日期:2021-12-21 10:20


Why don’t people consume pigs’ milk?


Because traditionally you can't milk pigs.


They are one of the animals where the sucking motion and the vacuuming of the mouth needs to happen at once. So 100 years ago you would only get milk out of a sow if you actually sucked her teats.


And this is only if you could get that close to the sow. Pigs are not nice and docile. They have a mean streak, know what they want and when having just produce piglets and in mom-mode they can be very aggresive.


Nowadays we could probably build machines that could milk pigs… But we have no tradition of using pig milk and cows produce more milk and much easier. So why start doing something that would be bothersome and of little use?


This paragraph from a BBC blog cannot be beaten as a clear and concise explanation..in short, they are VERY hard to milk…!


Although pigs’ milk is high in fat (around 8.5% compared to cows milk at 3.9%) and is an excellent source of nutrients, sows are very difficult to milk.


They have around 14 teats compared to a cow’s four, and they don’t take very kindly to having them touched by humans. They also get very agitated if you try to restrain them.


Pigs also have a limited milk ejection time of around 15 seconds, whereas a cow’s can be up to 10 minutes.


All in all, it’s a pig-shed load of trouble to milk a porker.


Personally.. I would imagine that no one would really want to try that hard..pigs are low to the ground, and in non-wild conditions are notably smelly and muddy!