经济学人:伦交所与德交所商讨合并 英国央行行长暗示今年不会加息
日期:2016-03-07 17:07



Business this week
The London Stock Exchange and Deutsche B?rse hoped it would be third time lucky, as the pair confirmed they were in advanced talks about merging. The London and Frankfurt exchanges tried to integrate in 2000 and 2005, but their overtures were rejected by shareholders. Times have changed since then. Only 10% of the LSE's and Deutsche Borse's revenues now come from trading in equities; both have expanded into derivatives, clearing houses and other financial services.

China's government ousted Xiao Gang as head of the securities regulatory commission for failing to prevent the bubble, or manage the bust, in the country's stockmarkets, which fell sharply again this week. Mr.Xiao's replacement is Liu Shiyu, the chairman of Agricultural Bank of China and a former deputy governor of the People's Bank of China.
China, including Hong Kong, has surpassed America as the country with the most dollar billionaires, according to Hurun, a publication, and is home to 568 billionaires compared with America's 535. The figures for China were based on share prices in January, and take account of tumbling stockmarkets. India came third on the list with 111 billionaires. Britain and Germany were joint fourth with 82 each, followed by Russia on 80.
Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, again dampened expectations of an interest-rate rise this year when he told a committee in Parliament that, on the contrary, he wasn't ruling out cutting the bank's benchmark rate to zero if the British economy worsened.
英格兰银行行长马克·卡尼(Mark Carney)向英国议会委员会透露,如果英国经济恶化,他非但不会加息反而还会考虑将基准利率下调至零。这一番话再一次降低了今年英镑升息的预期。
A fall in profit in its Asian business helped push HSBC to an $858m quarterly pre-tax loss (pre-tax pro?t for all of 2015 came in at $19 billion). It also had to put aside money for legal costs as American regulators have now added HSBC to the list of banks they are investigating for employment practices in Asia. Standard Chartered made an annual loss of $2.4 billion, its first since 1989.
由于亚洲市场业务的损失,汇丰银行(HSBC)的第四季度税前亏损达到了8.58亿美元(其2015年的税前利润为190亿美元)。美国监管机构已将汇丰银行列入了调查名单,观察其是否在亚洲员工雇佣上存在问题。所以汇丰还得从利润中留出一部分作为诉讼费。渣打银行(Standard Chartered)去年遭遇自1989年以来最大损失,损失金额为24亿美元。
Saudi Arabia's oil minister surprised energy markets by reiterating that he would be happy to see oil prices fall to $20 a barrel to squeeze out “inefficient, uneconomic producers”. The minister's remarks somewhat undermine the kingdom's pact with Russia to freeze oil production in order to boost prices (though only if other big producers do the same).
BHP Billiton joined the list of mining giants to publish dismal earnings on the back of the slump in commodity prices, when it reported a $5.7 billion six-month loss.


1.law enforcement 执法部门

例句:The SEC, however, functions as law enforcement.


2.involve in 介入

例句:A late booking may involve you in extra cost.


3.in terms of 依据

例句:This is an ecological approach, the occurrence of disease is examined in terms of the interrelationship between man and his total environment.


4.attempt to 试图

例句:He made a desperate attempt to hijack a plane.


  • fell动词fall的过去式 n. 兽皮 vt. 砍伐,击倒 a
  • contraryadj. 相反的,截然不同的 adv. 相反(地) n.
  • bustn. 半身像,胸部,萧条,破产 v. 打碎
  • squeezev. 压榨,挤压,塞进 n. 压榨,勒索,榨取
  • commodityn. 商品,日用品
  • involvevt. 包含,使陷入,使忙于,使卷入,牵涉
  • occurrencen. 发生,事件,发现
  • exchangen. 交换,兑换,交易所 v. 交换,兑换,交易
  • dismaladj. 阴沉的,凄凉的,暗的
  • approachn. 接近; 途径,方法 v. 靠近,接近,动手处理