经济学人:大众排放门事件进一步发酵北美区总裁辞职 英国当局向脸书施压要求其加大纳税额度
日期:2016-03-21 17:17



Business this week
The Volkswagen scandal rumbled on. Prosecutors in Germany expanded the number of employees at the car maker who are under investigation to 17. But they have yet to find firm evidence that senior executives had knowledge of the rigged software in diesel cars that yielded false readings in emissions tests. In France authorities opened a formal inquiry into “aggravated fraud”. VW's chief in America, Michael Horn, resigned. Matthias Muller, VW's chief executive, warned of “substantial and painful” ?nancial damage at the company because of the scandal.
Under pressure to hand over more tax in Britain, Facebook reportedly told its larger British advertisers to pay it via its UK subsidiary rather than through its office in lower-tax Ireland. Earlier it was revealed that in 2014 Facebook paid just 4,300 in corporate tax; the next year British tax authorities paid the social-network company 27,000 ($44,000) to place ads reminding people about tax commitments.

Chevron announced additional cuts to its capital-spending plans on top of the ones it outlined last December. Like its rivals, the oil giant has been hurt by the prolonged fall in oil prices. The further reduction in spending should shore up its dividend to shareholders, which it has paid out continuously since 1926.
Oil prices have been rallying recently, however. Brent crude rose above $40 a barrel for the first time since early December and at mid-week was priced 47% higher than the 13-year low it had sunk to in mid-January. The price has risen in part because oil production in America, where output from shale fields has boomed in recent years, is dropping. The price of iron ore soared by record amounts after Chinese officials said they would do what it takes to boost growth?
不过近期石油价格有所回升。布伦特原油(Brent crude)交易价自12月初以来首次上浮超过40美元/桶。在本周中期,布伦特原油交易价比一月中期13年来的最低价高了47%。这次油价上涨的部分原因是美国石油产量正在下滑,而近年来美国的页岩油气产量猛增。另外由于中国政府表示他们会采取措施促进经济增长,随后铁矿石价格飙升,增幅创新高。
The prospect of building Hinkley Point C, a proposed nuclear-power plant in Britain, was thrown into turmoil after the chief financial occer of Electricite de France, which is to build Hinkley, quit over concerns that the project threatened EDF's future. At 18 billion ($25 billion), Hinkley would be the most expensive power plant in history.
英国欣克利角C核电站的建造计划陷入僵局,原因是建造该核电站的法国电力集团(électricité de France)的财务总监认为该项目会影响公司未来发展,故决定退出该项目。欣克利角C核电站将是史上造价最昂贵的核电站,预计至少需投资180亿英镑(250亿美元)。


1.open to 打开

例句:The scheme is also open to non-members.


2.because of 因为

例句:If you tend to overeat because of depression, first take steps to recognize the source of your sadness.


3.rather than 而不是

例句:The zoo needed better management rather than more money.


4.oil price 石油价格
例句:The oil price increases sent Europe into deep recession.


  • shalen. 页岩,泥板岩
  • reductionn. 减少,缩小,(化学)还原反应,(数学)约分
  • additionaladj. 附加的,另外的
  • substantialadj. 实质的,可观的,大量的,坚固的 n. 重要部份
  • fraudn. 骗子,欺骗,诈欺
  • announced宣布的
  • corporateadj. 社团的,法人的,共同的,全体的
  • depressionn. 沮丧,萧条
  • chevronn. 山形袖章,回文状雕饰,v形图案
  • executiveadj. 行政的,决策的,经营的,[计算机]执行指令 n