经济学人:一周要闻 比特币暴跌
日期:2018-12-07 07:53





Pfizer announced price increases for around 10% of its drugs, starting in the new year. In July it had pledged to postpone price rises in response to Donald Trump’s rebuke of the pharmaceutical industry for alleged price-gouging. A drug-pricing plan that the president introduced in May remains largely unaccomplished.
辉瑞制药公司宣布,从明年起,将对约10%的药品提价sppqRBmn66(A&KonH。今年7月,作为对特朗普(Donald Trump)指责制药业涉嫌价格欺诈的回应,该公司曾承诺暂缓涨价H!vhL2CtK2#6Vcu1D3CZ。总统于5月份提出的一项药品定价计划大部分仍未落实I%e,RYn-mmC5R
A sovereign-wealth fund in Abu Dhabi launched a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs for losses it incurred linked to the 1MDB scandal in Malaysia. America’s Justice Department recently laid charges against two former employees of the bank. Goldman insists it knew nothing about their activities, but has acknowledged that it may face severe penalties.
阿布扎比的一家主权财富基金对高盛(Goldman Sachs)提起诉讼,指控对方在马来西亚1MDB丑闻中令其遭受损失PTc.ke#p)=U[zWte3。美国司法部最近起诉了高盛银行的两名前雇员.h[Q=dLiA5m9X_![_36。高盛坚称,对两人的活动毫不知情,但承认可能将面临严厉处罚r=R2&7Yfl!8k,;]+b




American regulators fined Société Générale more than $1.3bn for facilitating dollar transactions with several countries between 2003 and 2013 in violation of sanctions. It is the second-largest penalty to be levied on a bank for breaching American sanctions, behind the $8.9bn imposed on bnp Paribas, another French bank, in 2015.
美国监管部门对法国兴业银行(Societe Generale)处以逾13亿美元的罚款,理由是该行在2003年至2013年间违反制裁规定,为几个国家的美元交易提供便利cMGyUkqCbjEh=&c。这是对违反美国制裁的金融机构开出的第二大罚单,仅次于2015年对另一家法国银行巴黎银行(bnp Paribas)开出的89亿美元罚单*.TMf-tmfrj7lvIx
Following a nine-hour meeting of its board, the Reserve Bank of India reached a compromise with the government and said it was willing to review both its transfer of surpluses to the public coffers and the rules that restrict lending at distressed state-controlled banks. This came after a month of politicking in which the government, facing an election next year, had put pressure on the central bank to intervene in the economy.
印度央行(Reserve Bank of India)董事会召开了9个小时的会议,会后与印度政府达成了妥协,并表示愿意重新审视将盈余转移到国库的做法,以及限制对陷入困境的国有银行放贷的规定6^SpcaBwPSrB^+p%N].I。在此前一个月的政治活动中,印度政府面临明年大选,其向央行施加压力要求干预经济mXMG#*]sl(x8




Stockmarkets had another choppy week as the broad sell-off in technology shares gathered steam, pushing the nasdaq and s&p 500 indices closer to their lowest points of the year. Apple’s market value has fallen dramatically since early August, when it broke the $1trn mark for the first time. It is now worth around $840bn.
Cryptocurrencies also took a hammering, fuelled by speculation that regulators are preparing to clamp down on the digital-currency market. Bitcoin shed 10% in a day. It is now 80% below the peak of $19,800 it hit last December.
Britain’s best-paid chief executive just got richer. Denise Coates, who turned her family’s betting firm in her home town of Stoke-on-Trent into Bet365, a private online gambling giant, is thought to have received 265 million pounds ($352m) in total annual compensation, last year according to the firm’s accounts. That amounts to around 40% of the entire budget for Stoke city council.
英国薪酬最高的CEO变得更富有了POB6G(!SEVJt4|iNcQ。丹尼斯·科茨(Denise Coates)将位于家乡特伦特河畔斯托克的博彩公司转型为私人在线博彩巨头Bet365oGfzca9M5F。根据该公司的账目,科茨去年获得了总计2.65亿英镑(合3.52亿美元)的年薪^aVnghc,[Q。这相当于斯托克市议会全部预算的40%左右z.XwiqI(r*uHmHSua






1.in response to 回应


The meeting was called in response to a request from Venezuela.



2.in total 总计


I was with my husband for eight years in total.



3.took a hammering 遭到打击


Our team took a terrible hammering.



4.in violation of 违反


The government has acted in violation of its agreement.


  • penaltyn. 处罚,惩罚
  • stokevi. 添加燃料 vt. 给(炉子)添燃料,烧(火) 大
  • intervenevi. 干涉,干预,插入,介入,调停,阻挠
  • executiveadj. 行政的,决策的,经营的,[计算机]执行指令 n
  • shedn. 车棚,小屋,脱落物 vt. 使 ... 流出,散发
  • rebukev. 斥责,指责,阻止 n. 指责,谴责,非难
  • lawsuitn. 诉讼,控诉
  • postponevt. 延期,推迟
  • budgetn. 预算 vt. 编预算,为 ... 做预算 vi.
  • restrictvt. 限制,约束