BBC环球慢速英语 第222期:联合国千年发展目标(7)
日期:2017-10-27 13:46



Voice 1: One of these pressure groups is called, "Micah Challenge". The group's name comes from a Jewish prophet in the Christian Bible. Micah declared how God hates it when people are unfair. He said:
Voice 6: "God has told us what is right. We must act justly and love mercy and follow God with the right heart and mind."
Voice 1: "Micah Challenge" believes that this message is as true now as it was in bible times. And the group believes that encouraging governments is necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. These goals will bring more justice to the world. That is why "Micah Challenge" joined together with many other pressure groups. They asked thousands of people to come to London for a public protest. They wanted this demonstration to remind governments not to forget their promises.



  • prophetn. 预言者,先知,提倡者
  • mercyn. 怜悯,宽恕,仁慈,恩惠 adj. 仁慈的,宽
  • achievev. 完成,达到,实现
  • protestn. 抗议,反对,声明 v. 抗议,反对,申明
  • pressuren. 压力,压强,压迫 v. 施压
  • demonstrationn. 示范,实证,表达,集会
  • challengen. 挑战 v. 向 ... 挑战