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 1. For more than 40 years, researchers have been cataloging the non-verbal behaviors women use to let men know they're interested (and vice versa). One important category of flirting includes the oldest trick in the book: hair tossing.

  1. 相关专家对女性怎样通过动作来告诉男人她们对他其实是有好感的研究已经有40多年历史了。女人要对男人表达有意思的一个动作就是:玩头发。

  2. Another kinetic gesture that women often unconsciously engage in in order to show their interest is licking their lips. This behavior serves to draw your attention to her lips and indicate that a kiss could be in the cards.

  2. 女人另一个不知不觉表现出来对某位异性有兴趣的动作就是舔嘴唇。这个动作其实是想让你把注意力放到她的嘴巴上来,她在暗示你继续发展下去,和她深情拥吻是可能的。

  3. When you were a kid, your number one way of showing a girl that you were smitten with her was likely by stuffing some sand in her mouth. Both men and women use teasing as a way to let another person know they're crushing on them.

  3. 男生小时候喜欢某个女孩子就喜欢把沙子扔到她嘴里,然后被女生满校园追打。男女其实都喜欢用这种方式来让另一方知道,他们对对方是有感觉的。

  4. Merely being physically close to another person appears to increase how much we like them. When a woman deliberately moves closer towards you, she may therefore be luring you into liking her more。

  4. 两个人互相喜欢,之间的距离自然也就靠的更近了。当某个女生故意靠近你,那么她很可能是在让你多喜欢她一点。

  5. Try taking things to the next level by sharing something about yourself with her. A reciprocal response where she offers up a similar level of information about herself is a hint that she has a favorable view of you, since both women and men tend to disclose personal details to people they like.

  5. 如果你们互相有感觉,接下来你就可以告诉她一些你的小秘密。你这样做之后,如果她也告诉你一些同等级的小秘密,那就意味着她其实也喜欢你,因为其实不论男性还是女性都愿意向自己喜欢的人透露一些自己的小秘密。

  6. When it comes to gauging her interest in you, the wittiness of your remarks appears to be much less important than how she responds. A monosyllabic answer, particularly when delivered in a clipped tone, is her way of shutting you down. A smiling, friendly response, however, is a green light to follow up with further conversation.

  6. 忘了那些你反复练习的台词吧。想要看看她对你有没有好感,看看她怎么回应你就知道了。如果跟她聊天,她只不过很简单的回应你,特别是只用单音节的音回答的话,那她其实是想让你走开。如果她微笑着很友善的回应你的话,那么这就是在暗示你们可以继续愉快地再深一层聊天了。

  7. Both men and women send important signals to others simply by changing the orientation and postures of their bodies. A woman who has her body turned away from yours, particularly if it's at a 90-degree angle, is non-verbally blocking your attempts at getting to know her. Crossing her armsyare the other stance that indicate that a conversation will be a non-starter. Poses that suggest she's receptive to further communication with you are much more open. For example, she'll turn her body to face yours, her arms will be uncrossed and she'll lean in toward you.

  7. 男女都会通过改变自己坐着的方向和坐姿来向另一方发出某种暗示信号。如果你身边的某位女士跟你保持90°角的方向,她的意思很明显——别跟我说话。如果她双臂交叉对着你,那么她也是在暗示你不要跟我说话。如果她想和你交流,她的坐姿会相较起来会更加开放一些,比如朝你的方向坐着,手臂不会交叉,甚至会向你坐的这边倾斜。

  8. It turns out that when a woman digs you, she'll copy your moves. For example, she'll touch her face, reach for her glass a few seconds after you do.

  8. 如果一个女人想要了解你,她会模仿你的动作。比如在你扶扶眼镜之后不久,她也会做相同的动作。

  9. Another flirty gesture that's been amply described and investigated by scientists interested in non-verbal behavior is what is referred to as head canting. In women, when this tilt is accompanied by exposing the neck and a small smile, it sometimes means that you've caught her attention. Paired with eye play, this combination can be devastatingly attractive to men.

  9. 另外一个被专家认为有挑逗意义的动作就是歪着头。女人歪头,就会露出一小段脖子和一丝女人香气,某种意义上来说就是告诉你,你已经获得了她的注意。如果女人歪头再配上各种小眼神,这无疑就是在努力吸引你的注意。

  10. Eye contact is a powerful mode of communication among humans, and repeated or prolonged eye contact usually serves two main purposes: to convey interest or hostility. If you notice that she looks at you once but doesn't look back, she's not interested. Research has determined that women will continue to send it to you when you've piqued their curiosity.

  10. 眼神交流是人类的一种相当有力的交流方式,而多次、较长时间的眼神交流通常是表达两种目的:有兴趣或有敌意。如果她只是轻轻瞟你一眼,然后就再也不看你的话,那就是说她对你没兴趣。研究人员发现,如果你激起了女性对你的兴趣,她们会看你很多次,通过这样的方式来让你知道她们对你有兴趣。