经济学人:医生的笔迹 注意你笔下的字
日期:2014-08-01 16:56



Doctors' notes
Careful what you write
More patients are getting to read their doctors' scribblings
A DOCTOR who sees a child with an odd appearance might write “FLK” in his notes. Short for “funny-looking kid”, it is meant not as an insult, but as a reminder to watch for slow growth and mental retardation, which can accompany physical abnormalities. Later he may add “FLD”: funny-looking dads tend to have funnylooking offspring. But such candour may become a thing of the past as more hospitals and clinics make doctors' notes available to patients and their guardians.

The trailblazers see open notes as a way to engage patients in their treatment, and to keep their other carers informed. A study in 2012 in the Annals of Internal Medicine of 105 American doctors who shared their notes with 20,000 patients backs this position. Over four-fifths of the patients who visited their doctors in the following year had looked at their notes. In a survey, about three-quarters said they felt more in control of their care. Few said the notes were confusing, offensive or worrisome; nearly all wanted access to continue.
The doctors who took part reported little change in their behaviour and little extra work, though some did alter the way they wrote about charged topics such as cancer, mental health, substance abuse and obesity. As for FLK and other medics' slang, Tom Delbanco, one of the study's authors, says: “Good doctors don't label things; good doctors describe things.”
Some 3m American patients now have easy access to their doctors' notes, including those at leading institutions such as the Cleveland and Mayo clinics, and 1m of those cared for by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This is good business as well as good medicine. Patients with Kaiser Permanente Northwest must register on its website in order to read their doctors' notes, which makes their care easier to manage and lowers the chance that they will switch to a competitor.
如今,300万名美国病人能够轻松读懂医生的字迹,其中包括像Cleveland 和 Mayo 诊所这样的领先诊所的医生的字迹。他们当中,有100万名病人由退伍军人事务部照顾。这对商务和医学都是好事。凯撒医疗机构的病人需在网站注册,才能读医生的字迹,这使得他们可以更轻松的掌控他们的治疗,降低他们流失到竞争对手的医院去的几率。
Health administrators elsewhere are watching with interest. Some British doctors have already opened their notes and more are likely to follow suit if the National Health Service keeps its promise to give all patients online access to their records by next year. The next step, says Dr Delbanco, is getting patients to contribute to their records. Funny-looking doctors take note.

1.tend to 趋向;注意

The particles tend to unite.

We all tend to like those similar to us.

2.note with 注意到

So many of them asked if they could share the note with people outside the company that I thought I would just do it for them, so here it is.

I recently wrote a post about why you should always stop to listen to music, and this proved to hit the right note with a lot of readers (excuse the pun!).

3.access to 接近;有权使用

You can turn on and off access to any of these groups.

Regardless of where we are and what we are doing, we want access to our data.

4.such as 比如;诸如

Heroes such as Huang Jiguang will always live in the hearts of the people.
像黄继光这样的英雄人物, 将永远活在人民的心里。

But what if you have a lot of audio material to listen to, such as audio books or podcasts?

  • alterv. 改变,更改,阉割,切除
  • substancen. 物质,实质,内容,重要性,财产
  • accompanyvt. 陪伴,伴随,给 ... 伴奏 vi. 伴奏
  • remindern. 提醒物,提示
  • controln. 克制,控制,管制,操作装置 vt. 控制,掌管,支
  • internaladj. 国内的,内在的,身体内部的
  • confusingadj. 使人困惑的,令人费解的 动词confuse的现
  • obesityn. 肥胖,肥大
  • engagev. 答应,预定,使忙碌,雇佣,订婚
  • tendv. 趋向,易于,照料,护理