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Nipping at LinkedIn's heels
The second-largest professional social network is scrambling to make its mark
LINKEDIN is not the only game in town. With 60m members, Viadeo is the world's second-biggest professional social network. It is strong in its home country, France, and in China. Xing of Germany, the third largest with 14m members, guards the gate of the German-speaking world. Neither is standing still.
Viadeo has been the more ambitious, adopting a “multilocal” strategy based on different platforms in different markets. Founded in 2005, it has branched out mainly through acquisitions. Today it is the biggest professional network by membership in France and Francophone Africa, has a significant business in Russia and, most important, is in first place in China. It bought Tianji, a Chinese business-networking site, in 2008 and has built its membership to 20m. Viadeo's co-founder and chief executive, Dan Serfaty, moved to China in 2011, a sign of how much the market matters to him.
而Viadeo野心更大,为了针对不同市场中的不同平台,它采取“多元本地化”的经营策略。Viadeo成立于2005年,主要通过收购其它公司在全球进行扩张。如今,Viadeo是法国和讲法语的非洲国家中最受欢迎的职业社交软件,在俄国的也有大量的用户,但最重要的是,Viadeo在中国也是NO.1。2008年,VIadeo收购了中国的商务社交网站“天际网”,现在以发展了2000万会员。Viadeo的联合创始人兼首席执行官Dan Serfaty于2011迁往中国,这也说明了他有多重视中国市场。
The big problem for Viadeo is making money outside France, which accounts for 95% of its turnover—31m in 2013. Viadeo has yet to turn an operating profit. That is not unheard of for startups, especially those enthusiastic about acquisitions, but investors will be keeping an eye on how much cash it burns.

Things may be about to improve, if Mr Serfaty is right about China. Viadeo has had trouble getting Chinese businesses to pay for its services because no one trusted the profiles that members posted. To overcome this, Viadeo launched a programme of cross-verification, in which members verify line-by-line the information in other members' CVs. Early signs are said to be promising.
However, Viadeo stumbled when it went public in July. Unlike most French internet firms, which have listed abroad—especially on NASDAQ in America—the firm launched its initial public offering on Euronext in Paris. Had it gone well, it could have established Paris as a place where sparky French tech startups could get financing. But the shares opened below their launch price and have been sliding ever since.
Viadeo is also under threat from its rivals. Profitable Xing, which had pulled back from foreign ventures, got a new boss in 2012, who is going after business recruitment. LinkedIn, meanwhile, is encroaching on two markets that Viadeo hoped it had sewn up. In France it has fewer members, but more traffic, it claims. And in China it has picked up steam and members since launching a Chinese-language site in February.

1.base on 基于,以…为根据

Russia had a maritime base on the Pacific before it had one on either the Baltic or the Black Seas.

However, such cooperation must base on trust, negotiation, equality and mutual benefits. It must proceed from actual facts, rather than deductions.
然而,这种合作必须建立在信任、协商、平等和互利的基础上,必须从 事实出发,而不是依凭推论。

2.move to 移动到

Perhaps I should move to Paris.

Their family is rooted here. They will never move to another city.

  • verifyvt. 查证,核实
  • initialn. (词)首字母 adj. 开始的,最初的,字首的 v
  • cooperationn. 合作,协作
  • financingn. 融资,资金供应 动词finance的现在分词
  • promisingadj. 有希望的,有前途的
  • socialadj. 社会的,社交的 n. 社交聚会
  • executiveadj. 行政的,决策的,经营的,[计算机]执行指令 n
  • pacificn. 太平洋 adj. 太平洋的 pacific adj
  • basen. 基底,基础,底部,基线,基数,(棒球)垒,[化]碱
  • threatn. 威胁,凶兆 vt. 威胁, 恐吓