iOS8漏洞严重 用户更新步伐较慢
日期:2014-10-09 11:37


The release of Apple’s latest mobile software system, iOS 8, was riddled with major bugs, and Apple customers actually seem to care. They are adopting the new software update more slowly than they did past releases.
苹果(Apple)发布的最新移动软件系统iOS 8出现了各种重大漏洞,而苹果用户似乎对此相当在意。与该公司过去发布新系统时相比,用户现在更新软件的步伐要慢得多。

The company said on a webpage that as of Sunday 47 percent of Apple mobile devices are running iOS 8 after it was released about two and a half weeks ago. That is much lower adoption rate than that of the previous version, iOS 7, which was running on about 70 percent of device about two and a half weeks after its release, according to an estimate by Mixpanel. The blog MacRumors earlier spotted the statistic.
苹果公司在网站上表示,该公司在大约两周半之前发布了iOS 8系统,截至周日,47%的苹果移动设备运行了该系统。据Mixpanel估计,新系统的采用率远低于之前的iOS 7,在发布大约两周半后,iOS 7的采用率约为70%。博客网站MacRumors早些时候公布了这一数据。
There are a couple of popular theories for why people might be picking up iOS 8 more slowly. For one, they could have heard about the serious bugs, like the one that temporarily caused some users’ phones to stop working. For another, the software update requires a significant amount of storage on the device — about five gigabytes — when it is installed wirelessly over the Internet.
Why should anyone care? For Apple, it is a big plus when a large amount of people grab the latest iOS: The newest system is made to work best on newer phones, and that encourages people with older devices to eventually buy new ones. As for third-party software developers selling apps through Apple’s App Store, it is more efficient to focus on building apps for a single audience running the same software system.
为什么大家会关心这个问题呢?对于苹果来说,如果大量用户采用新版iOS系统,这将是一个有利因素,新系统为新版iPhone量身制定,在新手机上使用效果最佳,这会促使使用旧设备的用户最终购买新设备。对于通过苹果App Store出售应用程序的第三方软件开发商而言,集中力量为使用同一软件系统的单一用户群开发应用会更有效率。
“If you’re a developer, you want the largest possible base of devices to be able to use your app, but if half the people with iPhones are on iOS 7 or earlier, the addressable market becomes a lot smaller,” said Jan Dawson, an independent technology analyst for Jackdaw Research.
Jackdaw Research公司独立技术分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)表示,“如果你是开发商,你会希望尽可能多的设备能够使用你的应用,但如果一半的iPhone用户使用iOS 7或更早的版本,潜在市场会变得小很多。”
Apple declined to comment. But the company is expected to release soon the next update, iOS 8.1, which will probably be more stable than the current one and could persuade more people to update.
苹果公司拒绝置评。但该公司有望很快发布下一个更新软件iOS 8.1,该软件可能会比当前的版本稳定,或许能吸引更多人进行升级。

  • basen. 基底,基础,底部,基线,基数,(棒球)垒,[化]碱
  • storagen. 贮藏,存储,保管,保管费,仓库,[计]存储器
  • releasen. 释放,让渡,发行 vt. 释放,让与,准予发表,发
  • updatev. 更新,补充最新资料 n. 更新
  • eventuallyadv. 终于,最后
  • previousadj. 在 ... 之前,先,前,以前的
  • devicen. 装置,设计,策略,设备
  • efficientadj. 效率高的,胜任的
  • persuadevt. 说服,劝说
  • stableadj. 稳定的,安定的,可靠的 n. 马厩,马棚,一批