希腊财政改革计划获批 新政府举步维艰
日期:2015-02-27 12:36


BRUSSELS — Eurozone finance ministers on Tuesday approved Greece’s plan meant to ease the hardships created by its international bailout, extending that loan program by four more months.
In revising the terms of the bailout program, the new Greek government pledged to take a disciplined approach to budgets, spending and tax collection, while remaining committed to relieving the “humanitarian crisis” caused by years of economic hardship and high unemployment. Many Greeks blame the austerity-budget requirement of the bailout program, agreed to by a previous government, for those privations.

But in trying to achieve that delicate balance — to meet the demands of its European creditors in order to keep the loan money flowing, but without reneging on the anti-austerity campaign promises on which it was elected in January — the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras may find a difficult road ahead.
不过,要实现脆弱的平衡——既满足欧洲债权人的要求,又不违背1月份当选时做出的反紧缩运动的承诺——总理亚历克西斯·齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)的政府可能走一段坎坷的路程。
The finance ministers of the 19 euro-currency countries, who last Friday had agreed to consider an extension of Greece’s 240 billion euro, or $272 billion, loan program, on Tuesday afternoon quickly approved the subsequent plan.
But though the eurozone ministers were leading the negotiations on behalf of their countries, the response from two of the other creditors — the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund — conveyed a certain skepticism of whether Greece could live up to the terms of the new agreement.
不过,尽管欧元区的财长们代表各自的国家主导着谈判,另外的两个债权方——欧洲央行(European Central Bank)和国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund,简称IMF)——却对希腊能否遵守新的协议条款表达了一定程度的怀疑。
Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, said on Tuesday that the Greek measures were a “valid starting point” and suggested that he might be open to changes in the conditions originally imposed by Greece’s creditors when the current bailout program was agreed to in 2012.
欧洲央行行长马里奥·德拉吉(Mario Draghi)周二表示,希腊的措施是一个“恰当的起点”,并表示,他愿意考虑对希腊债权人最初设置的条件进行修改。当前的救助协议是2012年达成的。
But Mr. Draghi said that Athens needed to provide more details about what it had in mind, and that any existing loan conditions the Greeks did not like would have to be replaced “with measures of equal or better quality.”
Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the I.M.F., said she welcomed new commitments by Athens to fight tax evasion and corruption. But she warned that the Greek measures were “generally not very specific” and suffered a lack of “clear assurances” in “perhaps the most important” areas — like the size of pensions; revisions of Greece’s sales tax; continued plans to sell off state-owned assets; and revisions to labor laws, which outside critics consider too burdensome to employers.
IMF总裁克里斯蒂娜·拉加德(Christine Lagarde)表示,她欢迎雅典做出新的打击逃税和腐败的承诺。但她警告,希腊的措施“总的来说不是非常具体”,在“或许是最重要”的领域,缺乏“清晰的保证”——比如养老金的规模;希腊的销售税调整;出售国有资产的长期计划;以及劳动法的修改。外部批评人士认为,目前的劳动法对雇主造成了过重的负担。
On Tuesday, there was no immediate political outcry within Greece. That was in contrast to last Friday when even some members of Mr. Tsipras’s Syriza party criticized even the tentative agreement with the creditors as a sellout.
Some analysts, though, predicted tough going for Mr. Tsipras in coming months.
“He’s really between a rock and a hard place now,” said Carsten Brzeski, chief economist in Germany for the bank ING. “It will be very hard for him to please both sides of this equation,” said Mr. Brzeski, alluding to the restive Greek electorate — who voted in large numbers for Mr. Tsipras to ditch austerity — and to the country’s creditors, who are demanding that Greece enact sweeping reforms before being given more bailout money.
“他现在真是进退两难,”荷兰国际集团(ING)经济学家卡斯滕·布尔泽斯基(Carsten Brzeski)说。“他很难同时取悦两头,”布尔泽斯基指的是不安的希腊选民——他们中很多人投票给齐普拉斯,就是希望他结束紧缩措施——以及该国的债权人,他们正要求希腊在获得更多救助资金之前实施彻底的改革。
“There is really very little he can sell to his electorate that is linked to his election campaign, apart from a few things like an increase in the minimum wage and a slower pace of privatizations,” Mr. Brzeski said. “His big vote-winners like getting rid of the troika and the bailout program have not happened.”
The troika is the common name of the three bailout monitors — the European Central Bank, the I.M.F. and the European Commission, which is the executive arm of the European Union.
三驾马车是三大救助监察机构欧洲央行、国际货币基金组织和欧盟的执行机构欧盟委员会(European Commission)的俗称。
Even Tuesday’s milestone is not the final one for Greece. The plan is expected to still require the approval of lawmakers in Greece, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia before a Saturday deadline, when the European portion of the bailout program is set to expire.
Even the finance ministers who signed off on the deal Tuesday indicated Greece still had more homework to do. “We call on the Greek authorities to further develop and broaden the list of reform measures, based on the current arrangement, in close coordination with the institutions,” the ministers wrote, referring to the I.M.F. and European Central Bank.
There is little doubt that the lenders will continue to scrutinize Greece’s finances, and they could make additional demands on Athens before making the next loan disbursement, which would be

  • restiveadj. 不愿向前走的,倔强的,难驾御的
  • specificadj. 特殊的,明确的,具有特效的 n. 特效药,特性
  • monetaryadj. 货币的,金融的
  • approvaln. 批准,认可,同意,赞同
  • equationn. 相等,方程(式), 等式,均衡
  • contrastn. 差别,对比,对照物 v. 对比,成对照 [计算机]
  • collectionn. 收集,收取,聚集,收藏品,募捐
  • tentativeadj. 试验性质的,暂时的,犹豫不决的
  • reformv. 改革,改造,革新 n. 改革,改良
  • commissionn. 委员会,委托,委任,佣金,犯罪 vt. 委任,委托