经济学人:一周要闻 梅西能源前CEO面临牢狱之灾 印度打造全球最大生物识别数据库
日期:2016-04-22 17:45



Don Blankenship, arguably America's most powerful coal-industry executive when he was boss of Massey Energy, was sentenced to a year in jail for conspiring to violate safety rules in relation to an explosion at a mine in West Virginia in 2010 that killed 29 men.

作为梅西能源公司(Massey Energy)前任CEO,唐·布兰肯西普(Don Blankenship)可以说是美国煤炭业最有权势的人。因梅西能源公司在其任职期间违反煤矿生产安全条例,导致2010年西弗吉尼亚州矿区发生29人死亡的矿难事件,唐·布兰肯西普被判入狱一年。

Glencore put a dent in its $26 billion debt pile by selling 40% of its agricultural business to Canada's largest pension fund for $2.5 billion. Earlier this year the Swiss commodities and trading company said it would dispose of assets worth up to $5 billion in 2016 as part of its streamlining efforts.


India's government welcomed the news that 1 billion people are now enrolled in its biometric-identity scheme, known as Aadhaar. After people register their fingerprints and retinal patterns they are issued with a card that gives access to public benefits. The government claims this is producing savings, but a proposal in Parliament to allow security agencies to tap the data has raised privacy concerns.


San Francisco became the first place in America to compel businesses to provide full pay for new parents who take leave. California provides new mothers and fathers with 55% of their pay for six weeks after the birth of a child, but firms in San Francisco will now be told to top up the remainder.


Where dreams don't come true


Disney's succession plan to replace Robert Iger as chief executive when he eventually retires lay in tatters, after Tom Staggs, the chief operating officer and Mr Iger's heir apparent, abruptly announced his departure. Mr Staggs had been considered a shoo-in for the top job, but was reportedly not happy that the board was also considering names from outside the Disney world for the position.

迪士尼公司(Disney)首席运营官汤姆·斯塔格斯(Tom Staggs)突然宣布离职。此举使迪斯尼面临后继无人的难题:在罗伯特·伊格尔(Robert Iger)退休后,到底由谁来接替他担任首席执行官汤姆·斯塔格斯曾一度被认为是最有可能担此重任的人,但据报道称,董事会扩大了寻找执行官接班人的甄选范围,并不仅局限于迪斯尼公司内部,这令汤姆·斯塔格斯感到不满。

Demand is high for Tesla Motors' new Model 3 electric car, according to Elon Musk, the company's boss. More than 276,000 vehicles had been reserved by customers by April 2nd, just two days after its official launch. With a starting price of $35,000, the Model 3 will compete directly with midsized executive cars. Deliveries will start in late 2017. But reports of problems procuring parts for Tesla's older Model X prompted some worries that similar hitches could bedevil the Model 3's success, and put the brakes on Tesla's soaring share price.

特斯拉总裁埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)称,该公司旗下最新的第三代电动汽车Model 3市场需求量巨大。美国时间3月31日,特斯拉正式发布了旗下第三代电动车产品Model 3,两天之后,Model 3预定量便超过了276000辆。35000美元的起售价使这款特斯拉汽车直接与中型高档车进行市场竞争。车辆交付时间为2017年末。但是有报道称:特斯拉旗下的旧车型Model X曾发生过零件获取困难的问题,这使人们担心同样的问题会不会也发生在Model 3身上,从而阻碍特斯拉股价上涨。翻译:叶露&倪凌辉 校对:谢晓羽


1.in order to 为了

例句:In order to ensure success we must have a complete and thorough plan.


2.intend to 打算

例句:We intend to appeal the verdict.


3.oil price 石油价格

例句:The oil companies have lost their power over oil price and oil production.


4.interest rate 利率

例句:The Finance Minister has renewed his call for lower interest rates.


  • privacyn. 隐私,隐居,秘密
  • remaindern. 剩余物,其他的人,残余 vt. 廉价出售 a
  • eventuallyadv. 终于,最后
  • securityn. 安全,防护措施,保证,抵押,债券,证券
  • departuren. 离开,出发,分歧
  • competevi. 竞争,对抗,比赛
  • jailn. 监牢,监狱,拘留所 vt. 监禁,下狱
  • intendvt. 想要,计划,打算,意指
  • schemen. 方案,计划,阴谋 v. 计画,设计,体系,结构,图
  • announced宣布的