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Part 1 English-Chinese Translation

Translate the following two passages into Chinese

Passage 1

If you have never seen a power plant,you might find it hard to imagine how enormously complex the equipment is or how much heat is generated by the boilers or how much coal it takes to fuel the furnaces for just one day.

During the course of a day,the boilers at one of our power plants,Morgantown,for example,can turn 24 million gallons of water into steam.That generating plant alone uses 9,900 tons of coal in its furnaces in just one day.Potomac Electric Power Company(PEPCO)uses so much coal that we have purchased two 80-car unit trains to facilitate the delivery process.And Morgantown alone can produce over 25 million kilowatthours of electricity in a single day’s operation.

Electricity is produced by spinning large magnets inside a coil of wire within the generator.The faster we spin the mangnets,the higher will be the voltage of the electricity produced.Electricity leaves a PEPCO generator at between 13,800 and 24,000 volts.

The next step in the process occurs when electricity passes through a transformer where the voltage is stepped up to continue on its journey.A transmission wire is like a small diameter pipe.Stepping up the voltage is like increasing water pressure,thus speeding the flow of energy through the system.

Passage 2

Because the aircraft industry needs ever-increasing quantities of aluminium plate,new equipment has been designed to automate the making of it.It includes a huge heat-treatment furnace,a crane that lifts hot metal plates without damaging them,and a computer system that can manage the complete flow of work.

Five years ago,Europe’s aircraft industry needed only 8,000 tonnes of aluminium plate a year for its products.Last year the figure reached 21,800 tonnes.By 2004 it should total 30,000 tonnes.Each airliner contains 180 tones of it.That is why the plant is being rebuilt to increase both the quality and the amount of its product.

Aluminium is alloyed with other metals’ and cast into ingots,and the surface of the ingots is smoothed off.After pre-heating,it is rolled in a mill that can take 3.57-m-wide slabs.The new equipment can make the process more efficient and can produce a better product.For example,computers control the temperature of the hot plates,the rate at which they pass through the mill,the speed of cooling it with water,and so on.

The new plant can handle twice the throughput of the one that it is replacing,thanks to the completely automated and computerized process.

Part 2 Chinese-English Translation

Translate the following passage into English







Part 1 English-Chinese Translation

Passage 1





Passage 2





Part 2 Chinese-English Translation

I address these words in favor of the cultivation of the imagination.

In what sense, then, do I use th6 word "imagination"? The meaning of "imagination" is "the power of forming ideal pictures"; "the power of representing absent things to ourselves and to others."

That is the sense in which I shall use the word "imagination" in the course of my address.

Now follow out this thought and I think I can make my meaning clear. Absent things! Take history. History deals with the things of the past. They are absent in a sense, from your minds -- that is to say you cannot see them; but the study of history qualifies you and strengthens your capacity for understanding things that are not present to you, and thus I wish to recommend history to you as a most desirable course of study.


  • qualityn. 品质,特质,才能 adj. 高品质的
  • capacityn. 能力,容量,容积; 资格,职位 adj. (达到最
  • complexadj. 复杂的,复合的,合成的 n. 复合体,综合体,
  • desirableadj. 值得有的,令人满意的,有吸引力的 n. 有吸引
  • cultivationn. 教化,培养,耕作
  • aircraftn. 飞机
  • temperaturen. 温度,气温,体温,发烧
  • handlen. 柄,把手 v. 买卖,处理,操作,驾驭
  • spinv. (使)旋转,疾驰,纺织,结网,眩晕 n. 纺织,旋
  • pressuren. 压力,压强,压迫 v. 施压