BEC初级真题第5辑精听:Test4-Part Four(2)
日期:2016-02-19 17:47


Man: I realised when I was in the US that there was a gap in the market for good quality coffee, which you can get for yourself from machines in places like airports or stations, or even in the street. There are a lot of great chains of coffee shops,as well as internet cafes where you can get a good espresso,but I decided to explore the gap,and it's been very successful so far.

Woman: And what has helped the business develop?

Man: Actually, our website has been really important. We've found that it's been the best way of finding out what our clients think about the quality of our coffee and about our service. Many other company websites just focus on giving a lot of information about the company or the product and others use websites for promotions and offers.

Woman: How much time do you spend on the business now?

  • qualityn. 品质,特质,才能 adj. 高品质的
  • explorev. 探险,探测,探究