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'Hadestown' Is the Big Winner at the Tony Awards
Hadestown, a musical about a young couple's dark trip to the Underworld, was the big winner Sunday night at the Tony Awards in New York City.
The awards are given each year to Broadway productions -- major plays put on in New York City.
Hadestown won eight Tonys, including the top prize for a musical.
Anais Mitchell's musical is based on the ancient Greek story of Orpheus and Eurydice. The show also won a best director award for Rachel Chavkin, the supporting actor Tony for Andre De Shields and honors for orchestration, sound and lighting design.
Chavkin noted she was the only woman currently directing a Broadway musical. She called for a change in the theater world. "It is a failure of imagination," she told the audience.
Best play: The Ferryman
The Tony for best play went to The Ferryman, a work from British writer Jez Butterworth. It is about the life a family in Northern Ireland during the religious violence there in the 1980s. Its director, Sam Mendes, also won a Tony for his work.
Bryan Cranston, best known as a television actor, won his second Tony as the lead male in Network. The play is based on a movie of the same name released in 1976.
Cranston dedicated his Tony award to real reporters. Cranston said the media "is not the enemy of the people." That is how American President Donald Trump has described several mainstream media groups.
Eighty-seven-year-old Elaine May won the Tony for her lead part in the play The Waverly Gallery. She was praised for her moving performance as a woman whose mental abilities are failing.
The Tony for best actor in a musical went to Santino Fontana for Tootsie, another hit show based on a movie. The film of the same name was released in 1982.
Stephanie J. Block took home the lead actress award playing music star Cher in The Cher Show. Block thanked "the goddess Cher, and her legacy."
The Boys in the Band, a humorous drama about a group of homosexuals at a birthday party, won best play revival. The first version was produced in the late 1960s.
The supporting musical actress Tony went to Ali Stroker for a reimagining of the famous musical, Oklahoma! The show also was honored with the Tony for best revival of a musical. Stroker became the first actor performing in a wheelchair to win a Tony.
Supporting actress in a play went to Celia Keenan-Bolger, for her work as young Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird. And, British actor Bertie Carvel won his first Tony for his part as media company leader Rupert Murdoch in the play Ink.
Finally, stage actor Rosemary Harris and playwright Terrence McNally were presented with special Tony awards for lifetime achievement in theater.
I'm Caty Weaver.


1.called for 呼吁


I called for this meeting and I will be personally committed to its outcomes.

2.lifetime achievement 终身成就


Jackson is being honored posthumously with the Recording Academy's Lifetime Achievement Award.

3.a group of 一组


Suddenly the door opened and a group of children burst in.

4.based on 基于


Your price should be based on the actual situation of our customers.


5.Bryan Cranston, best known as a television actor, won his second Tony as the lead male in Network.

best known as 以...著称


He is best known as the originator of a long-running TV series.
This prescription-only medicine is best known as a treatment for acne.


6.She was praised for her moving performance as a woman whose mental abilities are failing.

be praised for 因...受到表扬


She was praised for her fine work.
She was praised for her beauty and artistry.



阿奈斯·米切尔(Anais Mitchell)的这部音乐剧是根据古希腊俄耳普斯与欧律狄刻的神话故事改编的k!;SFxhe[Ewd%i#A。该剧还为雷切尔·查夫金(Rachel Chavkin)赢得了最佳导演奖,为安德烈·德·谢尔兹(Andre De Shields)赢得了最佳配角奖,以及最佳编曲、音效、灯光设计等tn~9x-jZyYg(AJTv


托尼奖最佳话剧奖花落《摆渡人》,这是英国作家杰斯·巴特沃斯(Jez Butterworth)的作品E.Hmh..[8UqF4Ff。讲述的是关于20世纪80年代宗教暴力期间一个北爱尔兰家庭的生活yKw+y|a8#lz).)J,。该剧导演萨姆·门德斯(Sam Mendes)也凭借该剧获得了托尼奖最佳话剧导演9OvgNyL~kgh#~
著名电视演员布莱恩·克兰斯顿(Bryan Cranston)凭借《电视台风云》(Network)二度摘得托尼奖最佳男主角桂冠@-BtXzmeTHB-hC9。该剧改编自1976年上映的一部同名电影ZX=E2)H|!Bhzbia
主演《韦弗利画廊》(The Waverly Gallery)的87岁伊莱恩·梅(Elaine May)赢得托尼奖最佳话剧女主角FmBsvQJ-G[2@1。她饰演的是一位智力衰退的女性,其动人的演技令人称赞rYVl;;iA,_W
托尼奖音乐剧类最佳男主角是出演《窈窕淑男》(Tootsie)的圣蒂诺·方塔纳(Santino Fontana),这是另一部改编自电影的热门戏剧TSe-p58^S)m-(GBS。这部同名电影于1982年上映ZW5nTlK[GK&O
斯蒂芬妮·J·布洛克(Stephanie J. Block)凭借《雪儿秀》(The Cher Show)夺得音乐剧类最佳女主角rWpIJE1r)~-LC~a。布洛克感谢了“女神雪儿和她的馈赠”aVb49[lX#2cI+
《乐队男孩》(The Boys in the Band)是一部关于一群同性恋参加生日聚会的的幽默喜剧,该剧获得最佳复排话剧奖[K[ZDxoa.4o[5vz.4T。该剧的首个版本是在20世纪60年代后期编排的X[I%5yV8DD
托尼奖音乐剧类最佳女配角由阿里·斯托克(Ali Stroker)摘得,她重新演绎了著名的音乐剧《俄克拉荷马!》(Oklahoma!)rsRQT[~Z9.c。该剧还获得了托尼奖最佳复排音乐剧G7UG@3THxCEvOAqhO%F。斯托克成为首位坐在轮椅上表演赢得托尼奖的演员1kgdYuPw&XWspizB
戏剧类最佳女配角颁给了在《杀死一只知更鸟》中出演年轻童子军的西利亚·基南·博尔格(Celia Keenan-Bolger) @EX2V_2BF_PD-。此外,英国演员贝蒂·卡维尔(Bertie Carvel)凭借在话剧《墨水》(Ink)中饰演传媒公司大佬鲁珀特·默多克(Rupert Murdoch)摘得第一座托尼奖QnSgsVDDwFHsVaj@,+
最后,舞台剧演员罗斯玛丽·哈里斯(Rosemary Harris)和剧作家特伦斯·麦克纳利(Terrence McNally)获得了托尼奖终生成就奖,以表彰他们在戏剧界的贡献w&ti,dzfI0C~Y0Up~