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Online gaming
Streaming down the Amazon
Why Amazon is buying a video-game streaming site
ON OCTOBER 4th 2013, tens of thousands of gamers packed the Staples Centre inLos Angelesto watch SK Telecom T1 triumph over Royal Club in the annual finals of “League of Legends”, a team-based video game; 32m people watched the games live at some point, about 50% more than watch “Sunday Night Football”. But they did not watch on television. They used Twitch.tv, a website founded in 2011 that streams live video directly to users' computers.
2013年10月4日,成千上万的游戏玩家挤在洛杉矶的斯台普斯中心围观SK Telecom T1在团队视频游戏“英雄联盟”年度总决赛上击败了Royal Club;观看这场游戏竞赛直播的观众人数多达3200万人,这比观看“周日橄榄球之夜”的观众人数多了约50%。但他们没有用电视观看直播,而是使用Twitch.tv,一家在2011年建立的直接面向用户电脑的流媒体视频直播网站。

On August 25th Amazon announced that it would buy Twitch for $970m, an indication of the growing importance of video-streaming websites. Amazon was not the only one interested: a few months ago Google had been rumoured to be on the verge of offering $1 billion for the firm as well.
Video-streaming websites are not new. Twitch.tv was spun out of Justin.tv, a site set up in 2007 to allow Justin Kan, one of its founders, to broadcast his life to anyone who was interested. Soon, everyone could use it, letting them make television shows with nothing more expensive than a webcam and a computer.
流媒体视频网站并不是新事物。Twitch.tv是从Justin.tv独立出来的,而Justin.tv是在2007创立的,其创建者之一Justin Kan可以通过其传播他的生活点滴,任何对此感兴趣的人都可以订阅。不久后,每个人都可以使用这个网站制作发布他们各自的视频节目,且只用一个摄像头和一台电脑就能完成。
It is the combination of streaming and video games that has attracted Amazon's interest. Gaming became the most popular genre on Justin.tv, and Twitch was created to appeal to players. Viewers watch people play competitively, give advice on how to improve, or simply discuss anything that takes their fancy. The best streamers earn a comfortable living from advertising revenue and donations from fans.
In July Twitch attracted 55m viewers, who collectively watched 15 billion minutes of video. That was enough to make it the biggest consumer of bandwidth inAmericaafter Netflix, Google and Apple. The typical Twitch viewer spends almost two hours a day on the site, far more than on sites like Netflix or YouTube. That delights advertisers, as does Twitch's audience: mostly young men with plenty of disposable income.
Amazon's boss, Jeff Bezos, presumably thinks Twitch's breakneck growth will continue. He is paying nearly four times what he forked out for the Washington Post in 2013. But he will need to tread carefully. Twitch's users like the site's free-and-easy feel.Some worry that absorption into the Amazonian mother ship may not be compatible with a laid-back atmosphere. But if Amazon starts making changes, there is little to stop streamers and viewers defecting to rival sites such as Hitbox.
亚马逊的总裁Jeff Bezos大概认为Twitch的高速增长将会持续。他收购Twitch的花费是2013年收购华盛顿邮报花费的近4倍。但是他需要谨慎行事。Twitch的用户喜爱的是该网站自由与轻松的感觉。有些人担心, Twitch与亚马逊母舰兼并的过程可能不会太轻松。但是如果亚马逊开始对Twitch的做出改变,就没有什么能阻止Twitch的视频发布者和订阅者转向Hitbox等竞争对手网站。

1.video game 视频游戏;电视游戏

Then she asked if it could be hooked up to a video game.

We have a deal where if he behaves well at church, I take him to Blockbuster and let him pick out a movie or a video game.

2.appeal to 呼吁;上诉;要求

We appealed to reason to win our argument.

The company is appealing to everyone to save power and water.

3.compatible with 与…和谐相处;与…相配

This variable should be typed so that it's compatible with each item in the list, array, or collection being iterated over.

For each metadata type compatible with a composite state, every transition in the sub-state machine has a policy for restriction.

  • treadn. 踏,踏步板,踏面,胎面花纹,鞋底 v. 踏,行走,
  • combinationn. 结合,联合,联合体
  • genren. 类型,流派
  • collectionn. 收集,收取,聚集,收藏品,募捐
  • appealingadj. 引起兴趣的,动人的
  • minutesn. 会议记录,(复数)分钟
  • rivaln. 对手,同伴,竞争者 adj. 竞争的 v. 竞争,
  • typicaladj. 典型的,有代表性的,特有的,独特的
  • restrictionn. 限制,约束
  • indicationn. 表示,指示,象征