日期:2012-10-24 08:12


What you do during your midday break might vary depending on your job, company culture or personal priorities—but the experts agree all workers should try to do these things during lunch hour:

8、Catch up with old friends.
If you have a friend who works nearby, try to meet him or her during lunch occasionally. Remember, your personal life needs tending to just as much as your work-life, so be sure to take the spare time you have and use it to fulfill your personal needs. Your midday break is a good opportunity to catch up and socialize, in person or by phone—but don’t lose track of time, and don’t treat it like happy hour.
9、Have a system for dealing with your absence.
This will allow people inside and outside the company to know when you will be back, how to contact you in an emergency or have an alternative point of contact. It may also help you relax and avoid obsessively checking your e-mail during lunch.
10、Engage in activities that will help you re-energize.
Take a walk outside, visit the gym or meditate. Get out and do something that will make you feel better about yourself. A quick dose of sunlight and fresh air is the perfect elixir for the midday blues.
Even if you’re perfectly happy in your job, and you’re not looking for a new one, it can’t hurt to continuously build and maintain your professional network. This is critical to success in any line of work.
12、Don’t get stuck in a routine.
Many of us are creatures of habit. Maybe you go to the same pizzeria everyday or eat with the same colleague. You might always use your lunch break to run errands or make personal calls. Try to mix things up in order to clear your head and boost your energy.
13、Avoid all screens.
Try to stay away from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and computer. Give your eyes a break. Most office jobs require you to stare at a screen all day—so try to avoid that during lunch.If you can’t help it for whatever reason (maybe you want to shop online or e-mail a friend), get up from your desk so your body perceives this as a true break.
14、Don’t take too long or too short of a break.
If you’re allotted an hour for lunch, take it. Maybe not every day, but when you can, use the full sixty minutes to get out, eat, exercise your mind or body, catch up with an old friend or a colleague and/or tackle items on your personal agenda.However, if everyone else in the office takes shorter breaks, follow suit so you don’t stand out.

  • varyv. 变化,改变,使多样化
  • boostvt. 推进,提高,增加 n. 推进,增加 v.
  • networkn. 网络,网状物,网状系统 vt. (以网络)覆
  • trackn. 小路,跑道,踪迹,轨道,乐曲 v. 跟踪,追踪
  • occasionallyadv. 偶尔地
  • engagev. 答应,预定,使忙碌,雇佣,订婚
  • professionaladj. 职业的,专业的,专门的 n. 专业人员
  • agendan. 议事日程
  • colleaguen. 同事
  • minutesn. 会议记录,(复数)分钟