经济学人:华为 走自己的路
日期:2014-05-23 16:39





Seeking its own path
A Chinese technology company that is steering clear of the stockmarket
ONE thing about Huawei is easy to understand: its ambition. In Paris on May 7th the Chinese telecoms company showed off the Ascend P7, a sleek smartphone compatible with the speedy fourth-generation mobile-phone networks being built in many countries. Huawei started pushing its own brand of smartphones only in 2011, but by last year it was the world's third-biggest vendor. Though it is still far behind the leaders, Apple and Samsung, it hopes that phones like the P7 will help it close the gap. In its main business, supplying network equipment and services to telecoms operators, it is already a close rival of Ericsson of Sweden. Last year this part of its operations brought in about 70% of its revenue of 239 billion yuan.
关于华为,有一点是显而易见的:这是一个有野心的公司6XRDUdvthYqnf1Wn。5月7日,华为在巴黎发布了旗舰机Ascend P7,该机兼容现已在多国通行的4G网络Ba,Q9AID#C4UGN。华为从2011年才开始力推其自己的手机品牌,但到2013年,它就成为了全球的第三大手机厂商;虽然与手机行业的领袖苹果和三星还有很大的差距,但它希望通过P7这样的旗舰机缩小这个差距XwQ_dqjp6j5iu!5x。华为的主营业务是为电信运营商提供网络设备与服务,现在已经是瑞典爱立信的有力竞争对手sbi3IHX=N(g~c。2013年,华为的营业额约为2390亿人民币的营收,其中电信业务占70%^jX^0rB7VEr3trrVJz



Huawei's ownership and management are less well understood. Some American politicians and competitors regard the company as little better than a front for the Chinese state, partly because Ren Zhengfei, its chief executive, was an engineer in the People's Liberation Army before he founded Huawei in 1987. Its network equipment has in effect been shut out of the American market. Huawei has always denied being under the state's thumb. It says that 84,000 Chinese employees own almost all its shares. Mr Ren has a personal stake of only 1.4%.
Unlike Alibaba and other Chinese technology companies that have sought stockmarket listings, Huawei has no such plans. Mr Ren made this plain when he spoke to journalists in London on May 2nd. “In reality,” he said through an interpreter, “shareholders are greedy, and they want to squeeze every bit out of the company as soon as possible.” Huawei's system, he believes, fosters a longer-term view that has helped it overtake listed competitors. Nor does he think that going public would alleviate Huawei's difficulties in America. “It might take ten or 20 years for the United States to know that Huawei is a company with integrity,” he said. Meanwhile, Huawei will put its energy into more welcoming markets.
Much less clear is who will succeed Mr Ren or how the next boss might be chosen. Huawei has a half-formed plan: as well as the founder it has three “rotating and acting” chief executives, who serve six-month terms. Mr Ren insists that they have a free rein. He has never used his right of veto over their decisions. “Ultimately we want to find a mechanism for succession,” he said. “But now we don't know what this mechanism should look like.” As long as Huawei is growing quickly and Mr Ren, who is only 69 years old, remains hale and hearty, this may not matter, but eventually it will. Huawei's peculiar form of capitalism retains much of its mystery.


1.show off 炫耀,卖弄


I love to show off your photo samples.


Like many people, birds sing to show off.


2.speak to 对…讲;围绕…谈


He was trying to get me to speak to mom again.


That's why I didn't speak to you on tuesday night.


3.want to 想要


Want to be public in 2012?


Customers want to be taught, not sold.

  • staken. 桩,赌注,利害关系 v. 下注,用桩支撑
  • understandvt. 理解,懂,听说,获悉,将 ... 理解为,认为
  • executiveadj. 行政的,决策的,经营的,[计算机]执行指令 n
  • alleviatevt. 减轻,使 ... 缓和
  • ownershipn. 所有权
  • plainn. 平原,草原 adj. 清楚的,坦白的,简单的,平坦
  • spokev. 说,说话,演说
  • ultimatelyadv. 最后,最终
  • squeezev. 压榨,挤压,塞进 n. 压榨,勒索,榨取
  • mysteryn. 神秘,秘密,奥秘,神秘的人或事物