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Part I Writing

Science creates the future

Part II Reading comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)

What do we know for sure about Chris Brown and Rihanna according to the first paragraph?

[C] Rihanna has accused Chris Brown of abusing her.

2. What does the author suggest we do when teaching children about domestic violence?

[A] Spend some time to expose some myths.

3. According to the passage, when discussing about domestic violence, we should .

[D] avoid referring to it as being provoked

4. “violent fight” is different from domestic violence in that .

[B] the former is two-sided while the latter is one-sided

5. The author suggests that in most domestic-abuse cases, women return home after the abuse because .

[B] they are too scared of men’s power to leave

6. From what singer Kanye West said, we know that .

[D] he forgave Chris Brown’s deed

7. What can be described as an accident or a mistake according to the author?

[B] Taking the gas for the brake killing a cat.

8. According to experts, in domestic violence, abusers’attacks tend to be intensifying .

9. What makes those abused stay with their abusive partners is the horrible cycle of emotional dependence, shame and fear .

10. Women would criticize their own behavior when explaining why they are abused by their lovers.


Part III Listening Comprehension

Section A

11. [C] She would like to know about that problem.

12. [B] It is very interesting.

13. [A] Taking a train.

14. [C] The man should practice using the vocabulary.

15. [A] Choose other time.

16. [D] It will probably be cold.

17. [A] The woman bought too many skirts.

18. [B] In a hotel.

19. [C] It’s the easiest way to communicate with other users.

20. [A] It may not be of a high level of security.

21. [B] IE and Windows.

22. [D] Try to get a free E-mail account.

23. [D] Refrigerator and kitchen stuff.

24. [B] Advertise them on the university notice boards.

25. [A] It may not pay well.

Section B

Passage One

26. [C] Delighted.

27. [B] Tell him the truth.

28. [C] Remember a couple of names first.

Passage Two

29. [A] Cycling around a lake.

30. [D] It needs water and electricity to keep its courses green.

31. [C] It uses fewer resources.

32. [B] To encourage people to go in for green sports.

Passage Three

33. [B] 3

34. [D] To get to know how to ask for financial aid.

35. [B] To make JohnsonReview popular.

Section C

36. solo

37. distances

38. undertaking

39. continent

40. stranger

41. puzzled

42. afford

43. estimated

44. rapid economic growth has fuelled an explosive expansion in car ownership

45. one of his aims was to promote cycling as safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly means of getting about

46. with some estimates saying the number of people cycling to work has almost doubled in the last five years


Part IV Reading Comprehension (Reading in Depth)

Section A

47. By saying “the woman said she found my face a challenge” (Line 2, Para 1), the author suggests that her face is too ugly to deal with / hard to deal with /not good-looking .

48. Because of the Ascot woman’s heavy weight / plumpness / fatness , the stick had to be pulled out from the ground.

49. What did the author learn from what she saw in Ascot?

The stupidity of trying to conform and be better than anyone else.

50. According to the author, what was the main reason for the failure of her first dance?

She wore sticking-plaster on her ears instead of diamante ear-rings.

51. Why did the author tell a lie to her parents that she had a marvelous time?

To please her parents. / To make them happy. / Not to disappoint them.

Section B

Passage One

52. What do people tend to think of Picasso’s paintings?

[B]They are enjoyable amusements.

53. Which of the following artists pioneered Cubist art?

[B] Picasso.

54. Which of the following is the true description of the surrealist world?

[C] It had never been explored by anyone before Picasso.

55. Picasso quoted the example of the English language to maintain that .

[D] the intricacy of the surrealist art should not be blamed on the artists

56. The author most probably thinks that Picasso’s art is .

[A] unprecedented

Passage Two

57. What’s the main idea of the passage?

[D] People in different cultures have different concepts of space.

58. According to Dr. Edward Hall, .

[B] space doesn’t mean emptiness in the eyes of the Japanese

59. The Arabs and the Japanese differ in that .

[A] the Japanese keep their closeness within limits while the Arabs don’t

60. It can be inferred from the passage that .

[C] even impolite bodily contact is acceptable by the Arabs

61. When an Arab wants to be alone, he .

[B] may still stay with his companion


Part V Cloze

Nowadays, incoming generations really rely now on the power of the "Internet" when it comes to searching for information. Just type the word or phrase you’re 62 looking for and click, there goes your answer. So why 63 bother wasting time turning the pages of encyclopedias if in just a snap of a finger you have what you needed

People underestimate the power of encyclopedias. Well, technically, all of them are 64 primary sources which means, they are like the walls that can fully support your data. They are first hand accounts done by professionals and 65 scholars.

On the other hand, Internet information I’m not saying all of them, are 66 majority secondary, or third hand sources67 which basically means that they have been edited or 68 modified .They maybe data collected from several sources and were put together. However, the problem here is the errors which the writer or the author 69 committed . He/she may have different under standing on the data than you, 70 when you have actually seen the data. So it is like you’re just a kid listening to other’s story instead of you telling your own. 71 Aside from that, you’re not 100% sure that the author is 72 reliable . He/she maybe just a kid posting and posting wrong ideas for 73 fun .

What I would like to 74 convey here is that manual research is still stronger than any other. There is freedom in it, freedom to give your 75 analysis , under standing, insights towards these first-based ideas. You also type your work76 after gathering the data so you become more 77 familiarized with it because writing is the last stage of learning since you make an output out of your 78 input . Unlike the one in the Internet, some people also tend to "copy-paste" their works 79 without ever reading them. So they don’t absorb 80 what must be absorbed. As they say, "No Pain, No Gain", so working hard with your research will surely be a 81 compacted and a strong one.


Part VI Translation

82. Time and opportunity are important, but nothing is more terrible than losing confidence (没有比丧失自信更可怕的事).

83. She felt insulted, and obviously any attempts to persuade her to stay were of no avail (任何劝她留下来的企图都是徒劳的)

84. Consider the bad times as down payment for the good times. (把苦日子当做好日子的首付), Hang in there.

85. If you are able to appreciate beauty in the ordinary (如果你擅于欣赏平凡中的美好), your life will be more vibrant.

86. After the operation, whether he can recover to some extent depends on (他能否康复一定程度上取决于) his willpower now.

  • expansionn. 扩大,膨胀,扩充
  • violencen. 暴力,猛烈,强暴,暴行
  • abusen. 滥用,恶习 vt. 滥用,辱骂,虐待
  • intricacyn. 纷乱,复杂,错综
  • explosiveadj. 爆炸(性)的 n. 炸药
  • absorbedadj. 一心一意的;被吸收的 v. 吸收;使全神贯注(
  • emotionaladj. 感情的,情绪的
  • conformvt. 使一致,遵守,使顺从 vi. 一致,符合
  • botherv. 使恼怒,使不安,烦扰,费心 n. 烦扰,麻烦,焦急
  • advertisev. 登广告,为 ... 做广告,宣传