BEC初级真题第5辑精听:Test4-Part Four(1)
日期:2016-02-18 17:46


Woman:This morning, Martin Baker is in our studio to tell us how he started his company, Coffee Express. Martin, good morning.

Man: Good morning.

Woman: First of all, Martin, what made you decide to start your own business?

Man: Well, previously I worked as a consultant in the retail sector, helping clients to face difficult challenges, or helping with their ambitions to make a lot of money, and I realised that what really interested me was not giving advice to other company owners, but actually having one myself.

Woman:So where did you get the initial funding for Coffee Express?

Man: I thought I wouldn't be able to get a bank loan, so I contacted a group called 'Business Angels' which invests in small businesses, and they provided the capital. Later I found out that I did have a colleague with a substantial amount of money to invest who was very interested in becoming a business partner; but by then it was too late.

Woman: I see. And what sort of company is Coffee Express?

  • substantialadj. 实质的,可观的,大量的,坚固的 n. 重要部份
  • initialn. (词)首字母 adj. 开始的,最初的,字首的 v
  • loann. 贷款,借出,债权人 v. 借,供应货款,借给
  • retailn. 零售 vt. 零售,传述 adv. 以零售形式
  • colleaguen. 同事
  • partnern. 搭档,伙伴,合伙人 v. 同 ... 合作,做 .
  • previouslyadv. 先前,在此之前