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Section 1: English-Chinese Translation (50 points)

For more than 30 years, I have been wondering about L.R. Generson.

On one of our first Christmases together, my husband gave me a complete set of Dickens. There were 20 volumes, bound in gray cloth with black corners, old but in good condition. Stamped on the flyleaf of each volume, in faded block letters, was the name of the previous owner: "L.R. Generson, M.D., Bronx, NY."

That Dickens set is one of the best presents anyone has ever given me. A couple of the books are still pristine, but others - “Bleak House,’’ “David Copperfield,’’ and especially “Great Expectations’’ - have been read and re-read almost to pieces. Over the years, the character kept me company . And so, , has L.R. Generson.,in his silent enigmatic way.

Did he love the books as much as I do? Who was he? On a whim, I Googled him. There wasn’t much - a single mention on a veterans’ website of a World War II captain named Leonard Generson. But I did find a Dr. Richard Generson, an oral surgeon living in New Jersey. Since Generson is not a common name, I decided to write to him.

Dr. Generson was kind enough to write back. He told me that his father, Leonard Richard Generson, was born in 1909. He lived in New York City but went to medical school in Basel, Switzerland. He spoke 10 languages fluently. As an obstetrician and gynecologist, he opened a practice in the Bronx shortly before World War II. His son described him as “an extremely patriotic individual’’; right after Pearl Harbor he closed his practice and enlisted. He served throughout the war as a general surgeon with an airborne special forces unit in Europe, where he became one of the war’s most highly decorated physicians.

Leonard Generson’s son didn’t remember the Dickens set, though he told me that there were always a lot of novels in the house. His mother probably “cleaned house’’ after his father’s death in 1977 - the same year my husband bought the set in a used book store.

I found this letter very moving, with its brief portrait of an intelligent, brave man and his life of service. At the same time, it made me question my presumption that somehow L.R. Generson and I were connected because we’d owned the same set of books. The letter both told me a little about him, and told me that I would never really know anything about him - and why should I? His son must have been startled to hear from a stranger on such a fragile pretext. What had I been thinking?

One possible, and only somewhat facetious, answer is that I’ve read too much Dickens. In the world of a Dickens novel, everything is connected to everything else. Orphans find families. Lovers are joined (or parted and morally strengthened). Ancient mysteries are solved and old scores are settled. Questions are answered. Stories end.

Leonard Generson’s life touched mine only lightly, through the coincidence of a set of books. But there are other lives he touched more deeply. The next time I read a Dickens novel, I will think of him and his military service and his 10 languages. And I will think of the hundreds of babies he must have delivered, who are now in the middle of their own lives and their own stories.

Section 2: Chinese-English Translation (50 points)


自从得而达的创始人Alex Manoogian先生在1954年发明了具有划时代意义的单柄水龙头之后,得而达就一直是水龙头制造行业的领导者。德尔达公司是全美水龙头行业中首家成功获得ISO9001质量标准认证的企业。五十多年来一直行业领先,已经成为品质可靠、精巧耐用、物有所值产品的象征。





Section 1:英译汉(50 分)

三十多年来,我一直在想关于L. R. Generson的事情。

跟老公过第一个圣诞节的那天,他送给我一整套狄更斯的书。一共有二十册,灰布封面,黑边裹角,虽有些泛旧,但保存完好。每一本书的扉页上,之前主人的名字大写而就:L. R. Generson, M.D.,布朗克斯,纽约;只是字迹有些斑驳。

这套狄更斯的作品是我收到的最好的礼物之一。有些书还是原来的样子,但是像《荒凉山庄》《大卫-科波菲尔》这几本,尤其是《远大前程》,由于反复阅读已经翻烂。多年来书中的人物一直陪伴着我, 当然还有L. R. Generson,虽然他静默又神秘。




我觉得这封信很感人,尽管它只简短地介绍了一个智慧、勇敢的人,及他毕生的贡献。同时,我不禁产生一个疑问,由于我和L. R. Generson 曾拥有同一套书,因此我们之间才有了某种联系。那封信告诉我了一些他的信息,而我永远不会真正了解他,为什么我要了解呢?他的儿子收到一个陌生人由只字片语而寄来的信时一定很惊讶。我当时是怎么想的?



Section 2:汉译英(50 分)

Delta Water Faucet Company, with its headquarters located in Indiana, U.S., is the core enterprise of the U.S. listed Masco Corporation. As one of the world Top 500 Enterprises, the Corporation remains the lead in furnishing and decorating industry, boasting over 70 subsidiaries in the U.S. and around the word, with more than 61,000 employees worldwide and an annual sales volume of over 12.1 billion US dollars.

Delta has all along been the leader of water faucet producing industry since its founder, Mr. Alex Manoogian, invented the single-handle water faucet with epoch-making significance in 1954. It is the first American water faucet corporation to have successfully obtained the certification of ISO 9001 Quality Standard Certification. Over the past more than five decades, Delta has become the symbol of reliable quality, delicateness and durability, and products deserving the price. The past more than five decades has marked the leadership of the corporation in its industry and the product has been symbolized by its reliable quality, delicate design, durability and better value for money.

Delta owns five large factories in the U.S., Canada and China, with an annual output of XXX. Delta’s products are now winning greater popularity among (are winning more access to) families in the U.S. and around the world. Nowadays, over 200 million Delta water faucets are installed all over the world, and the brand is the top choice for global plumbing experts.

As the global expert of water faucets and relevant products, Delta can comprehensively meet all the requirements of global customers on designs, functions, quality and outward appearance.


  • pearln. 珍珠 v. (用珍珠)装饰,呈珍珠状 adj. 珍
  • comprehensivelyadv. 包括地;包括一切地
  • symboln. 符号,标志,象征
  • previousadj. 在 ... 之前,先,前,以前的
  • reliableadj. 可靠的,可信的
  • faucetn. 水龙头
  • fragileadj. 易碎的,脆的,精细的
  • spokev. 说,说话,演说
  • facetiousadj. 轻浮的,好开玩笑的
  • presumptionn. 推测,可能性,冒昧,放肆,[法律]推定