雅思词组必备红宝书(MP3+文本):Unit 9-5
日期:2014-09-21 16:21


雅思词组1:ground floor底层,地面层;一楼

At 10:30, there will be a coffee break in the staff canteen, which is located down on the ground jlaor.

雅思词组2:group discussion小组讨论

I didn't think it was all that wonderful when we had great long group discussion sessions that went on for hows and hours. I don't mean we shouldn't have group discussion, just that they shouldn't go on too long.

group discussion常出现在学习场景中,其他相关表达:
course arrangement课程安排
exam preparation准备考试
verdue book过期图书
field trip(学生)实地考察

雅思词组3:group interview集体面试

In the second part of the interview you go for a group interview.

雅思词组4:grow up长大

A:Do you have any women living alone, retired women on your book?

B:Yes, I have quite a few whose children have g}owu up and left home.

雅思词组5:guided tour有导游带领的旅游

We go for places where we know there are guided tours, because this gives a good focus for the visit.

tourist guide导游
tourist attraction旅游景点
swnmer resort避署胜地
theme park主题公园
garden architecture园林建筑
taavel agency旅行社
trip route出行路线
tourist destination旅游目的地
virgin forest原始森林
ancient architectural complex古建筑群

雅思词组6:hall of residence学生宿舍

Most of the students in this college live in hall of residence.

在美语中常用dormitory或其缩写dorm表示“学生宿舍”。该词组的复数形式是halls of residence,考试时要注意。

雅思词组7:hand in上交,提交

A:If you do things with a plan, then you'll find that you still have time for yourself and your hobbies as well.

B:Yeah. fve heard from Thomas that you made him a sort of plan like this, and he's going away for the weekend with all his work handed in, whereas I haven't started.

turn in, submit

雅思词组8:hand out分发,散发

Anne works in the accounts department and she looks after all temporary staff, and so she is the person to see if you have any problems regarding pay. She will also be handing out your tax form.

All the times of each day's activities are printed on the blue sheet you should have got in the information guides that were handed out on the coach.


at first hand第一手地,直接地
at hand在手边,在近处
in hand手头有的
hand to hand短兵相接地
by hand用手工
hands up举起手来

雅思词组9:hand over移交,交出

A:So, I'll hand over now to Julie Brooks.

B:Thank you. Welcome to the Sports Centre. It's good to see that there are so many people wanting to find out about our sports facilities.

The floor seniors will introduce themselves Iater today and answer any questions you have. But for now Pm going to hand you over to Mamey who is going to give you the orientation packs and keys.

雅思词组10:handicapped toilet残疾人专用厕所

I'd just like to point out one or two things of general interest which were in the museum. Handicapped toilets are located on this floor and the door shows a wheelchair.

  • resortn. (度假)胜地,手段,凭借 vi. 诉诸,常去
  • orientationn. 信仰,趋向,定位,适应,情况介绍 [计算机] 定向
  • temporaryadj. 暂时的,临时的 n. 临时工
  • destinationn. 目的地,终点,景点
  • havenn. 港口,避难所,安息所 v. 安置 ... 于港中,
  • themen. 题目,主题
  • coachn. 大巴,教练;(火车)客车车厢,四轮马车,经济舱 v
  • dormitoryn. 集体宿舍
  • complexadj. 复杂的,复合的,合成的 n. 复合体,综合体,
  • interviewn. 接见,会见,面试,面谈 vt. 接见,采访,对 .