日期:2017-09-12 11:16


JUDY WOODRUFF: Meanwhile, across the Caribbean, at least three dozen people are dead in Irma's wake.

Officials are struggling to get aid to the region's islands devastated by what was then a Category 5 storm. In the British Virgin Islands, thousands have no electricity or shelter.

That's where Penny Marshall of Independent Television News picks up our coverage.

PENNY MARSHALL, ITN: These paradise islands now look like an alien landscape. Nature has been scorched, every tree on the island stripped of its leaves. And the infrastructure's been destroyed, every building on the island blown apart.

FELICITO MOSES, British Virgin Islands Resident: Most every people have their part of their home destroyed.

PENNY MARSHALL: Felicitor Moses survived by hiding in a cupboard. His house didn't.

So, what were you doing when you were in the cupboard?

FELICITO MOSES: Praying to almighty God for this one piece to stay around to shelter, to save us.


PENNY MARSHALL: But now all hope is with the British, whose help has just arrived. Royal Marines are spreading out across the islands to reestablish order. Extra police have also been flown in from other parts of the Caribbean.

And if there was a delay getting help in here, there is now a clear urgency about trying to get it out to those who need it most. But those who can't wait are desperate to fly out to safety.

Families are sheltering