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Apple Keeps iPhone Prices Unchanged, Sets Launch of Video Service
Apple launch events usually involve new products and product improvements, along with higher prices for some devices.
But at the launch event this week, the company announced a number of new products without raising prices. In the case of Apple's low-end iPhone, the price was lowered from the current model.
Apple also reported that the price for its new video service will be well below competing companies like Netflix and Disney Plus. And the company said it plans to launch a video game subscription service on September 19.
Industry experts say Apple's price-freeze and expansion into a pay video service appear to be an answer to a drop in iPhone sales worldwide the past few years. It has become more difficult for Apple to get people to pay for new devices that sell for $1,000 or more.
This year, iPhone shipments are down 25 percent, technology researcher IDC reported. The drop has put more pressure on Apple to generate earnings from service offerings like music, video and gaming. The company was able to raise its services revenue 14 percent to nearly $23 billion during the first half of this year.
None of the new products demonstrated this week differ greatly from earlier models. They include three new smartphones: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
The main difference for the iPhone 11 is that it has two back cameras, including a lens designed to take extra wide images. This model starts at $699. The iPhone 11 is meant to replace the iPhone XR, which has a higher price of $749.
The iPhone 11 Pro sells for $999. It has three cameras on the back, including one for extra wide photographs and one for telephoto. The iPhone 11 Pro Max also has the three-camera design and the biggest display of all the models. It starts at $1,099, the same price as the iPhone XS Max from last year.
The company also showed off new camera tools, including one to improve picture quality in low-light conditions and a new setting aimed at helping capture human subjects.
Apple says all the new iPhones are made with long-lasting batteries. Users of the iPhone 11 Pro Max can expect the power to last up to 5 hours longer than the iPhone XS Max, the company said.
All the new models will begin shipping on September 20.


The launch event also included new versions of the Apple Watch and iPad.
The new Series 5 watch now has an always-on display, which many competing devices already have. The Series 5 will come in new case designs, such as titanium and ceramic. And it will work with a new Compass app for directions.
Apple is offering a new low-end model iPad with a larger display size, starting at $329. It also launched a new iPad Pro, which the company calls "the most advanced iPad ever." That model – designed to compete with laptop computers — starts at $799.
One big announcement was that the company plans to launch its new Apple TV Plus video service on November 1. Users will pay $4.99 per month. In the first few weeks, the service will have nine Apple-produced shows and movies – some with major Hollywood stars — with more to be added each month.
The Apple TV Plus starting price is below Netflix's rates of $8.99 to $15.99. The offer is also lower than the planned Disney Plus video service, which is set to launch November 12 for $6.99 a month.
Apple is offering Apple TV Plus free for one year to buyers of a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod Touch.
Apple also announced the September 19 launch of its Apple Arcade video game service. The service, costing $4.99 a month, will offer unlimited use of more than 100 different games.
One thing not announced at the launch event was when Apple planned to release iPhone models that will support the new 5G wireless system.
Apple competitors, including Samsung, are already offering 5G device versions at a higher cost. But industry experts say Apple is currently in a "holding pattern" for the new technology. They say 5G iPhones are not expected to be released until next year.
So users will have to wait until 2020 to see if Apple goes back to higher pricing for its latest 5G models.
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1. along with 与…一起;
An oil seal was replaced, along with both front wheel bearings.
2. a number of 若干;许多;
He's been around a long time and has acquired a number of skills.
3. show off 卖弄,炫耀,显摆(某物);
The player was given hardly any opportunities to show off his talents.
4. go back to 恢复;重新开始;重操(旧业);
I want to try my hand at politics, or go back to the law. I don't want to go to school for it, though.



苹果维持iPhone价格不变 推出视频服务
苹果本周推出的所有新产品均与以往机型没有太大差别bo4#lghVuIiT^u。新产品包括三款新型智能手机,分别是:iPhone 11、iPhone 11 Pro和iPhone 11 Pro MaxQKL|!twSZh62zNUTr|
主要区别在于,iPhone 11有两个后置摄像头,其中一个镜头用来拍摄超宽图像)cCnuPv)&,]l(。iPhone 11售价699美元起=@yC&~Qr7z#swT。这一型号旨在替代iPhone XR,后者售价更高,为749美元,m=u@1]nkDwEh)k1
iPhone 11 Pro起售价为999美元AAm]x3tiqWL.*bSSq。这款机型有三个后置摄像头,包括一个超广角镜头和一个长焦镜头6w2]RVH@y1dAkU@JT&。iPhone 11 Pro Max同样配有三个后置摄像头,这款机型是三款新机中屏幕最大的一款~z[^JVKQtjvssX&dH|!x。iPhone 11 Pro Max售价为1099美元起,与去年发布的iPhone XS Max售价一样8aTowj~66i=_iyEE%
苹果公司表示,三款新iPhone均配备了续航时间更长的电池E[W4%c&ddo&_N。苹果表示,iPhone 11 Pro Max的电池续航时间可比iPhone XS Max高出5个小时|^2CgIkH1NCf
苹果公司还在发布会上推出了新款Apple Watch和iPadq+8Fx2TsO%
新款Apple Watch Series 5增加了永远在线显示屏,而许多竞争设备已经推出该功能5]axuy#I^#5。Series 5还增加了钛合金和陶瓷两种新材质K2Y*SFEp;^LA。Apple Watch Series 5配备了新的Compass应用程序,可以为用户指示方向IEUD+.U3ZV=794*0lG
苹果公司还推出了屏幕更大的新型低端iPad,售价329美元起sR6Kk2NR=RK4T。苹果公司将同时发布的iPad Pro称为“有史以来最先进的iPad”pMr=sWzNu[H!WVi_R;7,。这一型号旨在与笔记本电脑进行竞争,售价799美元起@u&5o7*_2,jJptMv3a
苹果在发布会上宣布了一个重大消息,该公司计划在11月1日推出新的Apple TV Plus视频服务p=#A1^kQ-)W。这项服务的订阅价格为每月4.99美元.uSr+oAx-U8Qaz。该服务将在最初几周上线苹果制作的9部剧集,包括好莱坞重量级明星参演的剧集,另外,每个月还有更多剧集上线W&LDEDE,5t
Apple TV Plus服务的起价低于网飞8.99至15.99美元的价格(!RCi8btlq。同时,该服务的费用也低于Disney+计划在11月12日上线的视频服务,后者的定价为每月6.99美元ueikC_QVh*
苹果公司为购买新iPhone、iPad、Mac和iPod Touch的用户提供免费试用Apple TV Plus服务一年的福利!EzaONiAHD
苹果公司还宣布将于9月19日推出Apple Arcade电子游戏服务5(*Ss[|*21(y。这一服务的订阅费用为每月4.99美元,可无限畅玩100余款游戏X.[dVKsgF3