人事部CATTI二级口译课程培训(MP3+讲义) 第53讲
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样题一 (Sample Test 1)

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Part I Interpret the following passages from English into Chinese. Start interpreting at the signal and stop it at the signal. You may take notes while you are listening. You will hear the passage only once. Now let’s begin.

Passage 1 下面你将听到一位澳大利亚友人关于北京2008年奥运会的一段讲话。

The message I wish to convey to you is that I have complete confidence that Beijing will deliver an outstanding Olympic Games in 2008, that this will be a wonderful event for China and for the world, and that it is already serving to strengthen the very close relations between Australia and China. My own association with the Beijing Games began with Beijing's bid. For me, and for a number of Australians, the opportunity to support and assist the bid was far more than simply an interesting professional exercise. It was an opportunity to do something important.

We believed then, and we believe now, that hosting the biggest and best people-to-people event on the world's calendar will give further momentum to the process of modernization in China and the friendly integration of China with the world community. The purpose of the Games is of course not geopolitical; it is to conduct a celebration of sport and culture. But, as we know from our own experience with both the Melbourne Games in 1956, when Australians reveled in that first historic opportunity to welcome the world to our shores and Sydney in 2000, when we were able to show the world the dynamism of modern Australia, the Games can and do leave a wider and powerful legacy.

So it will be for China in 6 years time. The legacy will in part be of a tangible kind - world-class venues and other civic buildings, the Olympic Green, increased trade, investment and business relationships. Beijing's plans for these tangible legacies are impressive both in their ambition and in the determination of the organizers to bring them to fruition. But perhaps even more important in the long run will be the intangible legacy of the 2008 games. I refer here to the heightened consciousness of the importance of the environment, already a high national priority in China but one which is certain to be reinforced by the commitment to the Green Games.

An enduring memory for me from the days of the Beijing bid is the sheer delight of people in China, especially young people, at having the chance to play host to athletes, officials and visitors from around the world, to welcome them to China, to show them China and to build new friendships. International relations are not only about the conduct of political and economic affairs between Governments and Businesses. It must also be underpinned by the sort of deep international understanding that can only come from closer and closer relationships between peoples.

The Olympic Games are the most successful and popular embodiment of internationalism ever invented by human beings. During these glorious days, we will show how we can, at our best, transcend all differences of country, race and religion and truly embrace the common humanity that binds us all together. The participation of 1.3 billion people in that great goal can have profound and enduring benefits for our Asia-Pacific region and for the world. The Olympics are therefore coming to China at exactly the right time in terms of the changes underway in China itself and in terms of China's engagement with the region and the world.

样题一参考答案 (Key for Sample Test 1)

我想对大家说的是,我对北京将在2008年举办一届杰出的奥运会充满信心。这对于中国乃至世界来说都将是一件盛事,并且它已经开始为增强中澳两国业已十分紧密的关系发挥作用。我个人同北京奥运会的接触开始于北京申奥时期。对于我和其他许多澳大利亚人来说能够有机会支持并帮助北京申奥远不只是一次有趣的职业经历,这更是一个能做些重要事情的机会。// (4分)


所以,六年后将是中国的机会。这笔遗产的一部分是有形的,包括世界级水准的会场及其他城市建筑的建设,奥林匹克绿地的修建,以及贸易、投资和商业往来的增加。北京为实现这些有形遗产所作的规划令人赞叹,不仅表现在他们雄心勃勃的目标上,而且表现在组织者为实现目标而下的决心上。然而,从长远看,2008奥运会的无形遗产也许将更为重要。这里我指的是重视环保意识的提高。中国虽然已将其列为国家的首要任务,但还要通过承诺举办绿色奥运来予以加强。// (6分)

我一直记得,从北京申奥那时起,中国人民,特别是年轻人就十分高兴能有机会作为东道主欢迎来自世界各地的运动员、官员及来访者,向来宾们展示中国并与他们建立新的友谊。国际关系不仅限于政府间的政治交往和企业间的经济往来。它还必须以国家间的深厚理解为基础,而这一理解只有从各国人民之间越来越紧密的关系中才能获得。// (6分)

奥林匹克运动会是人类创造的体现国际主义的最成功且最受欢迎的形式。在这些辉煌的日子里,我们将展现自己如何尽全力超越国界、种族和宗教的差异,真正拥有将人类团结在一起的共同的价值。十三亿人民将参与到实现这一伟大目标的过程中来,这将给我们的亚太地区,乃至全世界带来深远和持久的利益。奥运盛会来到中国时正值中国经历自身变革并积极参与地区和世界事务的大好时机。// (5分)

  • legacyn. 祖先传下来之物,遗赠物 adj. [计算机]旧系统
  • opportunityn. 机会,时机
  • calendarn. 日历,月历,日程表 vt. 把 ... 列入日程表
  • intangibleadj. 难以明了的,无形的 n. 无形的东西
  • ambitionn. 雄心,野心,抱负,精力 vt. 有 ... 野心,
  • consciousnessn. 意识,知觉,自觉,觉悟
  • certainadj. 确定的,必然的,特定的 pron. 某几个,某
  • transcendv. 超越,胜过
  • assistn. 帮助,协助,协助的器械 vt. 帮助,协助 vi.
  • professionaladj. 职业的,专业的,专门的 n. 专业人员