经济学人:本周政治要闻 墨西哥一监狱发生争斗49名犯人死亡 教皇方济各访问墨西哥
日期:2016-03-01 17:15



Obama to Havana
Barack Obama is expected to visit Cuba in March. His visit will be the first by an American president to the island since Calvin Coolidge went in 1928. Since December 2014 the United States has eased its embargo on Cuba and the two countries have restored diplomatic relations. This week they signed an agreement that will allow scheduled flights between the two countries to resume after an interruption of more than 50 years.
巴拉克·奥巴马将于三月访问古巴,他将是自1928年卡尔文·柯立芝(Calvin Coolidge)访问古巴后首位到访该国的美国总统。自2014年12月以来,美国放松对古巴的禁运,两国恢复外交关系。本周他们签署了一项协议,该协议将使两国中断了五十多年的定期航班重新开始运营。

In Mexico 49 inmates at the Topo Chico prison in Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo León, were killed in fighting between factions of the Zeta drug gang. The jail was overcrowded and understaffed, but in some cells investigators found portable saunas, air conditioners and other luxuries.
位于墨西哥新莱昂州州府蒙特雷的多波契各(Topo Chico)监狱发生Zeta贩毒团伙帮派斗争,49名犯人丧生。该监狱人满为患且狱警短缺,但调查者在几间牢房里发现了可携式桑拿设备、空调和其他奢侈品。
Pope Francis paid a visit to Mexico. He ended his trip in Ciudad Juárez, near the United States border, where he highlighted the plight of migrants and visited a jail.
教皇方济各(Pope Francis)访问墨西哥,在靠近美国边境的华雷斯城(Ciudad Juárez)结束了行程。他强调了移民问题的困境并拜访了一所监狱。
Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela's president, raised petrol prices—the first time they have gone up in 20 years—devalued one official exchange rate for the bolívar and said another would be allowed to float. Even after a 60-fold increase in its price, Venezuela's petrol will still be the cheapest in the world. Meanwhile, Luis Salas left his job as Venezuela's economic tsar after just six weeks. He had unconventional views, such as holding that inflation is caused by unscrupulous capitalists.
委内瑞拉(Venezuela)总统尼古拉斯·马杜罗(Nicolás Maduro)提高石油价格(此为20年来首次),并将委内瑞拉货币玻利瓦尔(bolívar)的一种官方汇率贬值,并称将允许另一种汇率有所浮动。该国石油价格尽管增长了60倍,但仍为全世界最低。与此同时,路易斯·萨拉斯(Luis Salas)卸任该国经济部长,这距离其上任仅短短六周。他持有非传统观点,比如抑制由无良资本家造成的通货膨胀。
Both America and Taiwan alleged that China has placed surface-to-air missiles on the South China Sea's Woody Island, which is claimed also by Taiwan and Vietnam. If true it would heighten military tensions in the disputed sea, through which a third of world trade passes. China's foreign minister, Wang Yi, called the allegation an invention of the Western media.
美国和台湾都断言中国大陆在中国南海永兴岛(Woody Island)(台湾和越南也声称对该岛屿的所有权)部署地对空导弹。若此为真,此争议海域的军事局势则将更加紧张。世界上三分之一的贸易经由此海域。中国外交部长王毅称,该断言是西方媒体在“制造新闻”。
China decided to move more than 9,000 people to prevent electromagnetic interference with the world's largest radio telescope, which will start to operate later this year in the south-western province of Guizhou. Chinese scientists involved in the project told the country's state-owned news agency that the instrument would help in the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.
Britain said that the disappearance of a bookseller in Hong Kong, presumed to have been abducted by Chinese security agents, amounted to a “serious breach” of an agreement reached between China and Britain in 1984 on the handover of the colony to Chinese rule. The bookseller, Lee Bo, is a British citizen. Four of his colleagues are also believed to have been snatched while visiting Thailand and the Chinese mainland. China has confirmed it is detaining them.
In India a student leader, Kanhaiya Kumar, who was arrested after protesting in 2013 against the hanging of a Kashmiri militant, was charged with sedition under a colonial-era law. Academics, students and others staged demonstrations, saying the charges were unreasonable. A former university lecturer has also been arrested for sedition.
Sindh became the first ever province in Pakistan, an Islamic republic, to give Hindus the right officially to register their marriages. The aim is to protect the country's 3m Hindus. Women of that faith have been vulnerable to forced conversions and abductions, with widows left especially unprotected.


1.need to 需要

例句:When you have two adversaries negotiating, you need to be on neutral territory.


2.ahead of 在…之前

例句:The Socialists may still finish ahead of the pack.


3.take part in 参加

例句:At that time, the problem of whether we should take part in the Olympic Games or not arose.


4.step down 下台
例句:We're all sorry to see you step down.


  • securityn. 安全,防护措施,保证,抵押,债券,证券
  • militaryadj. 军事的 n. 军队
  • unscrupulousadj. 肆无忌惮的,不道德的
  • disappearancen. 消失
  • operatev. 操作,运转,经营,动手术
  • confirmedadj. 习惯的,积习的,确认过的,证实的 动词conf
  • universen. 宇宙,万物,世界
  • preventv. 预防,防止
  • interferencen. 妨碍,干扰 [计算机] 干涉
  • allegationn. 断言,主张,辩解,暗指