经济学人:世界杯 球场不够完美
日期:2014-06-10 16:38





The World Cup
Pitch imperfect
They think it's all over budget
Down to the finishing touches
FOOTBALL'S World Cup was meant to display Brazil's coming-of-age as a global player. Instead, the preparations have illustrated the improvisation for which the country is nearly as famous as its footballers. With less than a month to go, organisers are scrambling to get everything ready. A swanky new terminal opened at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo on May 11th. But just eight airlines will be operating there next month, not 25 as planned. Chunks of the airport in Belo Horizonte, another host city, are wrapped in scaffolding and sprinkled with dust—and will remain so well after the tournament ends in July.



Unfinished work at Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo means only 40,000 fans will attend a pre-tournament test game on May 18th, well shy of the 68,000 expected at the opening match on June 12th. The media centre at the stadium in Curitiba won't be ready for the event; journalists will slum it in a tent.
Red tape and overlapping federal, state and municipal fiefs have snarled projects. Jerme Valcke, secretary-general of FIFA, football's governing body, has described dealing with Brazilian authorities as “hell”. Eight construction workers have died in accidents, six more than in South Africa four years ago. FIFA insists stadiums will be ready when fans start pouring in. But delays have left little time to install and test telecommunications kit, prompting worries over patchy television and radio transmission.
繁文缛节官僚习气以及冗杂的联邦、政府和市级区划让各个项目混乱不堪c9R2Ku5.~Qr,0。国际足球联盟足球赛事的领导机构的总秘书长Jerme Valcke将与巴西当局的办事风格描述为“极不像话”w~p!P3dvTi+r。8名建筑工人在施工事故中丧生,这比四年前南非世界杯多整整6人X8Kb[fyVdV85.。国际足球联盟坚持要求体育馆必须在观众前来参与赛前测试之前一切准备就绪z2D^YhR^ltyN2s(。但是由于一再拖延,几乎没有时间安装、测试电信设备,这给不完善的电视转播和广播转播买下隐忧LJ4rI.[Pl]J1J1K2
Cost overruns, partly blamed on alleged price-gouging, mean that, measured by the cost of a seat, Brazil now boasts ten of the world's 20 most expensive football venues, according to KPMG, a consultancy. The whitest of these elephants, in Brasília, may end up consuming 2 billion reais, nearly triple the initial estimate. After the Cup it is unlikely ever to draw capacity crowds again, as the city lacks a good league side.
A promised public-works bonanza has not materialised. Brazil's government insisted on staging games in 12 cities, rather than the required eight, in order to spread the benefits across the country. It succeeded only in spreading itself thin. Just five of 35 planned urban-mobility schemes are complete. Fans will use buses or taxis to get to most city centres.
Support for hosting the World Cup has fallen sharply, from 79% after it was awarded to Brazil in 2007 to 48% now, according to Datafolha, a pollster. Given Brazilians' love of football and knack for making merry, the tournament is almost certain to be a blast. But the legacy has been left in the changing-rooms.


1.describe as 描述为


The nautilus institute has been involved in energy projects in north korea since 1992 and has collated what diplomats describe as the most credible snapshots of energy supply there.


Not grotesquely ogre-like ugly, but definitely not what anyone would describe as handsome.


2.radio transmission 无线电广播


Hey! Just what about my radio transmission did you not understand?


The radio transmission about the oxygen tank emergency has been widely misquoted as "houston, we have a problem."


3.according to 根据,按照;据…所说


Which means, according to the fed's predictions, rates will likely stay low into 2015.


Levinson "pleaded every day" with him, according to isaacson.


4.insist on 坚持,强调


I insist on quietness in my room.


I insist on your being there.

  • certainadj. 确定的,必然的,特定的 pron. 某几个,某
  • unfinishedadj. 未完成的
  • budgetn. 预算 vt. 编预算,为 ... 做预算 vi.
  • dealingn. 经营方法,行为态度 (复数)dealings:商务
  • globaladj. 全球性的,全世界的,球状的,全局的
  • understandvt. 理解,懂,听说,获悉,将 ... 理解为,认为
  • describevt. 描述,画(尤指几何图形),说成
  • tournamentn. 比赛,锦标赛,(中世纪的)骑士比武
  • pitchn. 沥青,树脂,松脂 n. 程度,投掷,球场,音高 v
  • supplyn. 补给,供给,供应,贮备 vt. 补给,供给,提供,