PBS高端访谈:希拉里助阵民主党人国会选举 特朗普聚焦佛罗里达州
日期:2016-10-25 10:33


JUDY WOODRUFF: The finish line draws closer, and one presidential hopeful is trying to catch up, while the other is working to bring friends along with her.

Lisa Desjardins reports on the events of this campaign day.

LISA DESJARDINS: Donald Trump right now is focused on one word, Florida, Florida, Florida.

QUESTION: How are you feeling about Florida, Mr. Trump?

DONALD TRUMP (R), Presidential Nominee: Very good. Feel very good.

LISA DESJARDINS: He's in the middle of a three-day, five-rally swing through the critical Sunshine State, where early in-person voting started today. He maintained that his outlook is bright and that polls showing him falling behind are flawed.

DONALD TRUMP: They are phony polls put out by phony media. And I will tell you what. All of us are affected by this stuff. And what they do is they try and suppress the vote. This way, people don't go out and vote.

LISA DESJARDINS: It's a different story for Hillary Clinton. With increasingly strong polling numbers, she's pushing to win Democratic control of Congress. Today, it was a New Hampshire rally push for Senate candidate Maggie Hassan.

HILLARY CLINTON (D), Presidential Nominee: That's why we need leaders like Maggie. And unlike her opponent, she has never been afraid to stand up to Donald Trump.

LISA DESJARDINS: Over the this weekend, Clinton was aiming at races in Pennsylvania.

HILLARY CLINTON: I hope you will do everything you can to elect Katie McGinty your next senator.

LISA DESJARDINS: And in North Carolina.

HILLARY CLINTON: I am also hoping you're going to send Deborah Ross to the United States Senate.

希拉里助阵民主党人国会选举 特朗普聚焦佛罗里达州

LISA DESJARDINS: And it's not just Clinton. Running mate Tim Kaine joined in from Florida today, targeting incumbent Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

SEN. TIM KAINE (D), Vice Presidential Nominee: Let me just quote Marco Rubio. He called Donald Trump dangerous, and he called Donald Trump a con artist, but he's supporting Donald Trump. I don't get it, how you could call somebody a dangerous con artist and support him.

LISA DESJARDINS: Meanwhile, a new story is out related to the FBI's Clinton e-mail investigation. It's a Wall Street Journal report centering on Andrew McCabe, who became deputy FBI director this year, and as a result gained an oversight role in the e-mail probe.

The story says his wife, Jill, ran for Virginia state Senate last year and received campaign funding thanks to Clinton ally and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. She lost her race. Months later, her husband became involved with the Clinton investigation. The Journal reports that the FBI didn't see a conflict because McCabe's wife's campaign was over and there was no direct connection to Clinton.

Still, it opened the door to attacks from team Trump, which said in a statement today that the whole situation — quote — "shows either negligent behavior by the FBI or a level of corruption."

Two weeks to go, and it is both a race to get votes and to block votes from the other side.

For the "PBS NewsHour," I'm Lisa Desjardins.

  • statementn. 声明,陈述
  • criticaladj. 批评的,决定性的,危险的,挑剔的 adj. 临
  • quoten. 引用 v. 引述,举证,报价
  • maten. 伙伴,配偶,同事 vt. 使 ... 配对,使 .
  • democraticadj. 民主的,大众的,平等的
  • flawedadj. 有缺陷的;有瑕疵的;有裂纹的
  • suppressvt. 镇压,使 ... 止住,禁止
  • candidaten. 候选人,求职者
  • campaignn. 运动,活动,战役,竞选运动 v. 从事运动,参加竞
  • votingn. 投票 动词vote的现在分词形式