BEC初级真题第5辑精听:Test4-Part Four(4)
日期:2016-02-23 17:47


Man:A lot of business advisers will tell you that you must have a very clear business plan before you start. I would say that it's actually more important to be able to understand why things go wrong and avoid getting into the same situation again. And you need to be able to find people you can trust. You'll always need the support of a good team.

Woman:And finally, what plans do you have for developing Coffee Express?

Man:There's still a lot of potential to expand in the UK, so our goal for this year is to double the number of our outlets. We were considering setting up Coffee Express in other countries, and offering a wider range of products, such as teas and iced coffee, but we've come to the conclusion that we need to stay focussed, rather than broaden too quickly.

Woman: Martin, thank you for coming in to the studio today, and all the best for Coffee Express.

  • broadenv. 变宽,伸广
  • rangen. 范围,行列,射程,山脉,一系列 v. 排列,归类于
  • avoidvt. 避免,逃避
  • understandvt. 理解,懂,听说,获悉,将 ... 理解为,认为
  • settingn. 安装,放置,周围,环境,(为诗等谱写的)乐曲 动词
  • expandv. 增加,详述,扩展,使 ... 膨胀, vi. (谈
  • conclusionn. 结论
  • potentialadj. 可能的,潜在的 n. 潜力,潜能 n. 电位,