经济学人:​一周要闻 美国大选特朗普希拉里领跑初选 希尔斯堡惨案终得昭雪警方救护部门过失重大
日期:2016-05-10 17:29


The world this week-Politics
Donald Trump won all five primaries this week, taking over 50% of the vote in all of them. The victories extended his lead in the Republican presidential-nomination race. If he wins by those margins in the remaining contests he should secure enough delegates to avoid a contested convention. On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton won four of the five states on offer, putting her within touching distance of the delegates she needs to clinch her party's nomination.
本周的初选中,唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)赢得全部五场竞选,所得选票过半,其在共和党总统候选人的领先地位得到进一步巩固。如果在接下来的竞选中特朗普要凭借这些优势获胜,那么他需要有足够多的代表席位来避免竞争大会程序的发生。民主党方面,希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在参选的五个州内赢得了四个州的支持,这使得希拉里所得票数非常接近赢得民主党总统候选人所需要的票数。

Mr Trump's closest rival, Ted Cruz, chose Carly Fiorina to be his vice-president should he win the White House. Mr. Cruz may hope that his selection of Ms. Fiorina, a former chief executive in Silicon Valley, will win him some votes in California's primary on June 7th.
特朗普的最大竞争对手泰德·克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)宣布如果自己赢得大选,将任命卡莉·菲奥莉娜(Carly Fiorina)为副总统。克鲁兹或许是想通过对菲奥莉娜(硅谷惠普前首席执行官)的任命,来为6月7日自己在加利福尼亚州的初选赢得一些选票。
Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1999 to 2007, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for trying to pay off a victim he sexually abused when he was a schoolteacher.
丹尼斯·哈斯特尔特(Dennis Hastert)在当老师期间曾性侵一男子,最近他因试图支付封口费给这名受害者被法院判监15个月。哈斯特尔特曾于1999年至2007年期间担任美国众议院议长。
Venezuela's populist president, Nicolás Maduro, told civil servants to work a two-day week to save electricity. The country's political crisis worsened when the supreme court blocked a proposed amendment to the constitution that would force an early election. But the opposition claimed a small victory when the electoral commission issued the petition forms needed to launch a referendum to recall Mr. Maduro.
委内瑞拉的民粹主义总统尼古拉斯·马杜罗(Nicolás Maduro)为省电而要求该国公务员每周工作两天。委内瑞拉最高法院曾驳回一项意在提前大选的宪法修正案,此后,该国的政治危机进一步恶化。另一方面,选举委员会公布了罢免总统马杜罗的请愿书,该请愿书是启动公投的条件之一,这使得反对派取得阶段性胜利。
An international commission investigating the disappearance of 43 student teachers in Mexico in 2014 said there was little evidence to support the government's claim that their bodies had been burned after they were kidnapped and murdered by local police acting in league with a drug gang. It said that suspects appear to have been tortured and that the government had barred investigators from talking to the army.
Mexico's president, Enrique Pe?a Nieto, proposed legalising medical cannabis and increasing the amount people can keep for personal use without penalty from five grams to 28. He had once opposed liberalisation.
墨西哥总统恩里克·培尼亚·涅托(Enrique Pe?a Nieto)提议大麻合法化,并认为应将公民合法持有的私用大麻数量从5克增加到28克。此前,他曾反对大麻自由化。
The families of 96 Liverpool football fans crushed to death at Sheffield's Hillsborough stadium in April 1989 said they had at last secured justice when an inquest jury found that the victims were unlawfully killed. Mistakes made by the police and ambulance service “caused or contributed” to the tragedy. The ruling exonerated Liverpool's supporters from any blame, reversing the findings from an official inquiry in 1990-91. The jury was shown footage of a similar incident in 1981 at the stadium that had caused serious injuries but no deaths.


1.take over 接管

例句:A British newspaper says British Airways plan to take over Trans World Airways.

2.enough to 足以

例句:You've got enough to think about for the moment.

3.pay off 还清

例句:It would take him the rest of his life to pay off that loan.

4.need to 需要

例句:All right, no need to say any more.

  • disappearancen. 消失
  • actingn. 演戏,行为,假装 adj. 代理的,临时的,供演出
  • petitionn. 祈求,请愿书,诉状 vi. 请愿,祈求 vt. 向
  • electionn. 选举
  • incidentn. 事件,事变,插曲 adj. 难免的,附带的
  • amendmentn. 改善(正), 修正案,某物质能改善土壤有助生长
  • extendedadj. 延续的,广大的,扩大范围的 动词extend的
  • juryn. 陪审团,评委会 adj. 临时用的 vt. 挑选
  • constitutionn. 组织,宪法,体格
  • loann. 贷款,借出,债权人 v. 借,供应货款,借给