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BOCOG/IOC Joint Press Conference, August 18, 2008

Sun Weide: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome totoday’s BOCOG/IOC Joint Press Conference. We are joined today by Mr. Wang Wei,the Executive Cice President and Secretary General of BOCOG; and also GiselleDavies, IOC Director of Communications. First of all, I would like to give thefloor to Mr. Wang Wei.

Wang Wei: Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Have agood day today. First a general overview of the Games operations for August17th. On the 9th day of the Olympic Games, there were a total of 24 competitionevents staged in 24 venues including 19 in Beijing and 5 in 2 co-host cities.The competition venues received 3,792 athletes, 4,830 team officials, 542participating teams as well as 4,704 technical officials, 558,452 spectators,15,780 VIPS, 13,408 journalists. For events completed so far, on August 17, thecompetition of badminton, fencing, shooting, rowing, tennis and Greece-Romanwrestling were completed. So far, a total of 11 competitions have beensuccessfully concluded. The football matches in the co-host cities of Tianjin,Shenyang and Qinhuangdao have also been completed. August 18 will see theconclusion of track cycling, gymnastics, trampoline, triathlon and weightlifting. Update for August 18: The 10th day of the Olympic Games will see 22competition events. A total of 18 gold medals will be awarded today. Thank you.

Sun Weide: Thank you, Mr. Wang Wei. I would like to give the floor to Giselle.

Giselle Davies:谢谢,伟德。有两条新消息。截止到目前,我们已经完成了3,667 项药检,其中有2,905 个尿样和762 个血液检查。罗格主席将到香港去观看马术比赛,然后去青岛,周三回到北京。谢谢!

Sun Weide: Thank you, Giselle. Now thefloor is open for questions. Before you raise your questions, we would appreciateif you could stand up just for the convenience of our broadcasters.

美联社英国分部记者:想问一下,男子100 米决赛的药检结果是否出来了,结果是什么样的?

Giselle Davies:我理解有很多记者都希望问这个问题,我请大家理解的是药检团队每天都要进行200 到350 项药检,他们24 小时连续工作,每天要做大量的工作,因此我没有办法跟你讲清楚所有这些药检抽样的检测需要多长时间。如果我们没有在这里向大家报告药检违规情况,就表明到现在为止没有发生这样的情况。我们要按照规定的程序完成所有的检测。药检团队做出决定之后,我们会保持透明,向大家详细地介绍情况,目前没有办法向大家提供具体的情况。

BBC 记者:我想问男子关于鞋子的问题。一个运动员赛完100 米比赛后把脚举起脱鞋。我想彪马公司一定非常高兴,因为赛后乌赛恩·博尔特让超过二十亿的观众都看到了他们的产品标识和鞋子。但阿迪达斯是不是也会很高兴我就不清楚了。我想知道你们是否会建议运动员在两百米比赛的时候,不要也把鞋子脱下来。

Giselle Davies:谢谢你提的问题。奥运会是干净的运动会,我们要保持这样的精神。到目前为止,关于星期六晚上那场赛事,我们没有接到任何的抱怨,我会继续关注的;如果有新的情况会告诉你。

西雅图时报记者:我的问题提给王伟先生,有关奥林匹克公园的事情,人们怎样才能进入奥林匹克公园,怎么样申请,门票是不是免费的,允许进入奥林匹克公园的人数是不是有限制?你能不能同时介绍尚未使用的门票的情况,是否有VIP 或其家庭成员或者其他人还未使用的票?

Wang Wei: Thank you for your question. Itis mainly the Community Civilization Service Office’s responsiblity to organizethe visit to the central park of the Olympic Green. This is helpful for us tocontrol the flow of people inside the Olympic Green. Recently, the number hascome up quite much. If the citizens want to enter into the Olympic Green, theycan apply to the local offices for the tickets which are all free. As far asthe foreigners are concerned, they can apply to the tourist agencies and thehotels where they stay. Recently, there are not many tickets available for thehotels. We are planning to increase the number of tickets reserved for thehotels. We are dealing with the issue in an organized manner. The track andfield has started. And the number of people in Olympic Green is controlled bythe relevant authorities. As far as the tickets are concerned, we have nounused tickets. All the tickets are sold. Of course, there are certainemergency tickets. This is also the standard practice. There are a limited numberof the emergency tickets, roughly 2%, cattered all over the venues. If anaccident takes place in a certain venue, these tickets are used. These ticketsmust be reserved and we don’t have any other tickets.

第四频道记者:早上好,Giselle。很高兴又见到你。我注意到在很多主要街道、商店甚至一直到厕所,好多商标名称被遮住了,这真是一个大工程。我听说这是因为这些名字和商标不是赞助商的。请问Gisselle, 花这么大力气,把这些不听话的名称被遮住,是因为它们没有赞助奥运会,惯例是这样吗?请问王伟先生,在本届奥运会是谁做出这样的决定?

Giselle Davies:你大概是空闲时间很多,可以到处去转。我也去过这家酒店的洗手间,我没有注意到有这种名称被遮住的情况。我回去后再查看一下。我们有很多赞助商和合作伙伴,说实话,如果没有他们,我们根本来不到这里。由于有他们的支持和提供资金,奥运会才能举行,新闻媒体也是一样。但是你问我的是一个关于公司和品牌的一个单独的、很细节的问题。当然我们也有些保护措施来保护赞助商和合作伙伴的投资项目。你现在的问题针对的就是十分微观的例子,我不知道也不了解详细的情况。让我再看看那些洗手间的情况再回复你。

Wang Wei: Giselle answered for me already.Some companies are too enthusiatic about protecting the right of the rightholders and sometimes they may over do it. That is possible. Actually, duringthe six or seven years of preparation, we have experienced a lot of similarcases. So some people are very proactive and they use a lot of Olympic namesand logos. They think they are supportive, but actually they may not have theright to do so. We have to find an appropriate way so as not to dampen theirenthusiasm, and at the same time protect the right of our right holders. Thatis a very delicate issue for China, because in China, the whole nation isbehind the Games, and people may not know what exactly they should do and whatapproach they should take.

Sun Weide: That brings us to the end of this pressconference. And if there are no major events, our next press conference will bethis coming Wednesday and Friday morning, 11:15 a.m. We are always available onthe news desk of MPC and also we would be happy to you on the phone. Thank youvery much.

  • organizedv. 组织
  • executiveadj. 行政的,决策的,经营的,[计算机]执行指令 n
  • directorn. 董事,经理,主管,指导者,导演
  • updatev. 更新,补充最新资料 n. 更新
  • experiencedadj. 有经验的
  • dealingn. 经营方法,行为态度 (复数)dealings:商务
  • trackn. 小路,跑道,踪迹,轨道,乐曲 v. 跟踪,追踪
  • conveniencen. 适宜,便利,便利设施,方便的时间,舒适
  • issuen. 发行物,期刊号,争论点 vi. & vt 发行,流
  • protectvt. 保护,投保