经济学人:Slack一代 职场通讯工具如何取代其他沟通形式(中)
日期:2016-06-02 18:33





A survey of users, admittedly conducted by the firm itself, suggests that team productivity increases by around a third when they start using the software, primarily by reducing internal e-mail and meetings. Slack has decided to open itself up to other apps, becoming a platform by which employees can log into and use other software tools. Today it has 2.7m daily active users, up from 1m last June. Around 800,000 of them are paying subscribers; their firms pay around $80 or more a year for each employee using the service. The firm has $75m in annual recurring revenue and is breaking even, says Mr Butterfield.



Slack's rise points to three important changes in the workplace. First, people are completing work across different devices from wherever they are, so they need software that can work seamlessly on mobile devices. Messaging naturally lends itself to this format. Second, communication is becoming more open. Just as offices went from closed, hived-off rooms to open-plan, Slack is the virtual equivalent, fostering a collaborative work environment, says Venkatesh Rao of Ribbonfarm, a consultancy. Slack's default setting is to make conversations public within a firm.
Slack的崛起昭示着职场的三个重要变化^-J#q[#O%Qi-=ytpg。首先,人们现在会在不同地点,通过各种设备来完成工作,所以他们需要能在移动设备上无缝运作的软件]#tl9Ot~V]i1DW。发送消息天生适合这种形式HZ6Y#%oQZTEV。第二,通讯正变得越来越开放.wsBLsVkz!t。正如办公室从封闭小隔间变为开放式空间一样,Slack在虚拟领域引领着同样的变革,打造协同工作环境,咨询公司Ribbonfarm的文卡泰什·拉奥(Venkatesh Rao)说道%]A5|_aYdCm);Zy。Slack的默认设置就是让员工在公司内公开对话_(RLU_JhhB;
Third, software firms are trying to automate functions that used to be done by people in order to make employees more productive. Slack has made a big push into “bots”, algorithms that can automate menial tasks which used to be done by humans. Slack offers bots that compile lunch orders and projects' progress reports, or generate analytics on demand. In the future employees will be able to chat with software agents to get more done, working alongside bots as well as their peers.
第三,软件公司正尝试把以往需要人工处理的职能自动化,借此提高员工的工作效率DRNmF+nhxs^j2Nt.。Slack已大量运用“机器人”, 这些算法可以自动完成以往需要人工处理的低级工作Xd3GCUo+L_X5UYW1gC。Slack提供的机器人服务包括确定午餐订单,编写项目进度报告,以及按需生成分析等[[k0aBksL.W。未来,员工将可与“软件员工”对话,与这些机器人和同事并肩工作,取得更多成果nvRncU;3YGnP
Mr Butterfield is not the typical leader of a striving startup. Called “Dharma” by his hippie parents, he spent his early years on a commune with no running water or electricity; he changed his name to Daniel Stewart when he was 12.
巴特菲尔德不是那种典型的拼搏型创业企业领袖F)rp#d(9NcM[6。被嬉皮士父母称为“达摩”的他,早年生活在一个没有自来水或电力的公社中;12岁的时候他把自己的名字改为丹尼尔·斯图尔特(Daniel Stewart)603t[3nCzA!






1.talk about 讨论,谈论


例句:I had a long talk about this with my best friend.



2.spend on 把…花在…


例句:How much time did you spend on this?



3.go into 进入


例句:It was a private conversation and I don't want to go into details about what was said.


4.according to 根据


例句:Philip stayed at the hotel, according to Mr Hemming.


  • productivityn. 生产率,生产能力
  • typicaladj. 典型的,有代表性的,特有的,独特的
  • recurringadj. 再发的,循环的 动词recur的现在分词
  • compilevt. 编译,编纂
  • platformn. 平台,站台,月台,讲台,(政党的)政纲
  • defaultn. 假设值,默认(值), 不履行责任,缺席 v. 默认
  • slackn. 松弛的部分,松散,淡季,中止 adj. 松弛的,不
  • generatevt. 产生,发生,引起
  • productiveadj. 能生产的,有生产价值的,多产的
  • surveyv. 调查,检查,测量,勘定,纵览,环视 n. 调查,纵