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2,科学技术突飞猛进 the rapid advance of science and technology, science and technology which develop in leaps, science and technology which is developing with each passing day.

1) with the rapid spread of the internet and the relentless technological innovations generated through it, the information ear is truly upon us.随着因特网的快速发展以及随之而来的永无止境的技术革新,信息时代已经到来。

1)new breakthroughs in biological technology is announced daily. 这里的announced 是一个不痛不痒的词汇,译不译都无所谓——生物技术每天都取得突破性进展

3,正在深刻的影响着人们的政治---生活 is having a profound influence on people’s political life.

1)the disease has changed the personal as well as the political --- how we think and how we love, what we teach our children and what we say in public.这里面的how we think 可以翻译成一个名词—我们的思维模式,同样的例子如下

2)因特网的迅速普及改变了我们的商务模式 how we do business

3)我们过去十年来的经历 what we have been through

4)随着中国改革开放的深入,我们将大力实施走出去的战略,鼓励中国各种所有制企业走向世界 as china’s reform and opening-up continues, we shall vigorously(积极—力度,active--积极,态度) implement the strategy of “going global” and encourage enterprises of all ownerships to do so .

1) 随着我国改革开放的深入和综合国力的增强,上海金融业必将在更高的层次上得到全面地拓展。(enjoy/embark on)

5)中国进一步发展经济,扩大开放,对各国企业就意味着更多的商机(there be)

as china opens wider and continues to develop its economy, there will be more business opportunities to companies across the world.

2) 中国社会的变化,使得许多问题得到了解决,同时也产生了一些问题。

As china changes, many problems are solved and new ones crop up.

4,适应这个发展趋势 in response to this development trend.

1) 人们的反应不一,但是就旧金山的同性恋人群来收,当一项严肃的教育计划出台后,因同性恋行为而传播的疾病大大下降了 people will respond differently, but for the homosexual population in Sanfansisco, when a serious educational campaign was launched, the homosexually-transmitted diseases decreased dramatically.

2) 为了应对长虹的有一次降价,TCL将重点放在严格的质量控制和提高售后服务上

To counter this another price cut by its rival, TCL focuses/ puts much emphasis on strict quality control and better after-sales services.

3) 中国作为一个发展中国家面临着发展经济和保护环境的双重任务。 As a developing country, china is confronted with / faces. the dual task of economic development and environmental protection.

4) 他认为在后冷战时期,全球冲突愿与文化冲突,而文化冲突的焦点集中在宗教和信仰的不同,而非意识形态的不同。也非国与国之间在经济和政治上的对抗。特认为同属一个文明圈的国家将聚合在一起,信奉儒教和伊斯兰教的国家将站在同一条战线上,与西方国家和世界其他地区形成对抗。

He argues (在表述观点的时候通常用)that in the post-cold war era, global conflicts focuses on different religious beliefs instead of different ideologies, still less the economic and political confrontation between countries.. he holds that countries belonging to the same civilization rim will unite and Confucius and Islamic countries will stand together against the rest of the world.

5,总体上对全球经济发展有好处。 Be conducive /beneficial to global economy at large.

但也必须看到 be aware of

1) 事实上亚洲经济上的成功是亚洲人民觉悟起来,产生了文化认同感。他们开始重新考虑西方的社会和政治模式是否适用于他们本国。

In fact, a\Asia’s economic success has awakened its people, they now have a cultural recognition. They begin to reconsider whether the western social and political systems apply in their countries.


While doing/ in the process of pushing forward economic globalization and trade liberalization (in an all-out drive for表示全力推进---,成都来的更厉害)

1) 从国情出发,中国在全面推进现代化的过程中,将环境保护作为一项基本国策,将实现经济持续发展作为一项重要战略,同时在全国范围内开展污染防治和生态环境保护。

( working/proceeding form national conditions / in the process of pushing forward the modernization cause in an all-round manner)( launch a nationwide campaign for pollution treatment and prevention)


Working from the solid foundation laid in past decades, our Central leadership has taken us to even greater heightens.

7,有两种发展趋势 there are two development trends/ there are two scenarios/there are two tracks/courses for

1) consider the following three scenarios, all of which are distinct possibilities that may unfold over the next generation or two


  • confrontationn. 对审,面对面,面对
  • globaladj. 全球性的,全世界的,球状的,全局的
  • strictadj. 严格的,精确的,完全的
  • rivaln. 对手,同伴,竞争者 adj. 竞争的 v. 竞争,
  • conduciveadj. 有助于 ... 的
  • profoundadj. 深奥的,深邃的,意义深远的
  • foundationn. 基础,根据,建立 n. 粉底霜,基金会
  • controln. 克制,控制,管制,操作装置 vt. 控制,掌管,支
  • unfoldv. 展开,开放,显露
  • distinctadj. 独特的,不同的,明显的,清楚的