经济学人:全球来袭 夜店 Nightclubs
日期:2012-09-28 18:08


Getting down globally.
Western nightclubs eye Asia, and clever technology.
FEW businesses are as local as nightclubs. Or so you might think. But a few hardy entrepreneurs are trying change that. In 2010 Matt Hermer, the owner of Boujis, a trendy London nightspot, opened a pop-up club (a temporary one) for three days in Hong Kong. Something clicked. Fun-seekers thronged through his doors. Mr Hermer will open a permanent venue in Hong Kong in September.
少有企业会像夜店一样具有地方特色。或许你也可能会这么想。不过一小撮坚韧的企业家正试图改变这一局面。2010年,Matt Hermer,伦敦时髦夜店波吉斯的老板,在香港开了一家临时性(不在专门场子,临时租一个地方办几场派对)夜店。虽然该店的营业仅维期三天,但它引起了极大反响,寻求快乐的人们蜂拥而至。这便使得Hermer计划9月在香港开一家永久性的夜店。
No big Western club has cracked Asia, but Pangaea and Avalon, two American brands, recently launched spin-offs in Singapore. Marquee, another American chain, just opened in Sydney. "There are only so many opportunities to grow," says Marquee's co-founder, Noah Tepperberg.
尽管西方国家的大型夜店尚未成功打入亚洲市场,但来自美国的夜店潘吉亚和阿法伦最近就在新加坡开了分店。另一家美国连锁夜店马奎也刚好在悉尼开了分店。"这里的市场就只有这么些发展机会了,"马奎的合伙创办人Noah Tepperberg说。
Global data on the nightclub industry are patchy. Clubs tend to be privately owned and deal a lot in cash. Many last little longer than a pint of lager at a stag party. IBISWorld, a research group, estimates that bars and nightclubs make profits of $800m on takings of $20 billion-25 billion a year in America, where data are most reliable.
Asia could offer equally rich pickings. Pangaea's Singapore venue, for instance, is already claiming receipts of $160,000 a night. Michael Ault, Pangaea's owner, says that the key in Asia is to have "the most expensive of everything".
在亚洲市场也能轻轻松松地赚那么多钱。举例来说,位于新加坡的潘吉亚分店表示,其一晚的营业额已达16万美元。潘吉亚的老板Michael Ault说,在亚洲开夜店的秘诀在于提供的"一切东西都要是最贵的"。
Otherwise, the operating model is much the same as in the West. Raise money, find a dramatic space, befriend celebrities, promote, promote and promote. "First you go for the A crowd," says Mr Ault. "You spend all your money on DJs and celebrities to build the brand. Then the A crowd moves on. So you go from the A crowd to the B crowd. Then you have to ask yourself: do you want the C crowd?"
Nightclubs are a risky business. Spreading your bets across regions ought to mitigate that risk. But venturing into unfamiliar cities can mean dealing with unfamiliar undesirables. As one nightclub owner puts it: "Anyone can walk in and say: ‘Get out, or your head is in the trunk of a car'."
Anita Elberse of Harvard Business School predicts that more clubs will do deals with hotels to penetrate emerging markets. A rooftop club can make more money for a hotel than its rooms. Morgans Hotel Group, a luxury chain, last year bought the Light Group, a big American nightclub operator, for this reason. Andy Masi, the Light Group's boss, says that working with a hotel helps him meet the right people as he expands abroad.
哈佛商学院的Anita Elberse预计,会有更多的夜店与酒店联手打入新兴市场。酒店内的顶层夜店为其带来的利润远超其客房利润。正因如此,奢华连锁酒店摩根酒店集团去年买下了美国大型夜店莱特集团,该集团董事Andy Masi说,在他寻求海外扩张之际,与酒店联手能帮助他认识需要认识的人。
Some bars and clubs are using a novel technology to help partygoers decide where to party. SceneTap, an American start-up, uses cameras to scan the faces of those who enter and leave participating establishments. Its software then guesses each person's age and sex. Aggregated data are streamed to a website and mobile app. This allows punters to see which bars are busy, the average age of revellers and the all-important male-to-female ratio.
Bar owners gain publicity and intelligence about their customers. Did a promotion aimed at women attract many? Since drinks are often paid for in cash and by men, it used to be hard to tell.
SceneTap's cameras are watching more than 100 American watering holes. But they are controversial. The app could make life irksome for large groups of women, by summoning hordes of predatory males. So SceneTap has fixed its software to mask extreme sex imbalances. That will please bar owners, who would prefer not to admit when they are packed with men. But it will disappoint precisely the people most likely to use the app.

  • controversialadj. 引起争论的,有争议的
  • promotionn. 晋升,促进,提升
  • luxuryn. 奢侈,豪华,奢侈品
  • permanentadj. 永久的,持久的 n. 烫发
  • extremeadj. 极度的,极端的 n. 极端,极限
  • publicityn. 公众的注意,宣传,宣扬,宣传品,广告
  • temporaryadj. 暂时的,临时的 n. 临时工
  • tendv. 趋向,易于,照料,护理
  • penetratev. 穿透,渗透,看穿
  • intelligencen. 理解力,智力 n. 情报,情报工作,情报机关