经济学人:巴西经济稍好于预期 新加坡少年不当言论惹来横祸
日期:2015-06-03 17:29



Politics this week
Muhammadu Buhari, a former military dictator supposedly turned democrat, was elected president of Nigeria, defeating the incumbent, Goodluck Jonathan, who graciously accepted the result. Unless wide-scale violence erupts, it will be the first time a Nigerian president has been more or less peacefully ousted at the ballot box.
Iran and six world powers extended their negotiations on a nuclear deal past their self-imposed March 31st deadline. Even if an outline agreement is reached in Lausanne, the most difficult issues will still have to be resolved before the June 30th deadline for a final accord.

The UN warned that Yemen is nearing a “total collapse”, as a coalition of ten countries led by Saudi Arabia continued a campaign of air strikes in support of the Yemeni government against Houthi rebels. Heavy fighting was reported in the streets of Aden between the rebels and militiamen and Sunni tribesmen loyal to the embattled president, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi.
联合国警告称,随着沙特阿拉伯为首的10国联盟继续以空袭来支持也门政府打击胡塞叛军,也门正接近 “彻底崩溃” 。据报道,在亚丁街道上,叛乱分子、民兵和效忠四面楚歌的总统阿卜杜勒拉布·曼苏尔·哈迪的逊尼派部落正在激战。
The retrial collapsed in Turkey of 236 army officers who were accused of plotting to remove Recep Tayyip Erdogan as prime minister in 2003. The officers were freed last year because of errors in their original trial. Meanwhile a prosecutor heading a separate investigation into the death of a 15-year-old during protests in 2013 was taken hostage; he and two gunmen were later killed in a shoot-out. And the government said the authorities were looking at all possible causes for a wave of power cuts that hit Turkey this week, including terrorism.
涉嫌2003年密谋除掉土耳其总理雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安的236名军官的二审案再次失败。去年,因为初审出现一些错误, 他们被释放。同时,一名负责对2013年抗议事件中一15岁孩童的死亡进行独立调查的检察官被劫持为人质;他和两名武装人员在随后的枪战中被杀害。政府称,当局正在查找造成土耳其本周大范围停电的一切可能的原因,可能包括恐怖主义在内。
A move to fine people in France who pay for sex, which had been approved by the National Assembly in 2013, was rejected by the Senate, scuppering an effort to penalise the clients of prostitutes rather than the prostitutes themselves.
The centre-right UMP, led by Nicolas Sarkozy, a former president, and its conservative allies came first in the second round of French local elections. The far-right National Front also made sweeping gains in what was another very bad election night for the ruling Socialist government of Franois Hollande.
Work continued on identifying the remains of all those who died when a German airliner crashed in the French Alps. The co-pilot is suspected of deliberately flying the plane into the mountains. It has emerged that he had been treated for suicidal depression before getting his licence to fly.
Peru's prime minister, Ana Jara, resigned along with the rest of the cabinet after being censured in Congress. The opposition held her responsible for failing to supervise the country's intelligence agency, which allegedly spied on thousands of Peruvians, including businessmen, journalists and opposition politicians.
Felipe Gonzalez, who was prime minister of Spain from 1982 to 1996, formed a team to defend two jailed members of Venezuela's opposition. It plans to offer legal advice to Leopoldo López, who was arrested during protests against the country's left-wing regime in 2014, and Antonio Ledezma, the mayor of Caracas, who was charged with plotting a coup in February this year. Venezuela's foreign minister accused Mr Gonzalez, a Socialist, of acting as a “lobbyist for international and local right-wing interests”.
Brazil's economy grew by 0.1% last year, slightly better than had been thought. One reason for this was that it counted R&D as an investment rather than as a cost, in line with international accounting standards. This year output will be depressed by spending cuts and higher interest rates. The economy is expected to contract by about 1%.
Out of the frying pan…?
The government in Thailand said it would soon end the martial law it introduced last May. But it wants to bring in possibly more draconian restrictions under Article 44 of a new constitution that will give it wide-ranging powers to detain anyone who threatens to “disrupt or suppress” national security.
A blogger who posted writings criticising Islam was hacked to death in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Washiqur Rahman's murder comes just a month after Avijit Roy, a liberal Bangladeshi writer based in America, was killed in a machete attack during a visit to Dhaka to attend a book fair.
In Singapore a teenager was arrested after a video he posted celebrating the death of Lee Kuan Yew, the city-state's long-serving prime minister, appeared to criticise Christianity. The 16-year-old was charged with breaking Singapore's strict hate-speech laws and will be tried as an adult.
Not doing their homework
A deadline passed for countries to submit their proposals on tackling greenhouse-gas emissions in time for a big conference in Paris in December at which a new climate treaty will be signed. Disappointingly, only a handful of countries, including America, but not China, have handed in their plans, making negotiations ahead of the conference all the more tricky.
Harry Reid of Nevada, who has led the Senate Democrats since 2005, said he would not seek re-election in 2016. He endorsed Chuck Schumer of New York to succeed him as minority leader. His Senate seat is now up for grabs; and there is a chance that America will finally be able to store nuclear waste safely in Yucca Mountain, a site in Nevada that Mr Reid long blocked.
Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, asked the state legislature to amend the state's new “religious freedom” act to make it clear that it does not allow businesses to discriminate against gay people. The law has sparked protests and boycott threats. The governor of Connecticut banned state-funded travel to Indiana, although Connecticut also has a nearly identical law, as do about 20 states in all. Arkansas's legislature passed a similar bill on March 31st.
印第安那州长迈克·彭斯要求州立法机关修订该州的“宗教自由”法案,以明示在商业行为中不允许歧视同性恋人士。这一法案曾激起抗议,甚至有人声称要抵制它。康奈狄格州长禁止使用州立资立前往印第安那,虽然该州也刚刚通过了同样的法案,并且两个州并非特例,而是加入了一个近20个州的大家庭。阿肯色州于3月31日通过了类似法案。译者:戴秀萍,韦永睿 校对:刘苗苗



1.more or less 差不多,几乎;大约

例句:I've more or less finished reading the book.

2.accuse of 指责,控告

例句:She accused the official of corruption.

3.because of 因为;由于

例句:He was not a particularly good shot because of his eyesight.

4.responsible for 为…负责,是造成…的原因

例句:And who was responsible for that deregulation?