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Digital dating




Young, single and nearby




New ways to satisfy primeval passions




THE older generation never gets it. Anthony Weiner, a candidate for mayor of New York, admitted this week to having sent yet more lewd snaps of himself to a digital acquaintance. As any youngster could have told him, the way to find love is to send photos of your face.


老一辈永远不会懂]KRv.|J5,GO(hqTw。竞选纽约市长的候选人Anthony Weiner这周承认自己向一个网友发送了更多的艳照BKLQo~H]*aWRbapbOO。要是随便哪个年轻人告诉他找寻真爱的方法是发送肖像照就好了6mTJSQR*)r


Consider Will, a 24-year-old up-and-coming film director in California. He meets potential dates via a smartphone app called Tinder. It finds potential matches who are nearby—your phone always knows where you are—and shows him photos from their Facebook profiles. Will can like or reject each photo. If a woman he likes also likes him, both are alerted and can start chatting.




Tinder is quick (you can scroll through dozens of photos in minutes) and spares your blushes (you never know if someone rejects you). Will has already had three romantic encounters and hundreds of matches, he says. Justin Mateen, a co-founder of Tinder, says it has made 100m matches since its launch in September, and led to 50 marriage proposals. He adds: “The app has only really been going for nine months. There could be a baby popping out soon.”


Tinder非常迅速,你可以在分分钟内浏览几打照片8OkkN)DY7-W+A。它也不会让你感到尴尬,如果有人拒绝你,你也不会知道t6L2HZXW2(&E*cXtu4。Will说他已经有过三次浪漫的邂逅,还有数百次的配对EAlJWX1vUQi。Justin Mateen是Tinder的开发者之一,他说这个软件自从九月发行以来已经帮助完成了1亿次配对,其中五十对已经发展到求婚了M1*Mv[vBqTZN(|%5。他还说,这个软件真正运行有九个月了,很快就会有婴儿出生了吧fCUVY!MKf+XsVDWJ


Americans are marrying later than ever before. So they are dating longer, which creates opportunities for matchmakers. Some are quite direct.




Bang with Friends (BWF), another app, allows users to specify which of their Facebook friends they would like to bed. If both parties feel the same way, BWF notifies them. If not, no one is any the wiser. BWF was booted from Apple’s app store, but that hasn’t stopped it from creating 200,000 pairings since its January launch. Colin Hodge, BWF’s boss, admits he came up with the concept while “a bit tipsy”.


另一个软件,朋嘣,允许用户标出他们Facebook好友中想上床的好友&d_xM-[W!J=q*。如果两个人都把对方标记了,软件就会通知他们)K0TFN%NRP@gD.2_&l|I。如果没有,那么也没什么yK+wxqjn2bC,K;uM。朋嘣从苹果的软件商店下架了,但是从一月上架开始,到现在也有20万人成功上床了Wk[1ZfdZ@_I。朋嘣的老板Colin Hodge承认他产生这个想法的时候有点微醉D!jPts%NP)


Such apps make it easier to find potential partners, but don’t seem to have turned America into a nation of bed-hoppers. According to the Centres for Disease Control, young women (aged 15-44) claim to have had a median of 3.6 male lovers, while young men claim to have had 6.1 female ones. These figures may be inaccurate—men may exaggerate; women may undercount—but they have not changed much in years.




Parents fret that staring at screens all day has made youngsters socially inept face-to-face. A survey by Christian Mingle and J-Date, two niche dating sites, found that 36-38% of Americans aged 21-34 ask for dates by text message. But when they meet, they must still make their moves in person. Witty banter and a well-placed wink still have their uses.


年轻人整天盯着屏幕看来看去已经让他们人与人之间的社交活动变得很生疏,父母们对此很担忧Mj+VgF]uT,~Yh_-G。一份来自两个盈利性约会网站Christian Mingle和J-Date的调查发现,21岁到34岁之间的美国人,有36%到38%的是通过短信约会%*5xpFf1v(^P。但是当他们见面的时候,他们仍然必须亲历亲为+ic6]8!yDL。诙谐幽默和眉来眼去仍然有用武之地Ry|fEFvwUmz

  • bantern. 轻松说笑 v. 戏弄,开玩笑
  • conceptn. 概念,观念
  • potentialadj. 可能的,潜在的 n. 潜力,潜能 n. 电位,
  • wittyadj. 富于机智的,诙谐的
  • minutesn. 会议记录,(复数)分钟
  • romanticadj. 浪漫的 n. 浪漫的人
  • fretv. (使)烦恼,(使)焦急,(使)磨损,侵蚀 n. 烦
  • directorn. 董事,经理,主管,指导者,导演
  • controln. 克制,控制,管制,操作装置 vt. 控制,掌管,支
  • exaggeratev. 夸大,夸张