经济学人:一周要闻 中国敬业欲收购英钢
日期:2019-11-28 08:50





The California Trucking Association launched a legal challenge against the state’s new law giving wage and benefit protections to independent contractors. The rules are aimed at workers in the gig economy, though they will also apply to caretakers, maids, carers and many others. The truckers’ group says its drivers’ ability to set their own timetables will be hampered and interstate commerce undermined. Uber and others want a measure to be put before voters next year that would exempt them from the law, which comes into effect on January 1st.




A deal that will see Ascension, an American hospital network, share patient data with Google attracted the ire of lawmakers worried about privacy. Suspicion about Google’s intentions in health is a running theme: it was also criticised for a collaboration with a British hospital in 2016, and with the University of Chicago a year later. It was also reported that Google wants to move into banking, which could set up a clash with financial regulators.
In an update on the progress it is making towards regulatory approval to fly the 737 MAX aircraft, which has been grounded for most of the year following two crashes, Boeing said it was “possible” that deliveries to airlines could resume in December and that it hopes soon to secure consent for new pilot-training requirements. Southwest and American Airlines pushed back the dates for when they expect the 737 MAX can take off again until early March.
波音公司在获得监管部门批准复飞737MAX飞机(该机型在两次失事后大部分时间处于停飞状态)方面取得的最新进展中表示,向航空公司交付737MAX飞机“有可能”在12月份恢复,并希望很快获得新飞行员培训要求的许可rNU]v+r2LxMLJA。西南航空(Southwest)和美国航空(American Airlines)将737 MAX的预计复飞日期推迟至3月初,@D_3,w4|sB%Qr
British Steel, which has been in liquidation following a Brexit-induced slump in orders, received a takeover offer from Jingye, a Chinese steelmaker. There is some uncertainty about Jingye’s long-term commitment. bs specialises in railway tracks and construction girders, technology that Jingye lacks back home.
英国钢铁公司(British Steel)收到了中国钢铁制造商敬业(Jingye)的收购要约5T1YLvS+xjq.%[。由于英国退欧导致的订单锐减,该公司已进入清算阶段g(iU!kSdoPGZzc。敬业的长期承诺存在一些不确定性&g~*=siNlP。英国钢铁公司的专业是铁路轨道和建筑大梁,而这正是敬业在国内所缺乏的技术LPRB6(qnI9Ihl&&@Mm-
Carl Icahn, an activist investor, revealed that he has built a 4.2% stake in HP and will push it to accept a takeover offer from Xerox.
Tesla chose Berlin as the site for its first factory in Europe, making electric cars and batteries. “Berlin rocks,” raved Elon Musk, Tesla’s boss. Production should start in 2021.
特斯拉选择柏林作为其在欧洲的第一家工厂,生产电动汽车和电池@KGr!@dOK~]Ez1。特斯拉老板埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)惊呼,“Berlin rocks”)|WSbwV|+rw7y_9&U。生产将于2021年开始s3Bag7U|;fv;^l-I+
American connoisseurs of craft brew were crying in their ale upon the news that Anheuser-Busch InBev has struck a deal to buy Redhook, a pioneer in the small-brewers revolution that began 40 years ago. The global beer conglomerate decided now was the time to swallow the roughly 70% it does not already own of Craft Brew Alliance, which also owns Kona and other brands, after its share price fell flat.
当得知百威英博(Anheuser-Busch InBev)已达成收购Redhook的交易时,美国手工酿造啤酒鉴定家们十分激动,Redhook这家创立约40年的公司是小型酿酒商革命的先驱=P3(|z=ur5。在股价下跌后,这家全球啤酒企业集团现在决定,是时候吞并其尚未持有的手工酿造啤酒联盟(Craft Brew Alliance)约70%的股份了3XJ5eUkkvghK。该联盟还拥有科纳(Kona)和其他品牌fw*0=!f]wiZtRVY.






1.come into effect 生效


If all 27 nations ratify the treaty this year, it will begin to come into effect on Jan. 1, 2009.



2.exact date 确切日期


She knows the exact date but we don't.



3.share price 股价


Its share price rose by 40% on the first day of trading.
在纳斯达克上市交易的第一天, 他的股价上涨了40%LW]]NCyXPI3eFBSk7



4.financial hub 金融中心


Dubai is not, after all, the only aspiring financial hub in the Gulf.


  • clashn. 冲突,撞击声,抵触 vt. 冲突,抵触,使 ...
  • associationn. 联合,结合,交往,协会,社团,联想
  • suspicionn. 猜疑,怀疑
  • fell动词fall的过去式 n. 兽皮 vt. 砍伐,击倒 a
  • revolutionn. 革命,旋转,转数
  • investorn. 投资者
  • challengen. 挑战 v. 向 ... 挑战
  • resumev. 再继续,重新开始 n. 简历,履历; 摘要
  • approvaln. 批准,认可,同意,赞同
  • collaborationn. 合作,通敌