经济学人:西班牙制造 迫在眉睫
日期:2014-04-29 16:43



Made in Spain
A pressing issue
The government frets about foreign hands on the nation's olive-presses
These are Spanish, not Italian
THE French government once scuttled a possible foreign bid for Danone, a big dairy firm, on the ground that it was a national industrial “jewel”. If yogurt is strategic for the French, olive oil has the same exalted status inSpain. Four savings banks wanted to sell their combined 31% stake in Deoleo, the country's largest producer, and under Spain's stockmarket rules anyone buying such a large stake has to bid for the whole company. Earlier this month, when it emerged that all the bidders were foreign, ministers said they would prefer that it remained in Spanish hands, and raised the possibility of the state taking a stake in the firm.

On April 10th a British private-equity firm, CVC Capital, won the backing of Deoleo's board after making the highest offer, valuing it at 439m. But given the controversy over selling to foreigners, two of the four would-be sellers now look like keeping their stakes. CVC will end up owning 30% of Deoleo but will later seek to buy the rest.
4月10日英国一家私募股权公司CVC Capital以4.93亿欧元的最高价竞投,赢得了Deoleo董事会的支持。但考虑到买家是外国人而引发的争议,现在四家储蓄银行中的两家看来要拒绝出售他们所持有的股份。CVC公司最终将拥有Deoleo 公司30%的股份,但之后将寻求购买其余股份的机会。
Olive oil accounts for a mere 0.8% ofSpain's exports. Yet it is an extra-sensitive matter. The country is the world's largest producer of the oil, but one-third of its exports are sent in bulk toItalywhere it is bottled and sold, often for a significant markup, under Italian labels. Some of the oil sold with the Bertolli brand, one ofItaly's andAmerica's favourites, is in fact pressed by Deoleo from the fruits of Spanish olive groves.
It is a similar story for wine.Spainhas overtakenFranceandItalyto become the world's largest producer, but sells almost half of its exports in bulk to markets likeFrance, some of which is retailed under French labels. French- and Italian-labelled wines typically fetch higher prices than Spanish-labelled ones, though the gap is narrowing. And despite the global success of Spanish fashion retailers such as Inditex and Mango, the fancy handbags turned out by artisans in the small Andalusian town ofUbriqueare sold under French and Italian labels. Stuart Weitzman, an American shoe designer who makes his products inSpain, says the country produces the world's best footwear, but its domestic labels have barely left a footprint on the world stage.
Spainhas come a long way, compared with the relatively closed economy it had before joining the European Union in 1986. More recently, rising exports have helped pull the country out of a deep recession, with the economy returning to growth in the third quarter of 2013. Exports are now 34% of Spain's GDP, up from 24% in 2009. Its olive oil is winning new customers in places likeChinaandMexico. Prominent chefs like Ferran Adria have raised the profile of Spanish cuisine and attracted foodie tourists. But the country clearly has some way to go in raising the prestige of the “Made inSpain” label.
1986年加入欧盟前,西班牙还是个相对封闭的经济体,到如今,它已取得很大进展。最近,出口的增长已帮助西班牙走出了深度的经济衰退。随着2013年第三季度经济回暖,日益增长的出口逐步拉动西班牙走出大萧条的泥沼。2009年,西班牙的出口额仅占国内生产总值的24%,如今已增长到34%。其橄榄油产品正在赢得中国和墨西哥等国顾客的青睐。像Ferran Adria这样的著名厨师提高了西班牙美食的知名度,也吸引了美食游客的到来。但显然,对于提高“西班牙制造”的声望,西班牙还有一段路要走。

1.bid for 出价

A large american defence contractor could bid for bae.

Under the law, it cannot make another bid for six months.

2.look like 看起来像

I made the cowardly lion look like the terminator.

You look like my dead son!

3.seek to 设法;企图,试图

Yet some expect him to seek to remove term limits.

Or will china seek to change it?

4.account for 导致,引起

Do women account for more of today's affairs?

Philosophers had long wondered how to account for essences.

  • removev. 消除,除去,脱掉,搬迁 n. 去除,间距
  • cowardlyadj. 懦弱的,卑怯的,胆小的 adv. 懦弱地,卑怯
  • globaladj. 全球性的,全世界的,球状的,全局的
  • staken. 桩,赌注,利害关系 v. 下注,用桩支撑
  • controversyn. (公开的)争论,争议
  • prestigen. 威望,声望
  • bulkn. 体积,容积,大批,大块,大部分 vt. 使成堆,使
  • issuen. 发行物,期刊号,争论点 vi. & vt 发行,流
  • domesticadj. 国内的,家庭的,驯养的 n. 家仆,佣人
  • strategicadj. 战略的,重要的,基本的