BBC环球慢速英语 第365期:纪念戴安娜王妃(8)
日期:2018-09-26 13:37



Voice 1: Other aid groups say that, since Diana's death, people are not as interested in their projects. They are not able to raise as much money or public interest. These groups are feeling her loss.
Voice 2: Maybe it is her sons who will best continue her work. Prince William became the main supporter of Centrepoint, a group that helps homeless young people. He is working with Centrepoint in the same way his mother did. And Prince Harry helped to start the aid group Sentebale. This group helps poor children in the country of Lesotho in Africa. The princes are only young men. Their future is not known. But could they be the best hope to champion the powerless? Could they hold the key to keeping alive the public's interest in important causes?