经济学人:俄罗斯石油 奋起的埃克森石油
日期:2013-01-18 20:28


Business Oil in Russia Exxonerated
商业 俄罗斯石油 奋起的埃克森石油
Where BP failed, Exxon succeeds
FOR BP it could hardly have been worse. On August 30th Exxon Mobil struck a deal with Rosneft to explore the same icy blocks of the Arctic Kara Sea that slipped from BP's grasp when its vaunted tie-up with the Russian state-controlled oil firm collapsed in the spring. Then things did get worse: the next day, one of BP's Moscow offices was raided by bailiffs.
The deal is a triumph for Exxon, giving it access to one of oil's richest frontiers, with none of the nasty add-ons that tripped up BP. The British firm's proposed link with Rosneft would have meant giving the Russian firm 5% of its shares, an arrangement that BP's existing Russian partner, AAR, objected to. AAR took legal action and successfully blocked the deal.
Exxon, in contrast, is neither swapping shares nor violating any previous agreement. It has pledged to spend $2.2 billion exploring the potentially oil-rich Kara and $1 billion prospecting in the Black Sea. In return, it will allow Rosneft to take minority stakes in its deep-water projects in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore in Texas.
If all goes well, Exxon's total investment in Russian Arctic oil could run into hundreds of billions of dollars over a decade—a figure Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putin, at a ceremony to launch the deal, described as "scary to utter". Whether such terrifying sums materialise will depend partly on the financial terms of Arctic exploration and the Kremlin's flexibility over the tax status of the project. These are yet to be decided.
Yet Exxon's plans already look more promising than BP's did. When announcing that proposal, Bob Dudley, BP's boss, trumpeted his knowledge of Russian politics. In fact it was BP's misjudgment of Russian politics and corporate culture that did for the deal. Mr Dudley wrongly believed that getting into bed with a powerful Kremlin firm would cow his existing oligarch partners. Having now alienated both, BP appears to have little protection against being pushed around in Russia—as the raid on its offices may suggest.
然而埃克森的计划已经看起来比BP的更加令人期待。当BP的老板Bob Dudley宣布他的提议时,他在吹嘘自己对俄国政治的理解。实际上正是BP对俄国政治和企业文化的误判导致了这次协议的失败。Dudley先生错误的认为与一个强大的俄国国有公司联盟能够给其现有的寡头伙伴一点厉害。而现在与两家的间隙难以保证BP在俄国不会被人左右-正如其受到的办公室搜查所暗示的那样。
To Exxon's great advantage, its deal is more important to Russia, which desperately needs foreign investment and expertise in its oil industry, than it is for Exxon, the world's biggest private oil firm. Rosneft's share price jumped 8% after the announcement. (It also jumped 8% the previous day in the local market, suggesting insider dealing.) Exxon's shareholders were less giddy, perhaps reflecting on the pitfalls of doing business in Russia.
They have experienced them. In 2003 Exxon considered buying a large stake in Yukos, then Russia's largest oil firm. Yet shortly after Lee Raymond, Exxon's chief executive, flew to Moscow to negotiate the deal with Mr Putin, Yukos's main shareholder, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was arrested, Yukos was dismantled and its assets were swallowed by Rosneft.
他们其实已经吃过一亏了。2003年,埃克森曾考虑大量购买俄罗斯当时最大的石油公司-尤科斯-的股份。然而就在埃克森的首席执行官Lee Raymond飞到莫斯科与普京讨论这一协议之后没多久,尤科斯的最大股东,Mikhail Khodorkovsky就被逮捕了,尤科斯随后被解散,资产全被俄罗斯石油工业集团吞并。
That outrage could yet cast a shadow over the Exxon deal in America, where politicians continue to condemn the Kremlin over it. Indeed, this may be one reason why Igor Sechin, Mr Putin's right-hand man, who oversaw the destruction of Yukos and the Exxon deal, has kept away from America. But American oil firms are a different matter: as Exxon has shown, so long as you sit on colossal oil reserves, they will always be happy to do business.
美国公众对这一恼人事件留下的阴影仍然影响着埃克森的此次协议。的确,这也许就是为什么普京先生的得力助手,管理尤科斯的解散和埃克森此次协议的Igor Sechin对美国一直保持距离的原因之一。但美国的石油公司则是另外一码事了:正如埃克森所表现的,只要你坐拥庞大的石油资源,他们就会一直乐意同你做生意。

  • utteradj. 全然的,绝对,完全 v. 发出,作声,发表
  • misjudgmentn. 估计错误;判断错误(等于misjudgement)
  • dealingn. 经营方法,行为态度 (复数)dealings:商务
  • contrastn. 差别,对比,对照物 v. 对比,成对照 [计算机]
  • figuren. 图形,数字,形状; 人物,外形,体型 v. 演算,
  • partnern. 搭档,伙伴,合伙人 v. 同 ... 合作,做 .
  • flexibilityn. 灵活性,柔韧性,适应性
  • minorityn. 少数,少数民族,未成年
  • insidern. 局内人,知情人
  • alienatedadj. 疏远的,被隔开的