经济学人:音乐与购物 谨防贝多芬
日期:2014-08-27 14:53



Music and shopping
Beware of Beethoven
What you hear affects what you buy online
EVER since Muzak started serenading patrons of hotels and restaurants in the 1930s, piped-in music has been part of the consumer experience. Without the throb of a synthesiser or a guitar's twang, shoppers would sense something missing as they tried on jeans or filled up trolleys. Specialists like Mood Media, which bought Muzak in 2011, devise audio programmes to influence the feel of shops and cater to customers' tastes. The idea is to entertain, and thereby prolong the time shoppers spend in stores, says Claude Nahon, the firm's international chief. Music by famous artists works better than the generic stuff that people associate with Muzak. The embarrassing brand name was dropped in 2013.
自从19世纪30年代Muzak开始为酒店和餐厅提供背景音乐开始,耳边回荡着的音乐就成了消费者体验的一部分。消费者在试穿牛仔裤或往购物车里挑商品的时候,一旦没有混音器的震动作响或吉他的琴音,就会似乎觉得缺少了点什么。此类专业公司如Mood Media,设计音频方案以影响顾客对商店的感觉,迎合消费者的品味,且其在2011年收购了Muzak。该公司的国际业务总监Claude Nahon说这一创意是为了使消费者感到愉悦,并因此延长消费者留在商店里的时间。比起普通的音乐,著名艺术家的音乐能更好的使消费者与背景音乐建立联系。这一尴尬的品牌名称在2013年被放弃。

Online shopping is an under-explored area of merchandising musicology. A new study commissioned by eBay, a shopping website, aims to correct that. Some 1,900 participants were asked to simulate online shopping while listening to different sounds. Some results were unsurprising. The noise of roadworks and crying babies soured shoppers' views of the products on offer. Chirruping birds encouraged sales of barbecues but not blenders or board games.
Sounds associated with quality and luxury seemed to be hazardous for shoppers' wallets. The study found classical music and restaurant buzz caused them to overestimate the quality of goods on offer and to pay more than they should. That backs up earlier research which found that shoppers exposed to classical music in a wine store bought more expensive bottles than those hearing pop.
EBay wants consumers to avoid such unhealthy influences when shopping online. It has blended birdsong, dreamy music and the sound of a rolling train—thought to be pleasant but not overly seductive—to help them buy more sensibly. Retailers could presumably counter by cranking up the Chopin. “Classical music does seem to be the way to go” if your only interest is the narrow one of squeezing as much money as possible from your clientele, says the study's author, Patrick Fagan, a lecturer at Goldsmiths, part of the University of London.
EBay希望消费者在网购时能够避免这些不健康的影响。混合了鸟鸣、梦幻般的音乐以及火车转轮声的音频—被认为是令人愉悦的,但不过于诱人的音乐—使得顾客购保持理智的同时又购买更多的商品。零售商们想必会通过把播放着肖邦音乐的音箱声音调大来彼此竞争。Patrick Fagan,伦敦大学分部—金史密斯学院的讲师,该研究报告的作者称:“古典音乐似乎就是正确的选择”,如果你唯一的兴趣就是狭隘的想要从你的客户身上榨取尽可能多的钱。
Few traditional shops are likely to use that tactic. H&M, a clothes retailer, airs “trendy, up-tempo” music from new artists, while Nespresso's coffee boutiques go for “lounge-y” sounds, says Mr Nahon. Grocery stores, with a broad following, play top 40 hits. The tempo tends to be slower in the mornings, when shoppers are sparser and older, and becomes more allegro as the day goes on.
Using the classics to set tills ringing may not be an option, but audio architects are thinking up new tricks for bricks-and-mortar stores. Mood Media is experimenting with an inaudible “digital tag”, attached to in-store soundtracks, which activates an app on shoppers' phones. The app can tempt them with discounts or provide more information about products. With luck, this will trigger more sales than a blast of Beethoven.
使用传统方式把收银机设置收银扫描时会响的模式可能不是一个好的选择,但是音频架构师正为实体店铺构思新策略。Mood Media正在试验一种无声数字标签,其与店内背景音乐联系在一起,且其可激活顾客手机上的一个应用程序。此应用程序可以提供折扣吸引顾客购买或为顾客提供更多产品信息。幸运的话,这将比贝多芬一段激荡的音乐引发更高的销售量。

1.beware of 对…小心;谨防…

Beware of your ownaffections.

Beware of objects that can fall off shelves.

2.fill up 填补;装满;堵塞

Fill up with fruit Like pie?

The reserves could last for centuries, so there will be enough lithium to fill up our tanks even in the improbable case of all cars becoming hybrid or electric.

3.listen to 听从

He wouldn't listen to my apology and showed me the door.

All those present to listen to her sad story were moved to tears.
4.associate with 联合;与…联系在一起

Never associate with bad companions.

I could never bring myself to associate with such a woman.

  • temptvt. 引诱,诱惑,勾引
  • brandn. 商标,牌子,烙印,标记 vt. 打烙印,铭刻,加污
  • classicsn. 古希腊、古罗马的文学著作 名词classic的复数
  • seductiveadj. 诱惑的,引人注意的,有魅力的
  • entertainv. 娱乐,招待,怀抱
  • overestimatevt. 过高评价,过高出价 n. 估计过高,评价过高,出
  • exposedadj. 暴露的,无掩蔽的,暴露于风雨中的 v. 暴露,
  • inaudibleadj. 听不见的;不可闻的
  • improbableadj. 未必然的,不像会发生的,似不可信的
  • optionn. 选择权,可选物,优先购买权 v. 给予选择