经济学人:欧洲央行降息推高美元汇率 欧盟要求谷歌继续出血
日期:2014-09-22 12:10



Business this week
Alibaba took its IPO to investors in a roadshow, having priced the offering at between 60 and 66 a share. This could value the Chinese e-commerce firm at around 160 billion when it lists in New York, which is close to Amazon's current market valuation. With reports that its order book is already full, Alibaba is likely to raise 20 billion or more on its stockmarket debut, and possibly be the most lucrative IPO ever.
Rocket Internet, a firm in Berlin that specialises in backing e-commerce startups, announced that it would float on the Frankfurt exchange by the end of the year. It hopes to raise 750m (970m), which would make its IPO Germany's biggest this year.
德国科技孵化器Rocket Internet宣称将在年底于法兰克福证交所进行IPO,希望借此筹资7.5亿欧元,如果顺利这将是德国企业今年最大规模的IPO。

Europe's stockmarkets reacted positively to the European Central Bank's decision to cut its benchmark interest rate to 0.05% and adjust its rate on bank deposits to -0.2%. It is also to start a programme of buying asset-backed securities. With the ECB loosening monetary policy and the Federal Reserve moving in the opposite direction towards a rate rise, the dollar continued to strengthen, reaching a 14-month high against the euro.
As expected Joaquin Almunia, the European Union's competition regulator, asked Google to offer new concessions in an antitrust settlement that had been reached in February about its search business in Europe. Mr Almunia said that the reaction from Google's competitors had been “very, very negative”. He is leaving the job in November and will be replaced by Denmark's Margrethe Vestager.
BP's share price recovered somewhat from its hammering on September 4th, when a judge issued a long-awaited ruling and found it grossly negligent for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010, which leaves it exposed to fines of up to 18 billion. Halliburton and Transocean, which were also involved in the Deepwater Horizon project, were found to be negligent, but not grossly so.
Jack Lew, America's Treasury secretary, once again urged Congress to pass legislation to stop tax inversion takeovers, warning that the relocation of American corporate profits to lower-taxed countries threatened the progress made on reducing the budget deficit. Mr. Lew wants a broad reform of business taxes, which he acknowledges are “distorted”.
Amid the usual hoopla Apple launched the iPhone 6 and its first smartwatch, simply called the Apple Watch. The premium version of the iPhone 6 has a bigger 14cm screen, a nod to the growing “phablet” market. Apple's latest devices can also be used to make “contactless” payments in shops. It was Apple's biggest product launch since the iPad, though wireless payments and smartwatches are not new and have so far failed to grip the imagination of consumers.
苹果的产品发布会一如既往的热闹。本次的新产品包括iPhone 6和苹果旗下首款智能手表。iPhone 6高配版本拥有更大的屏幕,这是对“平板手机”市场不断增长的认同。苹果的最新设备还能实现“遥控”支付。本次产品发布会是自iPad以来规模最大的一次,遗憾的是,无线支付与智能手表均非苹果首创,并且到目前为止,未能……
A sporty runaround
Fiat-Chrysler announced that Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is to step down as chairman of its Ferrari division after 23 years in the job. He had repeatedly clashed over strategy with Sergio Marchionne, Fiat's boss, who wants to integrate Ferrari's technology with Fiat's premium cars as competition with rivals moves up a gear. Mr Montezemolo will depart on October 13th, the same day that Fiat-Chrysler lists in New York.
Carlos Slim added to the recent flurry of activity in Brazil's telecoms industry when his América Móvil confirmed it was in talks to join a venture to buy TIM Participacoes. TIM is owned by Telecom Italia, which insists the business is core to its strategy. The Italian firm was rebuffed last month in its bid to buy GVT, another Brazilian phone company.
巴西电信产业近来颇为忙乱,卡洛斯·斯利姆又添了把柴:他旗下的美洲电信确认,后者正就收购TIM Participacoes一事展开谈判。TIM的拥有者是意大利电信集团,后者坚持该公司业务是其核心战略。此外不幸的是,意大利电信曾试图收购另一家巴西电话公司GVT,但其报价被断然拒绝。
General Electric sold its electrical-appliances business, which has supplied affordable washing machines and fridges to many American homes for decades, to Electrolux of Sweden for 3.3 billion. This is part of the conglomerate's strategy under Jeff Immelt to sell off its less profitable or unwieldy ventures in order to focus on engineering and aerospace.
Mathew Martoma, a former analyst at SAC Capital, was given a nine-year sentence for insider trading, one of the longest prison terms handed down to date for the crime. The hedge fund, which is run by Steven Cohen, has already pleaded guilty in the case, in which it traded shares in two drugs companies conducting experimental work on a cure for Alzheimer's after receiving tip-offs.
曾担任SAC Capital基金经理的马修·马尔托玛因内幕交易获刑九年,这是迄今为止依此罪名判处的最高刑期。史蒂夫·科恩旗下的对冲基金已作出有罪答辩,承认在知晓内幕信息后,交易了两家药企的股票。这两家药企均在开发治疗阿兹海默症的新药。
Flying sardine cans
Ryanair, Europe's biggest budget airline, ordered 100 of Boeing's new 737 MAX aircraft, with an option to buy 100 more, as it forecast that it would carry 150m passengers in 2024, almost double the number today. The airline also persuaded Boeing to squeeze in eight extra seats, which it describes as “slimline”.
欧洲最大的廉价航空公司的瑞安航空预测到2024年,其年均载客量将达到一亿五千万人。基于这一信息,瑞安航空它已向波音公司订购了100架737 MAX,并计划在未来追加100架。它还说服波音在飞机上增加了80个座位,并称之为“做细一些”。

1.close to 接近于;在附近

We were close to when it happened.

We all need our gods to be close to what we eat.

2.likely to 可能

Noticing that there was likely to be trouble, the coward sneaked away.

If you gallop through your work, you are more likely to make mistakes.

3.react to 作出反应

Everyone makes mistakes, but the real test is how you react to that.

They looked at what causes stress at home and at work and how people react to it.

4.continue to 继续

At the moment, we continue to do what we do.

The answer to the question of/whether we should continue to hold the meeting as planned depends in part on when the epidemic disease is curbed.

  • strengthenv. 加强,变坚固
  • gearn. 齿轮,传动装置,设备,工具 v. 使适应于,以齿轮
  • stressn. 紧张,压力 v. 强调,着重 vt. 强调 n.
  • epidemicn. 传染病,流行病 adj. 流行的,传染性的
  • integratev. 整合,使 ... 成整体 adj. 组合的,完整的
  • aircraftn. 飞机
  • debutn. 初次登场,首次露面 v. 初次登场
  • currentn. (水、气、电)流,趋势 adj. 流通的,现在的,
  • exposedadj. 暴露的,无掩蔽的,暴露于风雨中的 v. 暴露,
  • monetaryadj. 货币的,金融的