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Welcome to the show! We have so much to talk about.
欢迎收看深夜秀 今天的内容很多
I mean last night was crazy, wasn't it? Did everybody see it? Did everyone see it?
昨晚很疯狂不是吗 你们都看了吗 看了吗
I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
I was just so anxious to see who would come out the winner.
But luckily, after a very close beginning, the falcons defeated the saints 45-32.
但所幸 虽然开始两队比分很接近 但最终猎鹰队以45比32的成绩击败了圣徒队
I mean it's all anyone is talking about today, isn't it?
大家今天都在讨论这场比赛吧 是吗
I'm kidding. Of course, we need to talk about the debate. This was a big one.
开玩笑的 我们当然要讨论大选辩论 这可是大事
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stood onstage together for the first time, and everyone was watching.
这是唐纳德·特朗普和希拉里·克林顿首次同台 很多人在观看
In fact, last night there were nearly 7 million tweets about the debate.
实际上 昨天晚上推特上关于大选辩论的推文达到了七百万条
And this was surprising that only 5 million of them were from Donald Trump.
令人吃惊的是 其中只有五百万条是唐纳德·特朗普发的
Not only was it the most tweeted, it was most watched debate ever with an audience of over 80 million people.
这场辩论不仅相关推文数量最多 它也是有史以来观看人数最多的 观众数量达到了8000万
And it set other records.
It was actually the first argument took place in New York that didn't end with someone going, right eeeere!
But there were some big moments.
Hillary nailed Donald Trump on refusing to release his taxes and Trump, as usual, seemed completely unfazed.
希拉里批评唐纳德·特朗普拒绝公示自己的纳税清单 而特朗普一如既往完全没在怕的
Take a look at this exchange:
And they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax, so—that makes me smart. So he paid zero.
资料显示他没有支付过任何收入税 因此——因为我聪明啊 所以他一分钱都没交过
That makes me smart, you know smart, like a billionaire who goes on TV and tells everyone he doesn't pay taxes.
因为我聪明啊 你知道聪明是什么吗 一个亿万富翁上电视说自己从不纳税
Like that, you know.
Take a look at Trump's face right after he said that. Look! He's like whoah. Did I just say that out loud?
再看看特朗普说完这句话后的表情 看好像在说 哇 我刚刚说出声了吗




One thing a lot of people commented on was
how Trump kept making sniffling sounds with his nose over and over during the debate.
I'm not sure what's causing Trump to sniffle,
it's possible he's allergic to whatever animal has gently fallen asleep on top of his head.
One of my own. One of my own.
But after this started to make the rounds on the internet or as Trump actually called it,
但就在这条消息在互联网或者用特朗普的说法 在网络空间疯狂传播的时候
the Cyber Former DNC Chair Howard dean tweeted: Notice Trump sniffling all the time. Coke user?
前DNC主席霍华德·迪安发了一条推特说 我注意到特朗普一直在吸鼻子 他抽可卡因吗
Because if there's one guy who would know about a politician doing cocaine, it's Howard Dean.
如果有一个人能拿到有某个政客抽可卡因的消息 这个人一定是霍华德·迪安
We're going to south Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Michigan,
我们会去南达科塔 俄勒冈 华盛顿 密歇根
and then Washington, D.C. and take back the white house! Ya! Ya!
再回到DC再回白宫 耶
Not long after the debate, Trump began blaming his sniffling on the fact that his microphone was defective.
辩论结束后不久 特朗普把自己吸鼻子的问题怪罪在麦克风上 说麦有问题
And to be fair, there was a huge issue with Trump's mic—it was turned on.
讲道理 特朗普的麦确实有个大问题——它居然是打开的
Now, look, emotions were riding high going into this debate,
辩论过程中大家情绪都很激动 有一件挺好的事是
but the great thing about it was in the end, people came together for the common cause of democracy.
You could see it in the audience, who cheered on both sides.
你从观众的表情就能看出来 两边的人们都很高兴
And you could see it amongst the reporters who covered it.
They were the ones who really exemplified the unifying spirit of this debate.
I mean, just look at the camaraderie among these reporters in the press room after the event.
Man, stop pushing. Stop pushing him. Thanks a lot, bitch.
别挤了 别挤他了 谢谢你啊 贱人