PBS高端访谈:确诊肺炎之后 希拉里阵营允诺披露更多健康信息
日期:2016-09-13 11:12


JUDY WOODRUFF: The questions are swirling in the presidential campaign this evening: How much do voters know about the candidates' health, and how much should they know?

The issue leaped to the fore in the last 24 hours.

WOMAN: She was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

JUDY WOODRUFF: The cable news banners told the story, Hillary Clinton's health front and center, after she appeared to stumble when she abruptly left Sunday's 9/11 ceremony in New York City.

Hours later, her doctor said the 68-year-old Democratic nominee had been diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday. The Clinton campaign pledged today that more information on her health is forthcoming.

BRIAN FALLON, Clinton campaign Press Secretary: We're going to be releasing that to further put to rest any lingering concerns about what you saw yesterday. It really is the case that there is no other undisclosed condition.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Clinton scrapped a California trip, and instead planned to phone in to a San Francisco fund-raiser tonight. And late today, she tweeted: “I'm feeling fine and getting better.”

That left running mate Tim Kaine to take up the issue in Dayton, Ohio.

SEN. TIM KAINE (D), Vice Presidential Nominee: I have just been on the campaign since July 22. Hillary Clinton has been on the trail for 18 months. Her energy staggers me. I have a hard time keeping up with her.

确诊肺炎之后 希拉里阵营允诺披露更多健康信息

JUDY WOODRUFF: Meanwhile, Republican Donald Trump was restrained in his reaction.

DONALD TRUMP (R), Presidential Nominee: But I just hope that she gets well, and gets back on the trail.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Trump has released little about his own health, but promised today he will be putting out more information as well.

DONALD TRUMP: This last week, I took a physical. And I will be releasing when the numbers come in. Hopefully, they're going to be good. I think they're going to be good. I feel great. But when the numbers come in, I will be releasing very, very specific numbers.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Trump's main focus today was a different issue: Clinton's Friday night comments about his supporters. It's fodder for a new Trump campaign ad.

HILLARY CLINTON (D), Presidential Nominee: You could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables, the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.

NARRATOR: People like you, you, and you, deplorable.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And it was fodder for Trump himself on the campaign trail today during a speech in Baltimore.

DONALD TRUMP: We have the support of cops, and soldiers, carpenters and welders, the young and the old, and millions of working-class families. These were among the countless Americans that Hillary Clinton called deplorable, irredeemable, and un-American.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Trump's next stop, one of the battleground states, North Carolina, this evening.