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  201.位于太湖和大运河岸边的江苏省同里,离著名旅游城---苏州仅18公里. note:"位于" Reference:Lying on the bank of Taihu Lake and Grand Canal,Tonli in Jiangsu Province is 18km away from the famous tourist city of Suzhou.

  202.(古镇)周围游(五个湖泊)环绕 Reference:be surrounded by criss-crossing river courses

  203.反映各朝代风格的石桥 Reference:stone bridges that were built in varied styles of different dynasties

  204.该镇保留着许多具有明清特色的建筑 note:"保留","具有...特色" Reference:The town maintains many buildings featuring the architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

  205.通常 Reference:most often

  206.在这里,旅游者能欣赏到典型的江南水乡的景色---小桥,流水和房屋的和谐融合. note:"江南水乡"以及句子最后一部分 Reference:Here,tourists can enjoy the typical riverside scenery of south China,which features a harmonious combination of small bridges,murmuring streams and dwellings

  207.中餐桌上最神奇,最有特色的用餐工具莫过于筷子. note:学习此句句型 Reference:No eating tools on the Chinese dinner table are more magical and distinctive than the chopsticks.

  208....一直视...为... Reference:...have always regarded sth.

  209.用餐工具 Reference:tool for meals

  210.对于西方人来说,掌握用筷的方法和技巧在开始时也许难度很大,但是只要有耐心,用心去练,不久便可以熟练地使用筷子享用中餐. note:"难度很大","只要" Reference:For Westerners,the mastery of the method and skills for using chopsticks may be quite challenging at the begining.But as long as you have patience and concentrate on practice,you will soon be able to use chopsticks skillfully enough to enjoy a Chinese meal.

  211.一顿真正意义上地中餐 Reference:a Chinese meal in a real sense

  212.在这块辽阔地土地上 Reference:in the vast territory

  213.多种 Reference:different,various

  214.号召推广普通话,作为标准汉语 Reference:call for popularization of mandarin as the standard Chinese language

  215.日常使用的交流工具 Reference:the daily-usecommunication tool

  216....是举足轻重的 Reference:be vital to ...

  217.中国改革开放的步伐 Reference:China's reform and opening-up drive

  218.推广和提倡普通话 Reference:poplarization and promotion of Mandarin

  219.这样做,将有助于提高...,因此,符合全体中国人民的根本利益. Reference:help improve....Therefore,it is in the basic interestes of all Chinese.

  220.从(对我们社会所造成的影响)这个角度来看,... Reference:In terms of its impact on our society

  221.头号健康大敌 Reference:the number one serious public-helth hazard

  222.Among all the ways and means ,a massive educationa campain is the only thing conceivable at the moment that can really help. Reference:在所有的措施中,开展大规模的教育活动是目前唯一行之有效的方法.

  223.Some people argue that... Reference:有些人认为...

  224.I think their arguement is groundless. Reference:我认为这种观点是毫无根据的

  225.They are better offf knowing than not knowing the fact. Reference:了解实际情况总比蒙在鼓里好.

  226.people from different cultures Reference:不同文化背景的人

  227....,without meaning to or sometimes without even realizing it. Reference:他们并非故意要这样做,有时甚至连自己都未察觉

  228.Perhaps it seems so. Reference:或许看上去确实是这么回事.

  229.They tend to be informal and speak freely. note:"tend to be","informal","freely" Reference:美国人往往不拘礼节,讲话毫无拘束.

  230.误导性广告是现代社会的一大疾病. note:注意介词 Reference:Misleading advertising is a disease with our modern society.

  231.好句子. A cigarette provides a symbol of independence.A pair of designer jeans or sneakers conveys status. note:"provides...","conveys status" Reference:一支烟象征着独立.一条名牌牛仔裤或一双名牌旅游运动鞋给人以身份.

  232.Products can fulfill us and meet our deepest human needs. note:"fulfill" Reference:产品可以使我们充实,可以满足我们人类最深层次需要.

  233.Fundamentally speaking,... Reference:从根本上说, ...

  234.It is the national interests of both nations that plays the decisive role and have the final say in this regard. Reference:这是出于两国人民的民族利益;这种利益起了决定性作用,拥有最后发言权.

  235.act as... Reference:充当着...

  236.In shout,... Reference:总之,...

  237.Needless to say,... Reference:不用说,...

  238.我国的端午节是几年古代诗人的日子.那一天,人们通常要赛龙舟,吃粽子. note:句构以及特殊名词的翻译 Reference:On the Dragon Boat Festival,a day set aside in memory of the ancient poet Qu Yuan,people will hold dragon boat races and eat zongzi, a kind of glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves.

  239.观赏满月的日子 Reference:an occasion for viewing the full moon

  240.圆圆的月亮象征着圆满,象征着家庭团聚. note:两个象征之间怎么处理结构 Reference:The round moon is a symbol for completeness,and by extension ,family reunion.

  241.月饼 Reference:yuebing, a round pastry known as the mooncake 242.春节是中国的农历新年. Reference:The Spring Festival is the Chinese lunar nwe year's holiday.

  243.特殊句式. 人们还要按各自的地方习俗烹制传统菜肴,如饺子和年糕. Reference:Regional custom dictates the preparation and consumption of traditional

  • traditionaladj. 传统的
  • symboln. 符号,标志,象征
  • distinctiveadj. 独特的
  • massiveadj. 巨大的,大规模的,大量的,大范围的
  • impactn. 冲击(力), 冲突,影响(力) vt. 挤入,压紧
  • tendv. 趋向,易于,照料,护理
  • harmoniousadj. 和睦的,和谐的,音调优美的
  • canaln. 运河,沟渠,气管,食管 vt. 建运河,疏导
  • reformv. 改革,改造,革新 n. 改革,改良
  • vastadj. 巨大的,广阔的 n. 浩瀚的太空