经济学人:法兰克福车展 自动的智慧
日期:2012-11-29 19:08


Business Frankfurt Motor Show Autoficial intelligence
商业 法兰克福车展 自动的智慧
Where does the car end and the phone begin?
SHARON can park herself.
At a signal from a smartphone, a system of tiny computers activates her engine, gearbox and steering—and she reverses smoothly into a parking space. Sensors stop her from bumping into other cars or people.
Pilotless cars, such as the Volkswagen Sharan (nicknamed Sharon), are no distant dream.
Many people at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show were asking not only how the cars of the future will be powered, but who or what will drive them.
在这周的Frankfurt Motor展览会上,许多顾客并不仅仅询问未来汽车的动力如何,也开始关心由什么来操纵它们。
"Where does the car end and the phone begin?" asked Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine, at a brain-storming session organised by Audi, a carmaker.
在一个由汽车制造商Audi组织的研讨会上,"哪里是人工的终结,智能的开始?"Wired杂志的主编Chris Anderson问道。
A future car will be more like a computer on wheels, networked with the surrounding infrastructure and other vehicles.
Even if it comes with a steering wheel, the "driver" will have the Knight-Rider-esque option of being piloted while he video-conferences, answers e-mails or looks on a screen at an annotated view of the world whizzing by.
The threat to the taxi drivers parked outside the show is obvious.
But Frankfurt's cabbies are a sceptical bunch.
Driverless taxis? Not in my lifetime, says one.
"It's science fiction," scoffs another.
In tough times, many carmakers are innovating like fury.
Some are recasting themselves as "mobility service providers".
This means hawking car-related software and other add-ons.
For example, for those who prefer to hire or share cars—as young city-slickers increasingly do—there is software to make them feel at home in any vehicle, by instantly switching the radio and other settings to their tastes.
Some carmakers are also tempting buyers with more mundane services, such as priority parking or cheap deals on fuel (whether petrol, hydrogen or electricity).
Or, to help them let off steam, they might offer an annual spin with that gas-guzzling sports-utility vehicle of their dreams.
Even in changing times, there is still plenty of passion for a flash motor.
Hence the covetous sighs that greeted the new Ferrari 458 Spider (pictured), which was unveiled on September 13th.
Alongside it was Ferrari's first four-wheel drive four-seater.
"Different Ferraris for different Ferraristi!" exclaimed Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari's boss.
"与众不同的法拉利给与与众不同的法拉利人"法拉利的总裁Luca di Montezemolo宣称。
Even Volkswagen's new single-seater electric commuter, with its narrow body and wide wheelbase, looks rather like a 1950s racing-car.

  • intelligencen. 理解力,智力 n. 情报,情报工作,情报机关
  • passionn. 激情,酷爱
  • covetousadj. 贪婪的,贪心的
  • hydrogenn. 氢
  • mobilityn. 可动性,变动性,情感不定
  • mundaneadj. 平凡的,世俗的,宇宙的
  • fictionn. 虚构,杜撰,小说
  • signaln. 信号,标志 v. (发信号)通知、表示 adj.
  • threatn. 威胁,凶兆 vt. 威胁, 恐吓
  • priorityn. 优先权,优先顺序,优先