人事部CATTI二级口译课程培训(MP3+讲义) 第54讲
日期:2014-09-04 08:47




Passage 2下面你将听到联合国秘书长在英国白金汉宫的一段讲话。

Thank you, Prime Minister, for that remarkable introduction. You have very lucidly provided the context for what I am about to say this morning. It’s a great honor to be invited to speak in this historic setting. The fact that you want to hear from the Secretary-General of the United Nations at this time, and that Prime Minister Tony Blair himself suggested this public exchange of ideas suggests to me that both you and he are conscious of the remarkable moment in world history that we have reached.

Indeed, today we face threats to world order and world peace of a kind and a scale that we have not seen since the height of the Cold War. But if we can agree on ways to respond effectively to those threats, we also have a unique opportunity to build a world that will be safer, fairer and freer, for all its inhabitants. I think you glimpsed that opportunity during the G7 finance ministers’ meeting here in London last week, with its welcome emphasis on measures to attack world poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

What kind of threats do I have in mind? The most obvious are terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Many experts tell us the question is not whether, but how soon, the two will be combined -- and we see, for example, a “dirty bomb” detonated in central London, or some other major capital. The loss of life would be shocking, but as nothing to the social and economic effects. Disruption would be felt not only here but around the world.

Millions in Asia, Africa and Latin America would lose their livelihoods, because of the impact on the world economy. People in those parts of the world already face many other, more immediate threats -- hunger, disease, environmental degradation, corrupt and oppressive government, civil and ethnic conflict -- threats to which the poor are always more vulnerable than the rich. Africa, my own continent, has the worst problems of all. The hopes of many African countries have been blighted by HIV/AIDS, which is devastating the most productive age-groups and the best educated social groups, slashing life expectancy, threatening to reverse decades of economic development.

I said two years ago that this might be the most decisive moment for the international system since the United Nations was founded in 1945. I still believe that. We are living through a time of danger, but also of great opportunity. The question is, will governments muster the will to seize that opportunity, and decide on a package of reforms offering protection against threats of both kinds---from terrorism and WMD to poverty, hunger and disease. By tackling them all at once we can make sure that no one---North or South, rich or poor---will feel left out, and that everyone will feel an interest in implementing the whole package.


Passage 2(25分)

首相阁下,谢谢您的精彩介绍。您为我今天上午要讲的内容做了一个非常清晰的背景介绍。我十分荣幸地应邀在这一具有历史意义的场合发表讲话。你们此时希望听取联合国秘书长的讲话,而且托尼·布莱尔首相亲自提议进行这次公开的交流。这让我感到,你们和他都意识到我们已迎来了世界历史的一个非凡时刻。// (4分)



亚洲、非洲和拉丁美洲将有几百万人因它对世界经济的影响而失去生计。这些地区的人们已面临许多其他的、更为直接的威胁--饥饿、疾病、环境恶化、腐败和镇压性政府、内战和种族冲突。在这些威胁面前,穷人总是比富人更容易受到伤害。非洲,我的故土,存在的问题是最严重的。艾滋病毒/艾滋病正在蹂躏最年富力强的一代人和教育程度最高的一批人。它使预期寿命骤减,几十年的发展面临着倒退的危险。许多非洲国家的希望因此而破灭。// (6分)



Passage 1 下面你将听到一段关于中美经济贸易合作的讲话。






Passage 1(25分)

With the approach of the 25th anniversary of China-US diplomatic ties, I have come to your country on an official visit at the invitation of President Bush. New York City is the first leg of my current trip and I am really delighted to join so many old and new friends here. I wish to express my special thanks to the American Bankers Association for its gracious hospitality, and to pay my respects to all those who have for years dedicated themselves to greater trade and economic cooperation between our two countries. I also wish to convey, through you, my cordial greetings and best wishes to the great American people. // (7分)

In recent weeks, China and the US have been coping with some differences and frictions over the trade issue. As such, my current visit has been given rather intense attention. Let me first assure you that I have come to this country to seek friendship and cooperation, and not to fight a "trade war". Many a difference derives from a lack of understanding. I am convinced that with dialogue and consultation, China and the US are entirely able to narrow their differences and broaden their areas of cooperation. // (6分)

As we all know, trade and commerce form the economic foundation of our bilateral relations. Being mutually beneficial and win-win, China-US trade and economic ties have not only delivered tangible economic benefits to the two peoples, but underpinned the overall relationship, giving it a powerful driving force for a steady expansion. As for the contribution made by the thriving China-US economic partnership to the prosperity of the surrounding areas and the world economic growth, it is there for all to see. // (6分)

The reason for such a rapid growth in China-US trade lies, in the final analysis, in the high degree of complementarity of the two economies, which, to a large extent, stems from their big differences in economic resources, economic structures and consumption levels. Such diversity and complementarity will remain for a long time, and are likely to feature more prominently in the ongoing economic globalization. This, in my view, is the material basis for the sustained and rapid expansion of China-US trade. // (6分)


Passage 2 下面你将听到一位领导人在亚太经合组织工商领导人峰会上的一段讲话。





Passage 2(25分)

Some important features and trends in world economic development merit our close attention. They include: rapid progress in science and technology, which substantially increases man's ability to understand and grasp the world at both the macro and micro levels and gives him a powerful support to boost production and improve well-being; quickened tempo in the optimization and reorganization of the factors of production and the industrial transfers in the global context, which results in closer economic connections among countries and more favorable conditions for their mutually beneficial cooperation. // (11分)

At the same time, owing to historical and immediate causes,unevenness in worldwide development has become increasingly salient, with the heavily indebted developing countries facing a worsened external environment and the gap between the South and the North further widening. New trade barriers and protectionism are on the increase, and the world's multilateral trading regime is experiencing difficulties. The consumption of energy and other natural resources has increased substantially, resulting in ecological imbalances and environmental degradation. Factors of uncertainty and instability, such as local conflicts and terrorism, pose increasing threat to world peace and development. // (10分)

In a word, mankind is faced with both grave challenges and rare opportunities for development. Given the circumstances, the only right option for us to take is cooperation geared to a win-win result, and the only goal for us to endeavor towards is sustainable development. Our own experience with development tells us that every country must go through an evolving process that today's development is the continuation of that of yesterday and the groundwork of that of tomorrow. //(4分)

  • convincedadj. 信服的
  • regimen. 政体,制度 n. 养生法(=regimen)
  • steadyadj. 稳定的,稳固的,坚定的 v. 使稳固,使稳定,
  • favorableadj. 有利的,赞许的,良好的,顺利的,偏袒的
  • beneficialadj. 有益的,有利的
  • optionn. 选择权,可选物,优先购买权 v. 给予选择
  • assurevt. 使确信,使放心,确保
  • dedicatedadj. 专注的,献身的,专用的
  • protectionn. 保护,防卫
  • blightedadj. 枯萎的;摧残的 v. 使染上枯萎病;毁坏(bl