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THE young must shout if they want to be heard. In a stone hangar in the old port of Jaffa, 30 entrepreneurs have five minutes each to present their start-up companies to a panel of digital luminaries and an audience that includes potential investors. Not everyone in the room is ready to shut up and listen, so the hopefuls must battle against the din. Feng-GUI explains how, by simulating human vision, it can tell advertisers and designers which areas of a web page are most likely to grab people’s attention. CopyV promises to send large files quickly and securely. With Fooducate, a dietician in your pocket, on your smartphone, you can scan bar codes in the supermarket and find out what’s really going into your trolley.

Israel’s legions of young technology firms clamour for attention and money. Rapid-pitch events like this one, at DLD Tel Aviv, a two-day conference in November, are common. More than 300 firms applied for a slot at DLD; 100 turned up; the lucky 30 were chosen by raffle. Yossi Vardi, a technology entrepreneur who has invested in 75 start-ups since 1996, says that he receives between three and eight approaches every day.
以色列拥有大批迫切需要别人注意和投资的年轻科技公司。前文中提到的是于去年11月在特拉维夫Tel Aviv举办,为期二天的DLD大会,此类快速推介活动目前非常普遍。超过300家公司申请了此次DLD大会的展位,100家参展,其中又通过抽签方式选出那幸运的30家公司。科技企业家Yossi Vardi自1996年来已经投资了75家创业公司,他说他现在每天可以收到3至8份接洽请求。

Dan Senor and Saul Singer called Israel The Start-Up Nation in a book of that name in 2009. The label has stuck because it fits. Everybody and his brother-in-law seems to be starting a company—with old schoolmates or army colleagues, in a spare room or the parental home. Starting a business is easier than ever, thanks to advances in information technology. Budding designers of smartphone apps can rent space when they need it on a remote server rather than buying huge amounts of computing power. The internet has democratised the right to innovate, says Mr Vardi.
Dan Senor和Saul Singer在一本2009年出版的同名书籍中把以色列称为创业国度。这个标签跟随了以色列多年,因为确实很适合。在以色列,每个人和他的亲戚朋友似乎都在创立公司,他们和自己的同学或者战友一起,挤在一间空闲的房间或者父母的家中。如今,开创一项事业比起过去要容易得多,这归功于信息技术的飞跃。和过去不同,初露头角的智能手机应用设计师们不再需要购买大量的硬件设备,他们可以向远程服务商租用服务器。Mr Vardi说:互联网已经带来了创新权利的民主化。

Israelis innovate because they have to. The land is arid, so they excel at water and agricultural technology. They have little oil, so they furrow their brows to find alternatives. They are surrounded by enemies, so their military technology is superb and creates lucrative spin-offs, especially in communications. The relationships forged during military service foster frenetic networking in civilian life. A flood of immigrants in the 1990s gave national brainpower a mighty boost (see article). The results are the envy of almost everyone outside Silicon Valley.

  • boostvt. 推进,提高,增加 n. 推进,增加 v.
  • freneticadj. 发狂的,狂热的
  • fostervt. 养育,培养,促进,鼓励,抱有(希望等) adj.
  • slotn. 槽,狭缝,时间段,职位 vt. 留细长的孔,插入,
  • civilianadj. 平民的 n. 罗马法专家,平民
  • siliconn. 硅
  • dinn. 喧嚣 v. 絮聒不休地说,暄闹 abbr. 德国工
  • aridadj. 干燥的,不毛的 adj. 枯燥的,无趣的
  • excelvt. 超过,优于 vi. 胜出 n. [计] 电子表格
  • potentialadj. 可能的,潜在的 n. 潜力,潜能 n. 电位,