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Task 1

  How was it when you went to school for the first time? Did you like it or not and why?


  I can tell you that the feelings are mixed, but I like it. First, there is this of sense of familiarity. Actually my parents were all teachers and I’ve been living there for several years before I started my kindergarten life. So everything was just normal for me, I don’t even have to adapt to it, I mean, the campus was quite familiar to me, the teachers were acquaintances of me and I’ve had loads of experiences of being in classes, of course not attending classes, just being there, don’t get me wrong. And then, there were these kinds of excitement, the feeling of getting text books of your own, being surrounded by a bunch of unfamiliar kids that were of the same age, and maybe also kind of funny, you know, looking at those teachers whom I knew of from quite young addressing from the podium.

  Task 2

  Some people prefer to work independently, others prefer to work with others. Which do you prefer? Explain your answer in details.


  Some would argue that group work would expose us to different kinds of perspectives and thus help to spark some genuine thoughts out of us, but that’s often not the case, in fact, it blocks production, simply put, we could not talk all at once, and as a result, some ideas and some people won’t get heard, and there is ego threat, people who are afraid of looking stupid or foolish would get could feet, so they hold back on their most genuine ideas, and then, conformity, every group member wants to jump on the majority bandwagon as oppose to bringing in some radical, different ways of thinking, if one or two ideas tend to be popular than others. In short, working with others startles authenticities and smothers originalities. Therefore, I am in favor of working alone.

  Task 3

  Reading:Student letter




  Listening:The woman disagrees




  The woman is not in favor of those two ways that are been proposed in the student letter in regard of encouraging more students to read school newspaper.

  As for the point about lowering the price of the newspaper to draw a larger subscription, she argues that right now the newspaper is already a bargain with its price at 45 cents, and those pictures on the paper, they are of high quality, so the price they are charging is legitimate.

  Plus, for providing better services like dispatching newspapers to dormitories, she points out that the university lacks staffers, if dispatching service were added, they would have to hire more employees, which means higher costs for the university.

  That’s why she doesn’t think those two ways are feasible.

  Task 4

  Reading: Cyclic population change



  狼和老鼠,老鼠是prey,狼是predator。如果把他们之间数量相互印象的repeating cycle看成不同的阶段。第一个阶段,老鼠多狼少,狼的食物很充足,就会活的更久,更健康,有机会来繁殖和喂养狼崽。第二个阶段,当狼的数量越来越多,被吃的老鼠也越来越多,老鼠的数量会降低,狼因为食物减少没有足够的可以吃,没有充足的食物喂养狼崽,数量也会下降,因此老鼠的数量又开始上升,然后就到达了跟第一个阶段类似的第三阶段,狼的数量少,老鼠的数量多,这个循环就一直持续。


  Cyclic population change is a phenomenon where the interaction between species will form a repeating cycle in which population numbers of predator and prey increase and decrease then eventually return to their original size.

  For example, wolf is predator and mice is prey, it would be good for us to look at how the populations of these two species affect each other in phases, in the first phase, say we have a lot of mice and only a few wolves, wolves have a large food supply, so they can live longer and healthier, reproduce and feed their pups, then wolves population will grow, and when it comes to the point where there are more wolves to eat the mice, the mouse population starts to decline, and this is phase two, wolves would have a hard time to survive, let alone feed their young, so the wolves population begins to shrink, therefore fewer mouse would get eaten, so that their population will amass, and we would reach the third phase, that is abundant mice and not many wolves, equivalent to phase one, right where we started.

  Task 5


  Solution 1:课后租电影看。


  Solution 2写之前课上放过的电影。

  Disadvantage 对其他电影没兴趣,会影响论文质量。


  The last movie that’s gonna be shown in tomorrow’s film class is the woman’s favorite and she is planning to write a paper about it, however she has an appointment with the doctor at the same time. She could either rent a copy of the movie to watch it later, or write her paper about one of those films shown before.

  I would go for the first option.

  Missing the class doesn’t necessarily mean that she would miss out all those discussions and the professor’s perspective that might be essential for her paper, actually, with various digital gadgets available nowadays, she could simply ask her classmates to film the whole class session with a film recorder for her later paper-writing use. What’s more, it’s kind of torture to write about something you are not found of, you wouldn't be as motivated, inspirations would be escaping from you, procrastination would be inflicted, and eventually costing her score of the paper.

  Task 6

  Business class:Two parts of a contingency plan


  1. How to continue


  2. How to communicate to public



  Usually companies would have some contingency plans in place to deal with unexpected incidents that are gonna cause some damages for them. And a contingency plan usually contains two parts.

  The first part is how to continue, that is to say, a company would work out a plan to deal with the contingency directly to minimize the impact. For instance, if a ski area is suffering a lack of snowfall in a particular year that would render the resort unable to use, the company would resolve the problem by purchasing some snow cannons to supplement the natural snow with artificial ones, thus avoid being shut down and lose a lot of money.

  Another part is how to communicate to the public. The same company might send out emails to their potential customers to notify them that they are experiencing snowfall shortage this year, and as a result, they might not be having a great time than they expected, so by lowering their customers'expectations, the company wouldn't be expecting as much complaints, and thus bear less or even no damage from the snowfall shortage.

  • phenomenonn. 现象,迹象,(稀有)事件
  • populationn. 人口 ,(全体)居民,人数
  • particularadj. 特殊的,特别的,特定的,挑剔的 n. 个别项目
  • eventuallyadv. 终于,最后
  • opposevt. 反对,反抗,使对立,使对抗
  • tendv. 趋向,易于,照料,护理
  • affectvt. 影响,作用,感动
  • potentialadj. 可能的,潜在的 n. 潜力,潜能 n. 电位,
  • contingencyn. 偶发事件,偶然
  • podiumn. 讲台,矮墙,腰墙,突出的座席 n. [生]管足