; 途径,方法 v. 靠近,接近,动手处理
  • democraticadj. 民主的,大众的,平等的
  • extensionn. 伸展,延长,扩充,电话分机
  • benefitn. 利益,津贴,保险金,义卖,义演 vt. 有益于,得
  • addressn. 住址,致词,讲话,谈吐,(处理问题的)技巧 vt.
  • upsetadj. 心烦的,苦恼的,不安的 v. 推翻,翻倒,扰乱
  • alternativeadj. 两者择一的; 供选择的; 非主流的 n. 替换